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General - Stock Video / Re: Nimia sales
« on: May 06, 2016, 19:33 »
I've sold 2 clips in 2 years. Thats it.

No problem sharing revenue,

ccbcc it's right, about 1500$ in one year.

As soon as I start to earn more than $150000 I will stop sharing revenue :D.

Hi Irina,

Regarding Nimia, I also started to use it as backup platform and even a showcase platform to share clips with clients. Regarding sales, I don't expect too much. I don't use their content request system.
For backup and archive purposes, Nimia has a great file system, but I avoid to specify many of the fields like the temperature of the color or the type of lens, I don't need them. Maybe could be nice for some productions to have this kind of detail for organization purposes.

Happy Anniversary! :)

Thank you for your stats and congrats on a good start!

Just wanted to ask a few things for a better understanding:
Are you selling only HD or 4k too?
How long did it take you before getting the first sale at SS and Pond?

I'm also weighing on whether to start doing footage..

Well, I started with HD only, but today I've most 4K in my portfolio. But, I still sell most HD than 4K.

My first sale came on SS in just 15 days after approval. Not much sales in the first 2-3 months. But of course in the beginning I had less clips for sale than at the end of the year.

Hi people,

Let me share my experience after 1 year selling stock footage in microstock platforms.

I started on January 2015 selling content at Shutterstock, Pond5 and 123RF, adding Fotolia, iStock, Nimia, Dissolve, DepositPhotos, Videoblocks and Motionelements in the following months. In May I had all platforms selling my footage. At the end of 2015 I had 300 clips average in each platform with the same clips (more or less).

I've made sales in all platforms except Motionelements where I have no sales so far.

I created an excel file, where I wrote each sale in monthly basis (Number of sales and $ amount)

And here are my results: (All are not exclusive)

Agency       Clips sold   Earnings percentage
Pond5           29 sales     35% of sales
Shutterstock  22 sales     31%
Videoblocks   3 sales       10%
Nimia            1 sale        7%
123rf             6 sales      6%
Fotolia           8 sales      4%
iStock            9 sales       3%
Depositphotos 1 sale        2%
Dissolve         2 sales       2%

So, my conclusion, based in this experience is that, for maximize profit and time only Pond5, Shutterstock and Videoblocks* deserve the upload. The others, during 2015, were not profitable.

*Videoblocks are too new so I'm not sure it they will be profitable in 2016 due to the amount of people uploading.

As you can see, istock and Fotolia are the worst in terms of number of clips sold vs profit. They are a waste of time. Maybe if you play the exclusive role with those, results will be really different.

This 2016 Nimia has lower prices so maybe this 2016 they will be also at the bottom of the list (or not, maybe they will sell more due to the new prices, who knows)

This year I started to upload only to Pond5, Shutterstock and Videoblocks, as they are by far and based in my experience the most convenient places to sell clips nowadays.

General - Stock Video / What about FilmSupply?
« on: February 01, 2016, 07:33 »
Any one here contributing to www.filmsupply.com? Any experiences about performance or revenue?

I asked to become a contributor but no answer at all.


General - Stock Video / Re: Nimia's New Pricing Model
« on: January 19, 2016, 14:42 »
Well, I don't need oficial response, as I see in my profile page at nimia, all prices had dropped down to $79 for high resolution even 4K shots.

The problem is, if that is the new market prices, Shutterstock and others will follow in the next months. We will see 4K shots at that price more or less.

Not to much problem regarding Nimia because I've had one sale only in one year. My concerns are what will happen to other agencies with 4K pricing the following months.

As I understand (and this are only my personal thoughts), Nimia is trying to reach the market of average microstock agencies lowering prices. Maybe beacuse they had not much sales last year, and they need to make sales to survive. But now they have entered a very competitive market... we will see what happens, but i'm almost sure that the following year some agencies will end.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: January 14, 2016, 12:36 »
I've seen the message regarding the 2 months wait time for approval in Pond5

At least, seasonal content has no sense to be uploaded.

Photo Critique / Re: And I want criticism
« on: January 14, 2016, 09:11 »
My opinion:

- Good sharp focus on bird
- Not much commercial value
- Too common clip, difficult to make sales
- Boring composition
- Too Flat lighting
- It's better to shot with tripod and not try to stabilize after so you don't get this artificial handheld movement
- Too much zoom over the bird, better leave some air in the margins
- I recommend to describe the bird also with the scientific name

Only my opinion, the video is correct but not too suitable as stock footage.


General - Stock Video / Re: Nimia's New Pricing Model
« on: January 14, 2016, 09:02 »
I had one sale last year over a 400 clips portfolio.

The only benefit I see in Nimia is the possibility to download my own content, so it's some kind of online backup.

Also as clip show room is fine due to the possibility to create collection pages.

But regarding sales, I don't expect too much.

