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1 / Re: Slow Sales At BigStock
« on: September 09, 2008, 19:55 »
Quite slow for me too, but I think it's more my small portfolio size. Once that's up to speed, I'm hoping for more sales.

:)  b

Like everyone else, I've had a few 'easy button' reviewers, but for the most part, the reviewers have been pretty decent. In fact, recently I had one reviewer write a short note, somewhat apologetic, telling me that there was nothing wrong with my image other than they already had way too many.

There's been many, many reviews that have been super-helpful - I've probably learned more as a beginning stock photog from detailed reviews than you can imagine.

I realize that the time element for commenting on reviews is limited - who the heck wants to spend even 2 minutes commenting, when you're only earning a few cents per image??? But there are still those who care enough to comment and are willing to spend the time, and I always hope I show up in their queue.

And then there was the wonderful reviewer (and I mean that in true sincerity) who started out her review with "Oy vey!!!!" and then politely told me that I needed to squelch the noise . . .   (she was right - it was horrible - and since she reads this thread, I want her to know that I still laugh over that one!)

:)  b

3 / Re: NEWS - Closing the Doors
« on: April 17, 2008, 16:16 »

Oh boy, loongirl must be out of her mind.  Whew. I just cashed out there this month and have $2.70 in the piggy bank.  Would that push anyone into $25 if I convert to a couple credits? 

I have to say, although I'm very dissapointed, it is admirable that they didn't just pull the plug and leave us in the dark.

Karin, Sy - hope you get your last cheques!

Awwww, thanks for the sentiment, but the loongirl is okay (I think).

I just cashed out since I had $84 in my piggy bank, and immediately rec'd a reply that as soon as I filled in the W-9 and turned it in before the end of April, they'd schedule me for a payout sometime after 5/30/2008.  My piggy bank now shows empty, so I'm hoping for a PayPal payout sometime in June. (Keeping my fingers crossed)

I just hate that LO is closing - made a bunch of friends, and learned a whole lot from so many who were willing to share.

:)  b

General Stock Discussion / Re: Best of the up and coming?
« on: July 26, 2007, 20:07 »
I'm new to ms photography, and started with LO, just by happenstance.

So far I have a very small portfolio, but had wonderful feedback from the reviewers on both the accepted and the rejected photos. This feedback has already impacted on me to the extent that I've made some adjustments on my techniques. I've also participated in LO forums and have rec'd LOADS of good useful info - it's an impressive, very positive group that is very willing to share tips and ideas.

Only been there a few wks, have had a few downloads, am pleased so far. All my photos there are exclusive. I might submit to other sites with other photos, but as I said, I'm  new at this and it will take some time to get rolling.

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