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Hello gdvcom,
I understand your point. That is the kind of advice i read a lot when i started contributing to istock.
And of course, you're right, by filtering an image, i lose the buyers who want to do it themselves.
But i wonder : how many buyers don't have the time (or the skill) to do the processing themselves ? What is the proportion ?
I've spent a lot of time trying to improve my filtering skills, and i don't regret it. As i became better at it, i resubmited images that were already accepted in their unfiltered appearance on istock. And they immediately sold better. I often feel that an good filtering can give life to an image that you wouldn't necessarily notice if it wasn't.
Anyway, there must be some truth in both ways.
all the best,

Just a little message to thank you all for taking the time to answer to me. I didn't expect to get so much help, I didn't even have time to read it all yet ! But i'm sure i'm gonna get a lot of good advice from you. So thank you very much, really.
The first thing i have to write in my "Becoming Indy" journal is : i don't understand Fotolia standards yet, but i've discovered a great place called Microstock Group. I love it there !

This "crown dropping" adventure is definitely going to be full of surprises. For example, i had my first answers from Shutterstock today. Out of 35 images... 35 were accepted (including all those rejected by Fotolia).
I still don't understand the logic in it, but well, it's a nice encouragement. And i already love Shutterstock !
To be continued.

Just a few words about the question of overfiltering/processing. I think it's hard to come to a clear point of view about it. When i started at istock, i got many rejections for that, and i read everywhere that i should do as little processing as possible. And then i saw all these beautiful images on the site that sold very well and that were definitely filtered (sometimes even heavily). So i thought "Why are they allowed to filter, and i'm not ?" So i came to the conclusion it is more a matter of how good you filter, not how much (i don't think it's proper english, i hope you see what i mean). I stopped getting rejections for over-filtering, althought i didn't stop filter. And all my Vetta selected images and my best sellers were processed and filtered images. All of them...

All the best to you all.


Hello everyone,
I decided to drop my crown as an exclusive istock contributor last month, after many weeks of hesitation and wondering. I felt pretty good about that decision.
Then, I started uploading to other sites a few days ago. It's all new and exciting to me, as I have only known Istockphoto in my photographer life.
Of course, I was  expecting to suffer a little, as i was not any longer used to wait for inspection, for example, nor to get rejections. Actually, i was pretty confident about rejections, as i had read here and there that istock inspectors are the hardest - and they are pretty kind to me (after the first years, where they massacred me of course).
First, i was happy to discover that Fotolia is pretty reactive : the inspection time was quite short. But the answers were very disconcerting ! 18 rejections / 8 acceptance so far. All images that were accepted no problem on istock, and i consider some of my best work. Even images from the Vetta Collection ! Here are a few examples :
The reason is always the same : technical problem. After having struggled with istock high standards, i thought i knew what a technical problem for stock photography is. I'm starting to have doubts about it. There is definitely something i don't understand. Am i too used to istock standards that i don't see something obviously wrong with these images. Are my style or my favourite subjects wrong for Fotolia (or stock in general) ? Should i focus on other sites ?
If you have time to read that post and to answer, your help would be very much appreciated.

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