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Hi cclapper --

While I do not recall the specifics, it's more than likely in my haste to publish that I accessed the image via Google Images, and never actually accessed the original website; which I certainly know better than to do.  Actually, did not complete my registration at Dreamstime Stock Photography because I stopped to respond to this message...

Unfortutnately, your "guess" is incorrect.  Madeline posted a comment on my blog (which only I see prior to my approving BTW) and I responded immediately.

Actions are not always done out of conscience maliciousness.

No they are not. But if you went to the DT site, and if you grabbed the image and posted it on your site, you must have realized that the images on DT were for sale, not for free, no?

It is good that you have come forward and are willing to make an attempt at making things right. That is way more than most people who steal images do. But you are only responding because you have been outed in public. If Madelaide would have kept it to herself, I'm guessing you would have done nothing.

Since weeks went by without madelaide hearing back from you, you wouldn't have given it a second thought. The real test is whether you do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Thanks so much FD amateur --

I appreciate your suggestion and it's an excellent idea - I am reviewing Dreamstime now.

A bit of background about me...

After an extended illness, my God-brother passed away in the the beginning of February, my God-mother/best friend/confidant died two weeks later and her funeral was February 19th.  (I posted about this on 2/15)
Madeline sent her original e-mail to me on February 20th... 

I'm very careful not to use images protected by copyright, so I feel it's important to put all of this into the proper perspective.  I also hope it will help guide the tone/attitude taken when communicating going forward.    Actions are not always done out of conscience maliciousness.

Madeline and I are communicating offline.  Her thumbnail image has been removed from my site, and I have made her a fair offer for it's use.

I truly appreciate you taking time to look-through my site and would like to include it in a blog post I'm writing about being "called-out" for unauthorized image use.  There are a multitude of artists and photographers who have gone similar challenges,  so this is information audience will surely appreciate.

All the best,

Thank you for following up
I had a quick look at your site and it has some real informational value. Good images can enhance the appeal and attractiveness of your site. Why don't you just buy some images in the future? On Dreamstime for instance, you can already license more than half screen wide images for 1$ with a very modest credit package. The bad publicity for you and all the email hassles aren't just worth the ridiculous low prices stock images cost these days.

Thank you Adelaide.  I've received your e-mail and will respond shortly.

All the best,

After following up with a copyright attorney, since the image has been removed and I do not receive monetary gain from the platform.  I have no legal obligation to do so. 

However, I realize that uncompensated use of images online is a serious and unfair practice as evidenced from the content here.   So, I am willing to negotiate a small payment if Madelade calls me directly at 917-856-5410.

Thank you for following up,



First, allow me to apologize for the any anxiety I may have caused you.

Excuses aside, I receive more than 400 e-mails per day, so until you posted a link to this platform on my blog, your concerns were not bought to the forefront.  I could have contacted you right away if there was a telephone number in your profile here or in the e-mail you sent me.

Your thumbnail image has been removed from and I wish you all the best,
Kara Smith
Karasma Media PR

Hello Madelaide --

First, I must profusely apologize for the understandable upset my non-response has caused you.

No excuses are viable, yet and still, I receive well over 400 e-mails per day, so a telephone number either in the e-mail you sent me or in your listing here could have saved you much anxiety.  Unfortunately though, until you posted the link back to this site, this issue was not a the forefront.

Your thumbnail image has been removed from my site and I wish you all the best, 


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