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Open a ticket using the Contact Us link found in the Adobe Stock contributor portal.

Kind regards,

Mat Hayward

Thank you.
Just did that.

Mat Hayward,
Back in 2018 I have received a code for a 12 month free use of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. The mail said I could redeem it until July 2021.
Because I didn't really need a recent Photoshop version, I kept the mail and stuck with an older version, stretching its use to the limit.
Today, because it's not July 2021 yet, I decided to finally redeem the code. I clicked the link in the email, and in the proper webpage I pasted the code, only to receive the information that it was expired!
Is there any way I can get a new code?!

Products for Resale licenses arent new.

If you think it sounds so easy, go ahead and sell it yourself.

Again, should I be sorry for them and give them my work out of pity for free? It's their business not mine.
Whatever... You guys are too numb and apathetic for my taste. Be happy. :)

Yes, most have a products for resale license.
...Anyone that finds this tremendously unfair?!...

What is it about this particular use of a licensed image (let's assume for the moment it was licensed correctly) that you find unfair?

There are people who have problems with microstock prices in general - too many rights offered for too little money - but that applies to magazine covers, poster sales or bus wraps, not just print-on-demand wallpaper.

There are real costs associated with the production of large format prints, wallpaper, clothing, mugs, etc. beyond the value of the image on them. If you look at pricing on sites like Fine Art America or Zazzle or any of the sites that deliver physical products, they offer contributors a way of setting the value of the image (a margin) and then they add that to the costs of producing and shipping the item. Extended licenses from stock agencies generally just have a set price for the license (Dreamstime and 123rf had more pick-and-choose ELs but both agencies are moribund at this point so not typical).

If the issue is other people making money when they license your images, then maybe licensing your work isn't for you...

Are you talking seriously?

Don't you find unfair that someone can sell your image for tens of dollars over and over and over, having just spent a hundred bucks acquiring it? For that kind of use they should have bought the rights of the image OR pay the photographer a proper commission  on every sale. As you said, that's what FAA does and other POD sites. Why can't these wallpaper sites invite artists to upload and be paid on every sale?! The buyer of the final product pays for the production costs. Are you implying that this companies have to pay me little because they have a costly production?! Really?... Should I feel sorry for them?

When I joined, Microstock was basically royalty-free low cost images for one use/campaign/design.  If you needed the image for another design or use, you had to pay again. It was affordable for bloggers to use in one post and for the flower shop to make a pamphlet and I was ok with it.
EL's for a print or book cover was for ONE print or ONE book cover.

You bet that the issue is about people making money licencing my images! How could it not be?! Where are my royalties?! Are you for real? Are you comfortable with this? If you are, then have a blast!

I also sell stock on RM sites as well and that is a fair deal. Good money although prices have been dropping throughout the years. One price for a certain print-run in a certain region for a certain period of time.

Yes, most have a products for resale license.

Thanks. :/
Anyone that finds this tremendously unfair?! Or is it just me?
Here's an idea. Buying EL's of the most selling images in the business and open microstock and POD accounts with them. Easy money, heim?! F*CK!
Different things altogether and disallowed by the main  agencies at least.

It's a good idea to check through T&C of agencies you're thinking of signing up with before actually signing. Though to be fair, they are often deliberately phrased in obfuscatory language.

I did check. I joined most of them in 2006, long before someone would even dare to think that this could be allowed. Greed led to this pure nonsense.  Well, I know it's all up to me to stay or leave...

Yes, most have a products for resale license.

Thanks. :/
Anyone that finds this tremendously unfair?! Or is it just me?
Here's an idea. Buying EL's of the most selling images in the business and open microstock and POD accounts with them. Easy money, heim?! F*CK!

General Stock Discussion / Is there a re-selling photo licence?
« on: August 03, 2019, 11:18 »
Hello everyone.

I'm honest, I don't have the time right now to search on every microstock where I have images, if they have a licence that allows re-selling of images in the form of wallpaper... I mean actual wallpaper to put on walls inside a house.

I stumbled upon my image for sale in a wallpaper art site and in their Facebook page, someone posting a photo of his living-room with my photo on the wall and thanking the company for selling it to him...  >:(

Before I leave them a kind message to take down my image I would ask you if you know if there is any microstock agency with a licence that allows this?...
Thank you in advance.


123RF / Re: upload issue?
« on: April 27, 2018, 10:05 »
FTP uploads don't process the images in the upload queue. Status bar keeps empty after chewing for hours...  >:(

9 / Re: down the toilet
« on: February 25, 2017, 21:03 »
Sad day today...
It has been about to happen for months now but today, Saturday 25, I had the first 0 (zero) downloads day in over 10 years. The last zero day was on October 2006, 2 months after joining Shutterstock.
Don't need to reply... let me just be here in the corner, mourning the fact...

123RF / What's (not) happening in here?
« on: February 20, 2017, 20:17 »
I used to get payouts every month for years in a row... This year, 2 months have passed and I'm still halfway to payout! It's about 25% of the usual performance!
New images sit there forever to be reviewed... I mean really, is 123RF agonizing before a certain death? Or are there some search algorithm "issues" going on?

11 / Re: Goodbye Shutterstock
« on: December 06, 2016, 15:54 »

the more I work the more I earn, lately. And the better I work.


May I ask you what commission tier are you in at Shutterstock?

12 / Re: The Shutterstock website is a disaster area
« on: December 06, 2016, 08:53 »
Shutterstock is agonizing. Each week worse than the previous, sales wise. Meanwhile FT/Adobe and DT are steadily rising. This is sad, Jon... very sad...

