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I have no problem answering any questions. I just did not want to get into trouble with the moderator as I'm not sure what is allowed in answering questions. Some forums restrict answering questions regarding a personal site and since the question was regarding my site, I was being courtesy to the moderator of the form. If the moderator does not mind I will answer questions.

Hi Judy,
Contact me privately and I will answer your questions. My site is operated by PHP and some of it is automatic.

Thanks Wisent
For your review. Regarding my design I really like the design and have had a lot of compliments on it. I'm not trying to compete with the big guys. I have a different market that I'm striving for. As with any site it takes time to build and I'm confident that it will take off in the right direction.

Hi Thad,
I was trying to say away from prints as there are already many sites that offer prints. My main goal for my stock site was to appeal to web template designers. The other larger stock sites place a lot of restrictions on stock photos and many do not allow them to be used in web templates, so I was trying to cater to web designers. Maybe my idea is headed in the wrong direction. What are your other thoughts?

I just joined. Found this forum from surfing Google.

At the beginning of the year I launched a New Stock Photo site called Shutter Shots

I would like a review on your thoughts on my micro stock site and any suggestions on how I can improve it.
Hope it is OK, if I ask for a review.

New Sites - General / Shutter Shots
« on: August 26, 2006, 13:12 »
Hi everyone,
I found this forum by surfing the net. Looks like an interesting site. I enjoy micro stock photography. I just started a New Micro Stock Photo site called Shutter Shots at

I welcome your in put on my stock site.
Shutterlady :)

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