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I'm just starting out with all of this, but like many of you, I've taken to using excel to track submissions (all the while thinking "there has to be a better way..."). Similar setup to most of you, I have two columns per submission site, one with submission date, and one indicating Accepted or Denied.

My pictures are filed using the line number from the spreadsheet as the file name. Dead easy to find them.

I really like this idea! It's amazing how easy it is to overlook the obvious - currently I'm using a very convoluted naming scheme based on my initials and the "batch" of pictures I've uploaded. Realizing this will spiral out of control and quickly become unwieldly soon, I think i'll go back and implement this asap - unless someone comes up with a miracle tracking program/method in the meantime! ;)


Albumo.com / Re: Albumo.com (new stock site)
« on: July 24, 2007, 14:52 »
Just signed up with them myself - I agree with the 8MP camera remark - that 10+ band is painful (and, I'm willing to bet, will result in some unscrupulous "upsizing" via the various tools out there).

On the plus side, having just struggled with some updates to fotolia, the bulk upload feature at Albumo is a delight - even if it didn't pick up my meta tags...

Here's hoping they take off. :)

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