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I design my own typefaces, that's why they are the simplest

Thanks. I know that every comment is very important to me.

Why do you think so ?

My 5cents into conversation.
Compare with this: http://a4stockphotos.com/
Bestartstock is deadly alike a4stock!
I've earned 7$ via a4. Stunning!
I think that above mentioned stuff should explain to you everything.

Yes, they explained everything to me.
Congratulations that you believed this company and made money. Have they already paid you? What percentage was it from the sale?
Who will buy such a photo without MR? http://a4stockphotos.com/stock-photo/patrol-with-dog-12251.html - You can see that it bought a lot of people, just for what?
Great quality, it's a shame to have something to do with it - http://a4stockphotos.com/stock-photo/docks-9714.html
Did you sign up there without knowing how much you will earn and without knowing who you are signing the contract with?

I would like, for example, to offer isolated objects with "png" extensions. You can find these files in content type - premium. https://www.bestartstock.com/stock-photo/the-concept-help-you-use-your-computer-19290.html

You're right. I will change this title to "You will sell your photos and graphics online" or "You can sell your photos and graphics online" maybe it will sound better? Besides, I will be persevering, I do not plan to compete with the biggest on the market, but I want to find my niche place even. There are many smaller agencies on the market and they operate. I do not know how they started, I have to do it myself.

If you want to keep shouting that this thread is not for getting more contributors ....
I forgot to add that it is only for this moment. The reason is simple, the web page is still incomplete for contributors, as you can see. This forum is perfect for me, I have already implemented some of the comments received. I am now working on rules for sellers and I will be grateful for the comments and expectations in this area.

My thread here is not for getting more contributors. Finding buyers is more important. He is only for opinions and possible advice. On my web site you do not lose extended licenses. There is also a rights managed license option that can be chosen by the seller. It does not depend on me that prices on the market are falling, but they remain at a stable level. Analyzing the level of payments for sellers, I see that they are more advantageous than competitors. Only the level of the maximal subscription lags behind some competitors, but I'm working on it. I am thinking of introducing a percentage for sellers at 60 percent and differentiating this from the level of sales. It was between 40 and 60 percent? But I am not entirely sure how it will grow and generate more costs, it will be necessary to lower this percentage. It will not be nice. Maybe it's better to stay at this level?

What's the price you're offering a discount on? It's all a bit discombobulated.

I have already corrected it and it is visible in the Site Info tab - www.bestartstock.com/pages/pricing.html

I know your feeling... opening your own stock photo market place and earning millions BUT... It's not as easy as you think.. It's not about buying a domain name and installing a template.
That's what I know, because when I delivered my website and entered the address of this site in the search engine, it was not there. I needed a month of work to make this website live on the internet.
I am saying that because 10 years ago I wanted to make my own marktletplace I called it fotomina and I spent like $4000 buying a stupid code for my website.
Maybe you were not persistent? It's like with Photostok, you probably know that you have to load photos every day despite the monthly income of 5 dollars. And after a few years you can achieve success, of course photography geniuses will achieve it much earlier.
- What makes your website special ? Why should someone leave shutterstock or any other marketplace and buy from you ? why sould I -as an artist- contribute my photos to your website?
In my website there are special prices for buyers (visible in Site Info tab) and special percentages for sellers. I do not want to pick up customers for other agencies, I want to fill up them.

The Bestartstock site name can not be changed. Only the name can be changed. If not Best Art Stock can be Best Art Stock Photo or Best Art Photo Stock? Any other proposals that have something in common with Bestartstock?

My webpage is not yet final, as you can see. I put it in operation in August so that it could crawl and be visible on the web. That's why I put it on the forum to gather the opinion of professionals in this industry. And I'm grateful that you want to share your opinions with me.

The site is a big huh? for me, sorry. Why the focus on sports and "letters?" Are you looking for buyers or contributors? What's the price you're offering a discount on? It's all a bit discombobulated.
My focus on sports and fonts is only a promotion of content that will change from time to time. Next will be "discover the world", "explore Africa", "Norwegian fjords" etc. That's the plan. What do you think?
The price offer for buyers is visible after registration and login. This is a mistake, I will correct it by putting this information in the top menu without logging in.
For sellers will be this information in the "Seller Agreement".
Thanks for the advice.

