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Thanks for the replies everyone.  This is all helpful information.  I think I'm going to hold onto my Fotolia account for now, but hold off on submitting photos until / if they change their policy with landscape shots.  Most of the shots I take are evocative landscape shots so I suspect there's no point in submitting them.  The ones I submitted were literally rejected within 5 minutes of their submittal with the "level of aesthetic quality" as the cited reason.  5 minutes is not enough time to inspect 10 images for quality IMO, but I guess the important thing to remember is not to take these rejections personally.  I'm sure you've all received comments about how amazing some of your photos are, just to have them rejected by a microstock agency.  In the end these people really aren't looking for amazing shots or artwork, they are looking for what sells best to whatever clientele they cater to - fair enough.  Perhaps my work isn't very suited for microstock.  I may go the imagekind / fine art route instead - though sales are much harder to make with that approach. It's funny how many people will comment on the quality of my work, but how few will actually spend money on it.  I fear that making money with photography is becoming a fruitless endeavor.  Oh well, it's a good thing I love it!

Also for anyone interested, you can find all of my work here:

I offer free downloads for personal use - creative commons license.  Enjoy!

Well, if they don't like landscapes then I'm definitely closing my account, but only two of those photos are HDR.  Just from browsing these forums it seems like a lot of people are having bad luck with Fotolia.  I may try one more submission and if they decide to slaughter it I'm taking my work elsewhere.

I recently started uploading my work to microstock sites and became very perplexed with Fotolia.  I submitted 10 photos to Shutterstock as part of my application and 9/10 were accepted.  I submitted the same 10 to Fotolia and only 1 was accepted.  Not only were 9/10 rejected at Fotolia, but they were rejected within 5 minutes of their submission.  I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'm considering terminating my account with Fotolia rather than continuing to waste my time uploading rejections.  Any opinions on the matter?  Should I stick with them and keep submitting content or just put my efforts elsewhere.

Here are the photos I submitted to shutterstock:

I already have 33 downloads in 1 week from those 9 photos.

Thanks for the input.

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