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock now selling video
« on: December 01, 2015, 08:03 »
Hi Mat,


I've an account in FT with about 200 videos. Are those videos now available at Adobe Stock?


iStockPhoto.com / Re: iStock Video Vs Espaws.com
« on: November 26, 2015, 05:55 »
I stopped also uploading footage to istock. Has no sense to upload a clip there when I can get 100% at Videoblocks or 50% at Pond5. Even SS it's ok. I don't know what they are thinking regarding footage.

I suppose that they want only exclusive contributors, this is why the prefer to not have non exclusive ones.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 review times
« on: November 21, 2015, 09:59 »
Update. About more than 5 weeks waiting for footage review. Still waiting.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 review times
« on: November 17, 2015, 19:10 »
More than 5 weeks here abd counting. I ve stoped uploading until they go back to work.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 review times
« on: November 13, 2015, 07:56 »
I just received and answer from Pond5 staff:

Thank you for contacting our support team.

The average wait for curator's review and approval is normally 4-6 business days. Due to a significantly high volume of recent submissions, review times are currently at 3-4 weeks. I can assure you our Curators are going through everything as quickly and carefully as they can, and we are striving for faster review times.

Please know, our system is fair and sorts all uploads by order, based on when artists hit the 'submit to Curator' button, as if you are waiting in line. If you have more content you'd like to submit, simply continue uploading your files to your portfolio, and we promise we'll get to them as soon as we can.

We appreciate your patience and confidence in us. You will receive a message once your files have been reviewed. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to say.

Thanks for your understanding.

Have a great day,

The Catholic Brotherhood people are very upset about that here in Spain. Those Catholic traditions are centuries older that the KKK, and of course they are not racists or any thing like that, they are wearing those suits only the holy week during processions. They wear a hat very similar to the ones used at KKK, but this is the only coincidence.

Any one that doesn't know those Spanish traditions can get wrong, but not the BBC, they are supposed to be learned and cautious.

Regarding iStock, I suppose that the contributor who uploaded the picture is trying to bring most visits to his picture, but in this case iStock must to correct that.

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 review times
« on: November 12, 2015, 09:45 »
Where did you contact them? I will do that too

Pond5 / Re: Pond5 review times
« on: November 09, 2015, 08:11 »
Well, update about that post. Today I count almost a month without review, and still counting.

Getty Images, but only 20% of royalties.

General - Top Sites / Re: Why are our experiences different?
« on: November 03, 2015, 15:04 »
My point of view as a new footage contributor (less than a year) is that microstock isn't a exact science. There are many variables there between content quality, quantity, variety, keywording, competence, the marketplace it self, search engine and the customers interests and needs.

For instance, every month my bestseller marketplace varies, from SS, to Pond5, then FT, then back to SS. Then there are those middle tier marketplaces that some months perform well and another I have 0 sales.

Also I notice, reading comments at this forum, that footage differs a lot from photos. Footage sells less than photos but some times with better prices (only some times).

This pass week I had no sales at all at any platform, while two weeks ago I had more than 15 sales in different platforms.

I agree that the only almost secure thing we can expect is our own creativity, intuition about what will sell , failure, and hard work.

Pond5 / Pond5 review times
« on: November 03, 2015, 14:53 »

Are review time at Pond5 getting longer and longer? I remember at the beginning of the year 2015 where review time was between 5 to 10 days more or less. Now I've content that is waiting for review since 20 days ago and counting.

I don't know if they are aware that if they do that with every contributor they are losing money (And so are we too) with potential sales waiting in his servers for nothing.

Are you experiencing this long review times?

General - Stock Video / Re: Be a exclusive contributor at istock
« on: November 01, 2015, 15:32 »
Thanks for your answers,

I'm a rookie footage stock contributor and I see everything as a blank page, this is the way it works when you are new in something. This is why this forum it's a gem and your knowledge very important for people like me.

I see that there are issues regarding istock/getty, I will have that in mind.

Best regards

General - Stock Video / Be a exclusive contributor at istock
« on: November 01, 2015, 14:31 »

I've been uploading to different microstock agencies my footage during the last year.

I'm aware that istock has a connection with Getty Images if you are an exclusive contributor, witch means that you are selling at two agencies at the same time ( I suppose ).

My question is, is there any body selling as exclusive contributor at Istock? Do you think it deserves the change?

I see the good and the bad,


Less time uploading and tagging and more time to shoot
Better search positioning at istock searches
Selling also at Getty Images
Better royalties (they start at 22 up to 45 if there are sales)


Less opportunities to sell the content in other agencies
My content will be stuck at istock, no way to use it or sell directly
More risky if I don't get sales at istock

I know that is not an exact science, but, what are your thoughts?

Thanks a lot for your help


Pond5 / Re: Pond5: What should we improve?
« on: October 24, 2015, 09:15 »
For me review time is very important. Pond5 is one of the most slow of all marketplaces.

General Stock Discussion / Re: Ultimatstock down?
« on: October 22, 2015, 08:54 »

Basically I was to try to delete all my content and close de account because I haven't earned a penny in 6 months.

And now they are down. I think that many of those microstock stores will be closed within a year o so.

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