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Thank you Mat, I was thinking about something like that but was not sure. Will give it a try!


I have a bit of a tricky problem, maybe someone knows some advice? I have 2 subsciptions, one is the Creative cloud which I pay for and then the Photo Edition which I got via the bonus promotion from Adobe. Normally that one would be useless to me now - but I would like to use it to activate Photoshop on a third computer. So that I can use the programme there in English, which I need often for certain actions (my other apps are in German) And I want to save myself the constant logging in and out and from switching Photoshop from german to english. That's all legal, since I have 2 versions that I could install on a total of 4 computers, as far as I understand. But unfortunately it doesn't work, I still have to log out on one computer when I want to log in on the third. Which is also annoying because it doesn't just give me an info, it closes all Adobe programmes on computer number 2. Even Acrobat Reader, on which I may have had 7 windows open, which are not reopened the next time I restart.

Now, when I go into my Adobe account, I see my two subscriptions there: CC and Photo App. If I go to "Manage Subscription", I can deactivate there, but that then happens automatically on both subscriptions, not just the one. Which is not helpful, of course.

You might think that it's not a big problem to log in and out quickly. But I have a lot of brushes and patterns installed in my Photoshop version that I use all the time. As a result, it takes a relatively long time to start up and shut down the programme. Which is okay for me, but if it happens at an inopportune moment, it's annoying. The version on the 3rd computer would simply be a very basic one that can be booted up in 2 minutes.

So, is there any way to make sure in which of the two subscriptions one signs in or out? Or to prevent deactivating both at the same time?

Any help and advice appreciated!

My downloads are from about 40-50 a day down to about 25.... I used to upload 3 pics every day, but since they need now 2 or 3 days for review, I only upload new pics when the last batch is reviewed. But still I add new images 3 times a week...

Maybe I am not a "new" submitter anymore, since I am with SS for 18 month now. They seem not only to favourise new images but also new contributors. My friend, who joined them just a few month ago, has more downloads that I have - with a much smaler portfolio and not so regular uploads.

Maybe it is still the summer slow down?

I recently learned a lot about digital compositions, played around with layers, filters and adjustments. I used part of my original, painted artwork and the result was not like only using some simple filters. It looked quiet artistic but still not too freaky. Just to see if they would take it at all, I submitted the images to Istock, SS, DT and Fotolia. They took some, some were rejected.

Istock rejected for "overfiltering" - no surprise... But still, in this case I wanted to get a response and asked Scout what overfiltering in this special case means... I mean, I used the filters and layers to make that composition exactly to look like it looks. I did not do it by coincidence... It is like telling a painter that his artwork is not good because he used too much green.

Well, I just send the e-mail to Scout, so it might just take a little while like about 4 weeks for him to answer. Will let you know then....

5 / Re: do sales normally fall off quickly
« on: July 14, 2008, 01:54 »
Shutterstock has been very unsteady to me. I use to upload a new batch (small, like 3 - 10 photos) as soon as the last batch is reviewed. That means, new images almost every day. My sales have been better some month ago, might it now be the summer slow down, might it be that I am not a "new" contributor anymore, might it be a change in the search modus - who knows.

But all in all, it is going up and down, from 60 dl's a day to 20, very funny are the weekends: for months, I had 10 or 20 downloads every saturday and sunday, once it was even 60 on a sunday (after a very slow week!) Yesterday I had only 2...

But I have to say, although you must upload new images to be found by the buyers, I still do sell a lot of my old stuff every day. So shutterstock is still my number one earner, but... kind of special.

Adobe Stock / Re: Rejections, rejections, rejections...
« on: July 11, 2008, 15:31 »
I try not to get mad about all these rejections (SS takes 95% of my stuff, while the same images get rejected to 95% at fotolia...) I would not even bother with that company any more - but unfortunately, they sell my stuff quite well. With only 450  images (due to all that rejections) and being there just for 3 months or so, I make about 100 - 200$ every month. To much to give it up. But I keep on thinking, what I could earn there with the 1000 oder 1500 images that I have online at other sites.... >:(

I better just don't even think about it....


Keyword "rose (temperate flower)" was removed.   ???

Also "copy space" and rosebud, plus some stretches such as passion and valentine's day, which however appear in many many images, so mine get in disadvantage.

I opened a contact ticket, but it takes so long...


This is ridicolus. A rose is a rose. And even Valentines Day seems to be ok for me. You would not be able to shoot "a" Valentines Day, same like "Easter" or "Spring" What most of our images show are synonymes for these things. Of course an easter-bunny "is"  not easter. But it symbolizes easter as well as a rose means "love"

And it is not the case , that every buyer always exactly types in the keyword for what he is looking for. He might just play around to get the right idea. Let's say he wants to created a valentines card and is not yet sure if it should show a heart, two people or a rose or whatever. So he might search for "Valentines Day" and will end up with a photo that shows a rose and a bottle of champagne that perfectly illustrates what he wants to express. An image, that he would never have found if it wouldn't have the keyword "Valentines Day"

Of course, keyword spamming is not ok, but beeing too picky is just time consuming and doesn't do any good.

