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Newbie Discussion / Sole Trader or Limited Company
« on: February 07, 2021, 17:19 »
I was wondering what people in similar situation to myself do in terms of declaring tax if they are doing this as a second job to their main job which you pay 40% tax on your salary.
Whether you just do an online self assessment as a sole trader or have set up a limited company and pay an accountant to do your return and only pay the 19% tax?
From what I have read online a limited company involves a bit of paperwork only an accountant can do which you would have to pay for but on the flip side you only pay 19% tax as opposed to a sole trader I would have to pay 40% due to my main income salary of my main job (loosing 40% of such a small side income would be very painful!). Thanks, appreciate any replies.

Adobe Stock / Adobe upload issue from Microstock Plus
« on: December 19, 2020, 19:33 »
Is anyone else experiencing upload issues to Adobe Stock via Microstock Plus? Basically on upload a pop up box says enter code from email or text message to continue upload but no email or text message has been received (in any inbox, junk mail etc). Anyone know how to solve this issue? I've not seen this before.

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