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1 / Re: DT Views - Newbie Question
« on: October 21, 2017, 16:43 »
Thank everyone for your feedback. 

Jo Ann, thanks for your input.  I have been using the Microstock Keyword Tool along with my additional keywords, so maybe it just takes time.  I started with Shutterstock (2.5months ago) and have set weekly goals for image production/uploading/etc.  I have now built up 350 images / vectors.  Have received 14 downloads there, but none on DT (1 month there).  I also started with Adobe Stock, but still early days there.  Looks like a tough business, but still fun to learn about and see what I can do. 

2 / DT Views - Newbie Question
« on: October 20, 2017, 18:56 »
I have a question about number of views for DT veterans.  I am relatively new (2.5 months) to microstock and photography, but have slowly built up to 178 images on DT.   I think I have done a reasonable job with the titles and key words, but I have no sales and all of my images only show 1 view (My account -> online files page).  Any advice on how to get my images even seen?     

I just got started in stock photography 2.5 months ago.  At my onset, I had never wanted to take photographs or do anything artistic.  My entire goal was to learn a new hobby, enjoy it, and learn to make money taking pictures.  I am a PhD in engineering and very analytical, so I know the value of a good reference book.  I was looking for both references to improve my workflow, general approach to the industry, and resources to learn about taking better photos.  I read your entire book, enjoyed it very much, and have found the advice to be helpful in many ways as a newbie.   In particular, I found much of the advice helpful in altering/refining my approach to the industry and other references more helpful for technical aspects of taking pictures.  Having never taking a picture to sell, I have already broke even on the cost of your book.  In summary, I know writing books sucks, but they can be wonderful resources for others new to an area and I appreciated your book as a newbie. 

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