Sorry for my english...  :)

8 / Re: "3 Weeks Of Exclusive Prestige" Email
« on: July 09, 2008, 04:48 »
So with inspectors spending more time messing about with exclusives keywords, it will mean that non-exclusive files now take even longer to review....

Seriously, what a waste of time and resources - if contributors can't be bothered to take the time and effort required to keyword their images correctly, then the images don't deserve to be on the site in the first place. Why on earth would you reward contributors for doing something incorrectly?

I can just agree with you in that point! And I keep on thinking that the inspectors seem to be too busy with "other things" and seem to have less and less time to do what they are supposed to do first: inspect photos. And besides that: I would not even trust the inspectors to add the right keywords to my images. Some of them are very special, like certain artwork. They might not even know about the technique and the material that I have used for the painting.

9 / Re: Flashback of "no flowers"?
« on: March 06, 2008, 13:52 »
I keep on uploading flowers (every once in a while, but still...) and most of them pass rejection. Not that they are so high-class, but I don't know, they seem to good enough. And they are not best-sellers but steady ones. I think, they do have very much flower pictures in stock - because it is so easy to shoot. But it must be also a subject that sells good. Because a flower can be a symbol for many occasions, so it is kind of a multilateral thing. AND almost everybody likes it.

So as long as you just don't walk into your garden and shoot whatever comes in front of your lense, flowers will have a chance... I always try to bring the flower into a context with other things, so that it gives a symbol for love, happiness, easter, marriage - whatever

10 / Re: Best match woes...
« on: March 03, 2008, 15:32 »
pixelbrat how did you got property release for figurines (toys)? i had a few nice images with toys (santa - velvet dolls actually) rejected with "no property release" rejection.

I had that problem once at istock with some stuff, like tiny little christmas angels and trees from a 99 cent store. They considered it "artwork" I explained that to support and asked what to do. They told me to mention it in the description, like "item is a cheap mass-product from a 99-cent-store, not considered to be artwork" So I did that and so far I never had problems again.

11 / Re: Considering Closing Account in 2008
« on: January 03, 2008, 04:12 »

Right, I would not care to much about ethics.... You can buy the same pair of shoes for 50 $ while in another store they might cost 75 $. You can go to the internet and use these surch-engines which tell you where to get the best price for a computer, for a camera - and you'll see a huge range of different prices... The same trip to Mexico that you just booked might have cost you 50% less in another travel agency.

I have some images in german stock sites, where they are more expensive than on the US sites  (especially if you consider the exchange rates) But it seems that some german customers rather pay more than go to the cheaper companies. Maybe just because it is more convenient for them to use their native language - but it is their choice.

12 / Re: why shutterstock?
« on: December 30, 2007, 05:33 »
I am always wondering that I do have a lot of downloads on weekends - but only with shutterstock. On a weekday I may have an average of 40 dl's there but on sundays and saturdays it is still 20 or even more. While with every other site I can be happy to have 2 downloads during the whole weekend.

Seems that the shutterstock customers like to work on weekends - or they come from parts of the world where it is already monday or still friday?

Anyway, I keep wondering but don't complain ;-)

13 / Re: Reduced upload limits...
« on: September 27, 2007, 01:55 »
Besides the current technical problems - the upload limit as Istock has always bothered me. I do upload the same images on 3 sites and my folder "images waiting to upload for Istock" grows bigger and bigger while the one for SS is almost empty now. How come that SS is able to review whatever you send them in less than 24 hours  and Istock even before all those problems needed almost a week?

And you can't say that they are more picky, for me the acceptance rate (and the rejections...) are pretty much the same on both sides. Just hope that they fix all their problems soon because I still  kind of like Istock even if I make more money with SS

14 / Re: Isolations at iStock
« on: September 11, 2007, 12:33 »
I don' t remember where that was, but in another thread, somebody says that the inspectors were not that picky when you don't use the keyword "isolation" for your image. So only if you actually call it to be isolated it has to be perfect.

I had the some problems with isolated objects at shutterstock, seems to be the same there. On istock I can't tell - just recently startet to isolate images and those are still waiting in my long long queue to upload.

15 / Re: No Reviews
« on: September 11, 2007, 12:14 »
Yeah, my oldest image waiting for review is from 9/1 and not only this,the side did not realy work  for 2 days,  they also lowered the upload limit again - because they send their stuff on vacation!?!?!? I started uploading my christmas image and now I am afraid that not much of them will make it until December ;-)

And if you look at the istock forum, everybody goes: I am just happy the side is fixed again, enjoy your vacation, the inspectors are doing a great job, they deserve a break... and so on.

Almost nobody ever dare to complain there  - ok, they say that we germans do always complain, but normaly we do it for a reason. And I think if you run such a big business like istock, you better act more professional...

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