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'The cool thing about it is that I'm also willing to sign my real name to whatever it is I have to say.'; Mat, you are exclusive to Fotolia, and never said a bad thing against them, so it's not so cool to use your real name. I'm afraid I am forced to post as 'anonymous' instead - not a thing I usually do - after reading all that bad stories about accounts being closed, posts being deleted, threads being closed on the official Fotolia forum, and I don't wish to put at risk my hard work there.
On most other microstock sites -except perhaps IS- contributors are allowed to speak freely provide they are being polite, while at Fotolia everything which is slightly critical is being censored - by you, by the way  :)
I could have chosen a fake username looking real, but I preferred making clear that I am forced to be 'anonymous'.

Now, regarding 'bad communication', I was not accusing you - sorry for being unclear - but the Fotolia strategy of not announcing bad news for contributors, hoping we will not realise by ourselves: a long row of bad news in the last few years, and never a good one. And the few announcements are flawed with 'errors', such as the wrong -3% percentage and the exclusive price reduction (soon 'corrected'), which is ridiculous.

Finding always new ways of reducing existing revenues for contributors, and sharing in exchange a minor part of revenues coming from new features, is something unheard of at other major sites.
I know this is a 'voluntary' business and we as contributors accepted that agencies are taking a great share of earnings, but changing rules all the time for the worst after we accepted is - although probably not illegal given the conditions we signed - at least highly disregardful towards contributors.

'Have a spectacular day and go shoot some pics would ya?' Thanks! of course I will, since reading forums is making me nervous. Have a nice day as well.

Dear "Anonymous" (your courage is admirable),

While I appreciate the fact you went to the trouble to set up your account yesterday so that you could make your point, I am having a tough time finding the irony you intended.  I have been accused of many things, called many names on multiple occasions but for the most part, people don't think I am a bad communicator.  I'm pretty much an open book as far as letting you know what's on my mind.  If I know something, I'm happy and more-than-willing to share it.  The cool thing about it is that I'm also willing to sign my real name to whatever it is I have to say.

Have a spectacular day and go shoot some pics would ya?


Now thats really funny to hear Mat talking about 'bad communication'

never heard about the -$- issue, just to say the last? we all are still waiting for an answer, and all they can do is closing threads about that issue

btw - as someone wrote - profiting on the currency issue is FRAUD, so this is another job for the photographers' union; maybe it's time to start taking legal actions against agencies instead of just posting our thoughts on forums: any solicitors out there among microstock contributors?

They did the exact same thing to me when they learned I am a moderator on the forum at Fotolia.  No warning, no email, no phone call, nothing.  It took me about 5 months to get my $12 payment from them.  The owner refused to take my calls, would not respond to my emails, nothing.  Their response was about worthless. 

They were nothing if not diligent in their communication when asking me to fax my tax information to them though.  Must've received 15 emails, a couple of phone calls, all sorts of communication when they needed something from me.  I informed them that their threat to close my account if I didn't hurry and get their paperwork to them was a disincentive for me to hurry it along.  I did of course send them their stuff but was very unimpressed with their communication.


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