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"If one sets out to upload 100 images/day at "excellent quality and decent commercial value" over 90 days, my prediction would be that after an initial boost as "fresh content", it would then take at least a further 3-5 months until the algos do their thing and those images reach their peak in keyword rankings to earn their peak amounts, before slowly depreciating at about 3% a month until reaching a floor (they'll never become worthless)."

100 images pr day?! HELP DEAR GOD! If I'm good I can do 4 images pr. day. I think you ment 100 images in 90 days? Sorry, I'm not used to MS terms. But thanks again for important insights.

"I recall reading somewhere that uploading slowly and consistently is better than all at once in terms of earnings, plus you wouldn't be want to do keywording for 5 hours a day for the next 3 months as you'll probably drive yourself crazy. Plus you may get a nasty reviewer who will just reject a whole batch. In the end they would probably earn about the same in their lifetime but always keep in mind that some images are more time-sensitive than others!"

I totally agree!

As the artist you are the copyright holder not the person that purchased the artwork. They have no legal basis to stop you and in fact if they're smart they would be more than happy about you selling copies. They have the original so the more exposure the work gets the higher the value of the original. At worst, having prints for sale will not negatively effect the original's sale price and if it gains some renown they get the bragging rights for having the real deal.

Memakephoto thanks a lot. That is an awesome point of view. I'm still fighting a bit commercializing my art. I once got through a tough censured exhibition with a lot of recognition afterwards. But the selling AND me painting is decreasing. Mainly because I hate attention.

So I think it's time to stop thoughts about being non commercialized and take the jump into a new frame of mind. I still fear that my paintings will drop in price. But maybe the prints on mugs, canvases etc. will help me out (if i'm lucky) and hopefully you're right! Thanks a lot

Thank you David. I think you're right. I live in Europe. Maybe Fine-Art-America is the wrong place for me. I just thought it was the biggest site (most traffic)
I think that's right, not aware of any better site for your purpose.
However, by far the most buyers are from the US. Also you will benefit by doing your own marketing, as they don't do much. I do pick up occasional sales with no marketing at all; but some of the most successful sellers seem to have no searchable caption or keywords, they are just using FAA for fulfilment. Shipping can be pretty expensive.

It's nice with some insights of how it works. Thanks ShadySue. Are you from Europe? Do you sell on more sites?
I think the shipping is a bit overwhelming. Once I participated in BP Award UK and the price for shipping just way overruled the fun of participating. Now I wouldn't support a competition sponsered by BP... so much clevere

Thank you David. I think you're right. I live in Europe. Maybe Fine-Art-America is the wrong place for me. I just thought it was the biggest site (most traffic)

Hi, I'm new to selling art (print on demand) online. I use to sell via Galleries, but I'm not extrovert enough and maybe this is the solution for me.

Question: I sold a Painting (original) for 1800 dollars some years ago. I don't remember if I told the buyer or gallery that I wouldn't sell copies/prints but I don't think so.

Would you offer such a painting on Fine-Art-America? Or would it be wrong without asking the buyer of the painting first?

Hi Brazilnut, thanks for a wonderful blogpost! I't inspired my to dive deeper down into subcategories.
I was wondering if there is a list of "Print on Demand agencies" somewhere?
All my Illustrations are RF. I'm not sure they would be suitable as posters, but maybe a few.

Once again. Thank you for a great blogpost.

lol on the fighter jets! only a 40k camera plus 100k in lights to get the shot plus several SUV's

Spot on! Thank you. I would really really love an easy going camera for objects to fit in to my graphics. Could a Nokia Lumia 1020 be good enough for this? Or should I find a smaller camera then my Nikon D200? I just don't feel creative and comfortable with such a technical product.

And all of you.. thank you for responding! I'm surprised that Yuri would tell a lie to promote hes website. So he's still on SS, Fotolia and so on?

Do you think he has the time for responding forums questions?  :)

Hi folks, I'm new to this site and thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. For a few month ago Yuri Arcurs wrote this announcement about going  eksclusive on istock. In the same article he wrote about phone photography in the microstock industry. Unfortunately hes website is down for som reason?!!

Do you know anything about witch type of phone he is talking about? I'm a graphic designer and I could really use a small an uncomplicated camera for taking photos for my graphics that's good enough in quality for microstock. I have a nikon D200 but I never learned to use it. It's too technical complicated for me and I find that my main focus should be in the graphics.

I hope you can help! Best wishes from a newbee in the forum

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