I think the watermark is off-putting as well. Redesign it and make it more transparent.
Thanks for the opinion. It is true that there is still a lot ahead of me. I've been working on this project for over three months. The reviews will help me a lot.
I have a problem with the watermark, it must be universal. Since I have different image formats in my offer, it must include all of them. That is why there are also watermarks on the perimeter (pictures of picture frames), which destroy the whole picture. I do not know whether to change the watermark theme - font. In any case, I will make him more transparent. I can also leave it centrally, but then it will not cover some of the pictures. In this case, these images in a small resolution will be free. I do not know if I can go for it?

I want to make a small place for myself in a web. Why do people send photos to photo banks that already have millions of them?

Pros: the site is simple to navigate and it is fast
Cons: I don't know if it's just me, but the big glaringly red letters "30% OFF", "EARN UP TO 40%" are a bit of a turn off. They are bordering on gaudy and read as "fire sale" to contributors and "untrusted spammy source" to potential buyers. I would find another solution, more aesthetically pleasing and even perhaps less obvious.
I thought it would be an eye-catching incentive for buyers. That is why letters have a white border to make them more readable. Maybe I should change the color?
I would also ask a native English speaker to take a good look at how naturally the entire site reads.
Yes, I know, it will be necessary. I already had that attention. In principle, this is a multilingual site and will be a lot of work. Currently, I try to French, German and Polish. I already have the most important titles in many languages, but with a google translator.

I'm not sure if you're trying to encourage others to contribute images to your site, but offering 40% isn't likely to entice many, especially as the site is new and you haven't mentioned anything about marketing.
This 40% is a certain offer. He would like it to be a larger percentage, but there are many costs on my side that can not be seen by the seller. The exact percentage of earnings I can offer will be clearly visible only when the sale starts. That is why I am careful.
I thought that this is a good offer for non-exclusive, other players offer max. 30 percent.

I'm not sure if you're trying to encourage others to contribute images to your site, but offering 40% isn't likely to entice many, especially as the site is new and you haven't mentioned anything about marketing.
At the current stage I am more interested in buyers, not sellers. Although it is also important to have a larger offer.
It looks unfinished to me. For your artist profile, for example, Tabs for Blog, Testimonials and Friends say "Not found" or have no content. Same with Comments on image pages. I'd also question the inclusion of these types of community features unless you wanted to try and build another 500px or EyeEm (and I can't see why you want to take them on).
Tabs of comments and Tell a Friends are finished, but there is only one user and that's why it looks like this.
Facebook or Pinrest sharing probably can be, not everyone has to use it.
I was not able to find pricing information - how much does a credit cost, for example - without creating an account. You need to make all that basic information available to anyone who wants to check the site out.
In browsing for images, the continuous loading is slow and prevents you from easily getting to menu items at the bottom of the page - including important things like Buy Credits and Buy Subscription.
You're right, purchase prices are important and should be more readable. Because the more credits you buy, the less you pay for the one credit and finally for the picture.
The watermark is very distracting on the thumbnails - not sure why you would use one on such a small image.
At the moment, the only watermark I can do. Maybe it should be more transparent?
You have a buyer agreement and a customer agreement - the latter is the license and the former appears to be an explanation (which is pretty confusing) about when you need extended vs. standard license. The seller agreement has virtually no information that a contributor would want to know.
I need a week to change it, thanks for your attention
Where are you hoping to go with this?
Global ?

Thanks for your review.

Yes, my intention was to place here in the site the double name: Be Start Stock and Best Art Stock, by default Be Start (Photo) Stock. I do not know if it worked out well?

I am still asking for your opinion. I only have one. I will be grateful for each next one. It's very important to me.

Thanks Sean. Yes it's mine. Some spelling errors ? I work hard to improve it. Minimal content? Yes, but you can add something.

On the forum I read various opinions about websites for selling photos. I am curious what do you think about this site www.bestartstock.com ? I will be thankful for your feedback and any comments.

Selling Stock Direct / Your Stock Site: Link Exchange
« on: November 28, 2017, 06:03 »
Name of Site: Best Art Stock
URL: http://bestartstock.com

Owner: P.P.H.U. Artraco

We wants to be a source of excellent quality and diverse images and graphics.

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