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Though I don't want to claim you are wrong, I do want to alert you to a few things. First of all, although you are correct to point out that most digital cameras cannot offer 16 x 20 and 20 x 24 prints at top print quality, we don't only offer photos on the site -- we offer illustration, which can be saved out in hi-res easily. Beyond this, hi-res scans of photo slides and negatives are a fairly simple affair, even for many hobbyists.

As for the current requirement to sign up in order to browse, we opened the site to uploads only about a month ago. We have been keen to create an insulated environment where the initial "founding" artists can submit art exclusively in the safe presence of other artists.

I hope this explanation is helpful.

Thanks for the replies so far. Image Revolver is certainly not for every photographer. For starters, our size requirements are indeed quite restrictive, as some of you have pointed out -- but we are steadfast in our dedication to ensuring that every image we offer is of print quality. Beyond this, we aren't looking for stock images -- a pretty big barrier for stock photographers! Nonetheless, I am guessing that many of you out there went into photography to create art-for-arts-sake, and that exactly what we are looking for.

Just to clarify, we are offering the prints with framing and matting options. Also, we will be offering a batch uploader and an aspect ration crop tool soon.

Enjoy your weekends!

There no way that this is going to generate anything like the same volume of sales as microstock. I think you'll need to increase the payout per download considerably to make it attractive to microstockers to spend their time uploading.

Thanks for taking a look. Do you have any specific reason you think it won't generate high volume for artists? One thing to keep in mind -- we limit the number of images that appear on the site to a much greater degree than most microstock sites, so accepted artists don't face the same degree of same-site competition.

I browsed a bit but found the size requirement a bit much for my Nikon D80.  Didn't feel I revealed anything more personal that right here at MSG.  And,, it gave me another place to post links to my own url.

Thanks for taking a look at the site! I believe your camera is 10.2 MP. Should be enough to submit 8 x 10 images.

Hi All,

I want to introduce you all to my new website, Image Revolver (http://www.imagerevolver.com). Image Revolver sells wall art as gicle prints and self-print downloads. True to the microstock creed, we believe that affordable art should be available for the masses and supplied by the masses.

We also believe that offering great art in a truly affordable and convenient way will result in healthy profits for artists. To that end, we offer images in standard sizes (8 x 10, 11 x 14, 16 x 20 and 20 x 24) to eliminate the need for costly custom printing and framing on the customer end. Additionally, we offer the art not only as prints, but also as self-print downloads (PDFs) for everyone that wants to save a bit of money by printing art themselves.

Were currently in Artist Beta mode and have begun to invite artists to take part. I want to welcome you all to join and to offer us suggestions and constructive criticism. We see our artists as business partners and take your opinions very seriously.

Looking forward to seeing you around the site,

Yis Tigay

* We have not opened the site to non-artist users yet, so you will notice that you need to sign up in order to browse art on the site.

Microstock News / Re: Meet our fearless leader!
« on: January 20, 2009, 15:16 »
The event looks amazing. I'll be there.

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