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I used to use paypal a lot and let my customers pay through paypal with me for creative work i do. I even had PayPal pro in which i paid $30 a month to have the ability to charge credit cards and such.
One customer of mine who has used my vectoring and design services from time to time has issued 2 charge backs for 2 different works i did for him in a span of couple of weeks. At first he played it off like it was an accident and kept on denying anything and it was an accident and kept giving me the run around.
I kept emails and text messages i received from our conversations on him loving my work and saying he sent me money and so forth and showed this as proof when PayPal started investigating the case. Long story short, it doesn't matter, PayPal will issue a charge back and take the amount out of your account if one of your customer issues a charge back AND charge you a FEE of $20 per incident.
This left such a bad taste in my mouth, i no longer do business with PayPal and refuse to give them any percentage of cut they take...

General Stock Discussion / Re: Microstocker Burnout Syndrom
« on: November 28, 2016, 13:59 »
I am a noob and i am trying to get into stock and I dont understand what its happening. I see people complain about revenue and that they stopped producing years ago and my question is why are they still here wasting time on this forums ? I dont mean to be rude but something does not sound right to me :)....

I don't waste much time. I do way better in other areas outside of micro so I don't come here much anymore. I check in once in a while hoping micro will turn around but things still seem headed downward.

What's happening? A lot of people who used to make a living making thousands per month are now making hundreds per month even though they submitted thousands of images with the "shoot, upload, repeat" method. Dont care? Ok. For you new people or people who live in areas where the cost of living is lower and hundreds of dollars per months sounds great, what if you had the same situation happen to you? Like in a couple years you went from earning $500 per month and living well down to $50 per month? Or $5 per month? And micro no longer paid your bills? You'd probably quit or... come back here complaining about it.

Same here... I only come here maybe once a week to see if there is anything new in this industry. It really was exciting times back then when you envisioned retiring early and living off micro royalties. Even tho I make substantially less than what I used to make, its still a pretty big monthly income that i pay attention to. It's been ages since i uploaded anything to the sites.

3 / Re: iStock Royalty Change
« on: October 27, 2016, 13:28 »
So glad i deleted my account there once they made that news a couple of months ago about not able to delete your images.

4 / Re: Oh boy, the Bullsh%t rejections are back
« on: September 13, 2016, 14:44 »
maybe the reviewers have to make their quota's for rejected images... if there is such a thing  ;D

Minsc, where are you located?

I'm wondering if there are many who do wedding photography here. What do you offer for your services and how much your rate would be if that isn't too much info on here. Location would be helpful to gauge what its like around the world.

Does deactivating your files on istock only do it for that site and leave it for its partner sites? I am wondering what is a better option...

nevermind... just scrolled up and saw the post... couldn't be bothered to spend more time being pissed at istock reading this entire thread. lol

can someone show me how to delete files individually on isuck? have they removed this feature?

GLStock / Re: GL News
« on: August 05, 2016, 12:15 »
I've said it before, please put more effort in bettering your search engine. As a buyer, it sucks to sift through garbage on the first couple of pages...
You have plenty of excellent files that never get seen and buried beneath rubbish.

Off Topic / Re: snipers shoot dead police officers in Dallas
« on: July 08, 2016, 23:08 »
I say if you want to have guns, you have to enroll yourself in a "hunger games" type of tourneyment where about 10% of the contestants will die annually. That will drastically reduce gun ownership in any country.  ;D

It's all about the dollar in the end anyways in America.

I believe i was exclusive for most of 2012 and then went indie so my drop was huge. There didn't seem to be an option for that on the poll but i put over 80% drop...

General Stock Discussion / Re: Fotolia new logo
« on: June 04, 2016, 09:28 »
It does the job of looking like the other adobe products. I never liked the rebranding when they did it with all the other programs. So its successfully bad to me... =)

I am slightly down from March but ebb and flow is normal.  However, what I see that's newer on SS is significantly bigger deltas between months. For example, once month is $600 and the next is $1200.  That is a huge swing and I see that happening more and more on SS, just not this particular month.

Maybe they implemented the istock "ebb and flow" system where your files are available some of the time to give other files a greater chance...

Photo Critique / Re: Stocksy rejection-need your opinion
« on: April 16, 2016, 10:39 »
Hey Indie, impressive portfolio. I really liked looking at your retouching section but a lot of those retouched photos loses the pink flesh tone that makes the images colder to me somehow. Maybe the reviewers picked up on that also?

Adobe Stock / Re: How do you contact Fotolia reviewing team?
« on: April 05, 2016, 21:38 »
  Why isn't sketch enough proof?


If you are posting a sketch of your vector in the model/property release section that is automatically going to trigger a release issue notification every time. The only thing you can post in there is an actual property or model release. More than likely you will be OK simply leaving that area blank for vectors.

If you are still being prompted to submit a release after posting the image with the release section blank be sure to print and sign your name as both the contributing artist and the property owner (you will also need a witness printed name and signature) and be sure that your name on the release matches your name in your account profile.

You can print our releases from here if necessary:

Feel free to send me an email directly if you continue to have concerns with this issue. My email address is [email protected]

-Mat Hayward

Hey Matt,

This post of mine is pretty old and I  resolved this issue a long time ago. I just paste my sketches right into the model releases and sign and it gets approved almost all the time these days. But thanks again for your help.

same issue here... i changed mine to cursing skrill and animal male part cus it pissed me off so much  ;D

I don't want to encourage new photographers, it's bad for my business.

