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Adobe Stock / Re: Hint for Keywording less heavy
« on: February 04, 2016, 17:43 »
Question on keywording.  Typically for any agency; does it help, hinder, or even matter if there is a space between the keywords when using a comma?  I've been following the sequence of; keyword/comma/space/keyword/comma/space/keyword......... Just and old habit, but it does eat-up character space on some sites.

thx,  rick

Canva / Re: Canva
« on: June 03, 2015, 19:32 »
How does Canva work?
I've signed-up with Canva and am interested in participating with the Canva site.
I guess I'm missing something here; how does Canva work?
Do I create the designs and post them for sale?  Do I upload photos like any other site for designers to use?
I seem to be stuck on what to do next and am having a hard time finding such information.

Just need a bit of a nudge to get going here.   
Rick Zepp
[email protected]

Apparently you haven't done your homework on what does sell.  Take some time and search any agency for "solid color blue background" view the results and then come back with a constructive response.  BTW what does it matter the age of the photographer besides the legality of entering into a contract?

Your response was unappreciated.

This is a real puzzler.  I submitted a clear blue sky image.  No clouds, No tone variation, sunny, daytime.
It gets rejected for noise, white balance and cropping.   ???????

I categorize my photos by content, and assign a unique number to each that reflects the content of the folder they reside in (File for flowers potted, wild or garden grown would get an assigned identifier of FLW101, WFL101....), or for birds (Seagulls - SGULL101, SGULL102...).  I use a spreadsheet with spate tabs (worksheets) for each category.  Then within that worksheet, I list the name of the file down the left side.  I list the Agencies across the top.  In each cell of the spreadsheet I change the fill to either green or red; for accepted or rejected form that particular agency.  Once an image sells, I change the fill to blue, and place a number count in that cell.

I can see at a glance which agency sold which photo, and how many times.  I also track the sale $ on the first page of my spreadsheet by: $ pending pay-out threshold: $ total paid- out: and then I also keep records of number of overall opportunities for sale, cumulative of all agencies accepted files available.

It is very tedious and organized, but I run this as a business.  I know where to best spend my energy.

Hope this all helps,
Good Luck,
Rick   8)

They do seem to be a bit brutal lately. 

However, with submitting to several agencies (16) I often find that what gets rejected on one, will usually sell on another.

As long as somebody buys it, I'm good.  I do not depend on this for my main source of income.  This is planned to be my retirement beer-money in the near future!

General Stock Discussion / Re: How diverse are microstockers
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:49 »
OK, so I just voted in the 50K - 100K range for TOTAL Annual Income.  Microstock income is very small at less than 1K and other income is around 70K with overtime.  I live in the USA, Provide 4300+ opportunities (images spread among 16 agencies, many are duplicated - same image on multiple sites).

It's not getting me rich quick, but my plan is to supplement my retirement income in the near future.

My images may not be selling like hotcakes, but they do sell, eventually.  I've been VERY surprised at what does sell and at what gets rejected.

StockPhotoMedia.com / Re: Stockphoto Media Closed?
« on: January 10, 2015, 12:53 »
Stockphotomedia is back on line - just checked it 12:53 EST

StockPhotoMedia.com / Re: Stockphoto Media Closed?
« on: January 09, 2015, 10:27 »
I've noticed the possible closure too, with the domain notice.

So, what happens to our photos that were loaded to their site?

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