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iStockPhoto.com / Re: Is istock exclusive contributor worth it?
« on: September 06, 2020, 11:38 »
No need Exclusive IS/Getty!
I am 35% on SS, this is difference:
2019.08  - RPI $0.84
2020.08  - RPI $0.56
28% low DLs After Covid-19

For other agency, see graphic

Well. I am one of those paypal haters. I think it is a fraudulent organization. They literally invent laws which do not exist to be able to freeze money of users, especially in the EU. I think you will have lesser problems if you are from the US, never travel, never use ebay, etc. Furthermore, The new CEO of paypal recently admitted that the attitude of the company in the past was noth "the best" and he tries to change it...lets see if this works.

To the more pragmatic POV since I have used both for many years:
- MB has the better exchange rate.
- Paypal took always 5 days to send me my money to my Bank account while Moneybookers diod so in one or two days max.

I would not recommend PP, see here why:

But off course this will provoke 20 posts like "I always used it and never had a problem" just like some people say :My grandpa smoked for 50 years and he is now 70, so smoking is definitely not bad for your health" lol

Unfortunately velocicarpo is extremely right.
I have the same problems now, already three years later.
By paypal refuse to remove my limit because of the "wrong address" by comparing Latin writing with Bulgarian spelling of the home address. It has not been changed for 40 years!
I wrote to them several times but they did not meet.
So they blocked my money in the account and I can not get them widrawall
Better is to use Skrill or Pioneer!

I think, monthly % increase (and BME) provides trends and great regret that they are true. They reflect SEARCH buyers. It is true that influenced the various microstock sites in their algorithms (sample bestmatch) and from the dynamics of submission / acceptance (SS  weekly, from 2010y - over 120000images -> 2011y - 70000images ).
A size and quality of the portfolio does not matter where the trends - they concern only the specific contributor.

Below are weekly DL cycles of two, one (red line) with 750, second (blue line) with 8500 photos - deviation is repeated 1:1 - in Shutterstock :) This for period from Jan.2011 - Fev.2011

Black lines is trends. 

I teach (of course analyzing trends) workshop for microstock photography

My Mart 2011:
SS, +13% BME (+12% 2010)
VEER +626% BME
IS +76%
Depositphotos  BME

/Sorry for bad english, thanks Google translate/

I uploaded for one months and have Online Files - 511 and Rejected Files - 34. Received payment (100$) for 2 days after request, using Paypal. No problems!


My  refferal link from Deposit Affiliate Program  is http://submit.depositphotos.com?ref=1003952

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