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Hey all, 

Yes I have a business plan, a marketing team and a small'ish budget to give it our best shot.  We have an idea of what FilmHero is capable of but all business is a gamble.  I've talked about being independent with other artists for literally years and now I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

Just to reiterate, this is 100% my own content shot over many years and call me crazy but I'm not trying to eat your lunch.

I love this business like you wouldn't believe and I've been around it since the early days.... really early.  I enjoy the distribution and sales of content as much as shooting and wake up everyday thinking about it.

I wish I was making the $'s that's banded around here.  If I were I'd be happy to cash in.  I have a business, staff and family to consider for the next 10 years.  I'm not quite old enough to retire..... well nearly. is a brilliant site and I'm very proud of the dev team. It's NOT a template from Shopify, it's 100% java built from the ground up so it's super fast at delivering the video.  That was a stressful build but also immense fun to see it come alive.


You're right, we are producing exclusive content for Pond5.  We'll be creating a mix of exclusive content for FilmHero and also Pond5.


I'll come out from under my rock if you promise not to pelt me with Rice Crispie.

Yes I'm responsible. I started 2 years ago.  It started as an idea with my partner in crime Helen Fields. We wanted to become more independent. The idea grew and evolved from there as the industry changed over that time.  I'm not an agency that's supporting other artists.  We run an expensive business, as you all know, video is not cheap to produce and it's become unsustainable.

The cut that all agencies take from us leaves us too little to secure our futures.  We had to move into a different model with better control over our assets, that would be more effective going into the future. We're not the first. Others are already doing it - take a look at Storyblocks. Nothing we do is designed to impact anyone else, but this was the only business model that showed ongoing promise rather than slow decline, and believe me, we spent years studying it. Subscription is coming - the larger agencies are already discussing it - and when that happens the cut we get is likely to drop dramatically. So we invested . in ourselves, in our own site. We spent years working 12 hour days, saving money, busting ourselves to provide for our family.  Us sitting around moaning about the decline of the industry wasn't an option.  We're happy to answer any (polite) questions.
Thank you

David Baumber

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