Better to discourage old photographers

No need... they are already discouraged

19 / Re: Am i going good?
« on: March 27, 2016, 16:52 »
What that shows is. reviewers do Not have calibrated Monitors. Nothing Personal. also I would stay away from stuff on white. theres 50 Million others to compete with.Buyers are looking for natural, real life stuff. not just things and stuff you find and take a picture of. Thats my 38 cents worth.

I have to disagree... when searching for pictures, as a buyer, more than half the stuff i search for is isolated on white as elements to a bigger design i have in mind... theres a reason why theres so many out there because thats what gets downloaded.

Off Topic / Re: OMG America!!!
« on: March 17, 2016, 20:21 »
Nothing wrong with Trump winning. People are tired of politicians who promise things and never deliver. People are tried of politicians who are easily bribed by lobbyist groups and help their rich friends get richer.

Trump winning is a shot in the arm for America. He just may be the best candidate in this entire election.

I have no pro or con for Trump.
But do you really believe that he will not be, him too, one of these "who promise things and never deliver"?
I am sure he will; all politicians are

hard to deliver since he hasn't made any concrete promises other than everything will be great.  he's a demagogue playing to sexist, racist, nationalist and anti-immigrant feelings. 

even the republican party can't back him! 

meanwhile Obama has come thru on many of his promises:
-affordable care act giving health care to over 10 million more
-stimulus which pulled us out of Bush's recession
-steady jobs growth over 6 years
-an historic climate change agreement
-opening relations with Cuba
-fewer prisoners in Guantanamo (remainder are there because of republican congress' refusal to act)

as far as trump as a 'successful' business man - that's no where near the same as running a govt in which you have to actually work WITH the other branches of govt; business owners already run too much in the US while paying little or no taxes

"Affordable" health care. Not. It's more expensive and covers less. I went to a cardiologist. He ordered three tests for me. I didn't do them because the crappy Obamacare insurance won't pay a penny for them, and I have the best plan you can get out of the batch. The other insurance plans wouldn't have even covered the doctor's visit. Those 10 million people you mention may have health insurance, but they don't have health care.

So you can listen to the rhetoric about how great the insurance is, or you can try using it to get a taste of the reality. And I make a decent income. All those other people who didn't have insurance before because they couldn't afford it sure aren't going to be able to pay for all the things it doesn't cover.

Is it obamacare or is it the totally bs health care system that we have in place where the insurance companies and the healthcare physicians are colluding to just keep raking in the money from patients.

I went to see this specialist a couple of months ago. For a brief 15 minute consultation with basically me telling her what my issues were and her ordering some blood samples, she puts in her invoice $1400 for first time consultation. What kind of bs system have we gotten ourselves into because the people/corporations that make the big money lobby money to politicians that make our laws and keep the fat cats fat.

Off Topic / Re: OMG America!!!
« on: March 16, 2016, 23:20 »
Mincer, running a business and being a salesman is not really a good resume to run a country that if it were a person could be described as a schizophrenic borderline trigger happy maniac with a nuclear weapon trying to feed 319 million people

I actually fear Cruz being on the trigger than Trump. Cruz is the type of crackpot that would start a religious war and cause social unrest. Trump maybe be slightly hotheaded, but he's not an extremist.

If North Korea aims a nuclear weapon at Manhattan, I wouldn't complain if Trump nukes it first.

So your ok with killing 10s of thousands of your own troops thats on the border of N korea as well as the south korean population?

Off Topic / Re: OMG America!!!
« on: March 16, 2016, 16:49 »
I don't understand the mentality. If people think the system is corrupt why vote in some super rich guy? Why not vote in someone that wants to reform the system like Bernie. Does the electorate think the solution is to only have super rich politicians from now on? And by the way rich doesn't mean incorruptible, they didn't get rich by not being greedy or knowing enough is enough.

People that vote Trump are the ones with lots of anger (mainly at other people). They do not have any sympathy for anyone except for themselves and their immediate family. They get his message as they have the same mentality as him. Basically the haters of the world. Surprising how many of them are out there. I just think this is another by product of nature. There will always be a certain amount of people like this no matter what. Otherwise, we wouldn't be so different.

General - Stock Video / Re: animation/motion graphics
« on: March 08, 2016, 11:10 »
If you're a very experienced and talented motion graphics designer, sales will be great. Same goes for video, or photos really. Experience, training, talent, luck, all are important.

Only way to get there is to start. But truthfully, if you've never done this, be prepared to have very few sales. What you make must be as good, and preferably better, than all those other people selling motion graphics.

I wonder how many talented motion graphics people submit their work on micros... Back around 2007, talented motion graphics freelancers were getting anywhere from $500-750 a day working in commercials and movies and such.

Im a big believer in instagram as I got one of my first job as a dtg contract printer through the site. I signed up... posted a couple of pics of my designs and put #dtg and a couple of days later received a in inquiry email for my printing services because they found me through instagram. $300 profit later made me a big believer in all types of social media...

DTG stands for Direct To Garment and is printing onto shirts and other material digitally with waterbased inks. Sort of similar to screen printing but a newer technology that allows you to print vibrant photorealistic prints right onto your garments.

If anyone has any need for DTG printing services, pm me if you are in the states

Very well put. Deposit photos is also one of those oft hated sites that seems to have improved itself. As you said hope the same for all,  it is much needed

Sorry for off topic remark on deposit photos but a brief look at their team picture (in their About Us page) which is based in new york city which is the melting pot of the world with all different ethnic groups, that company is the whitest company i have ever seen in nyc. lol. Maybe they are all russian? Eastern european?

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