13 / Re: October results
« on: November 01, 2016, 13:48 »
Terrible month for me.  Approx 30% down vs Oct 15 across all the big agencies. 

Some folks here are reporting a good October.  Is anyone who has been doing this for several years seeing positive results?  Of course new microstockers are seeing growth... but I'd like to know how veterans are feeling about the performance of SS, FT, DT, 123 and other top sites.  Seems like nothing but falling earnings for everyone with a large port.

I bet that either short portfolios from recent contributors or with huge ports from older contributor with hundreds of new images every month can report good sales.
The first, because they are in the 1st or 2nd commission tier and so, get better placed in search results. The second because they have the ability to flood the library, probably with spam, and be always visible.

14 / Re: Goodbye Shutterstock
« on: October 11, 2016, 10:52 »
Forget it... Shutterstock is on a highway to the inevitable abyss. The turning point was the entrance in the stock market. It became a corporation that only sees numbers, no matter what. Doesn't matter the quality of work uploaded, doesn't matter the respect to the contributor that worked well to follow SS rules: "Don't upload duplicates or similar images. Upload only the one you think it's the best" - This was in the Contributor Guide Lines once... Not anymore. Today It could be - "upload all your stuff! The more the better!"... 1 Million a week. Insane! And this is only possible with the end of the "7 out of 10" exam. That goes to show how much SS cares for quality these days.

That's why new images don't sell. They get buried under the overwhelming load. Only images that had the chance to get somewhat popular in past years will continue to sell in an ever slower pace. Ultimately, contributors will stop uploading because it's not worth it and buyers will refrain from buying because all they can find is loads of repeated cr*p and the good images are always the same old popular ones. Revenue per image will be lower and lower, and finally, the only happy contributor will be the one glad to see his image of an apple in a banner in some site, living out of the "fantastic exposure" he is having to his work.

This month turns 10 years that I'm in Shutterstock and other microstock agencies. I was quite successful for my standards and needs. I've been a fulltime contributor for the last 8 years and I reached a peak in 2013. Since then it's been all downhill.

So, if you need some graphic design or photo editing to be done, please leave a message.

15 / Re: SS September sales down 50%
« on: September 22, 2016, 05:07 »
I wonder how many contributors in the last tier of $0.38 are experiencing good sales compared with 2 or 3 years ago...
New contributors are signing in everyday and images sales are always guaranteed for SS.
You in the first tier, enjoy while it lasts.

16 / Re: Do you believe that DT is dying?
« on: February 09, 2016, 19:09 »
Similar here too but mine peaked in 2009 and I haven't uploaded much because I was bored of their similars rejections.  Just goes to show that uploading new images makes very little difference.
Very similar! That's impressive.

Yes, I did see that but ccaetano said that uploads have been steady throughout the years, so my observation is that uploading doesn't make much difference to downloads.
Yes, that's what I think. The great majority of the downloads are from old or very old images. Very few downloads from the hundreds of images I have uploaded last year.

17 / Re: Do you believe that DT is dying?
« on: February 09, 2016, 14:21 »
Clearly something happened to the search engine in the first Q of 2010. I'd say that it took me roughly 3 years to reach to a point where the tech guys at DT decided that from then on my sales would drop slowly, giving space to newcomers to climb to their peak as well. Uploads have been steady throwout the years.
My RPD has been way above $1 since Q2 2008 until the beginning of this year.
I'm still uploading but my best work is not to be sent to DT anymore. Not worth it. Now I'll work hard for sites that reward my effort. And there are still a few.

This business is always good for the agencies and will gradually be bad for contributors. But there will come a day that it will blow up for everyone, agencies included. They know it and they will squeeze it all to the last drop.

- A couple years ago, allegedly, SS changed the search engine and search results so that images from newer contributors would show first than those from the older contributors already in the last .38 payment tier. As a result, me and many of us started to see that our new images uploaded were not being found and sold. Like this, SS would pay more commissions to the first tier than they would to the las tier. Less money paid, equally satisfied costumers.

- Many new contributors, happy with their sales, are motivated and keep uploading. Many last tier contributors, with good or great work, feel it's not worth to keep uploading because their new images don't sell. Many new contributors will reach the last tier one day too and will feel the same. SS doesn't give a s*it. There are always new contributors signing in every day.

-With this new 1/10 examination (LOL), hundreds or even thousands of no less than cellphone snapshooters will be able to build a portfolio of ...say... 10 images in one month. They will have one or two sales during the same time. Eventually they will give up because 0.50$ a month is not woth it to bother. These sales times hundreds or thousands of contributors that will not ever reach a payout, is always 100% profit for SS.

-One day, the quality of work will be so low that there will be no buyers interested and the business will collapse.

How am I doing as a profet? ;)

19 / Re: New keyword limit??
« on: June 29, 2015, 11:46 »
Confirmed. Step by step Dreamstime is losing me to other agencies. Once upon a time It used to be big. Now, only disappointments: one of the most boring and time consuming upload systems, slow sales, huge review times, now this... They should know that many of the contributors send to other agencies and keyword their images in IPTC before uploads. I, myself, have a lack of time available to delete 20 keywords per image in this already painful upload system... Now, I'll leave them there and if I have some time after sending to other agencies, maybe I'll take care of them... maybe...

Yaymicro / Re: YAY Micro and YAY Images
« on: May 19, 2015, 08:33 »
Yes the Same

This is YayMicros streaming service which you can opt out of. I'm opted out of all their schemes. And will drop them all together soon.

Thanks, PhotoBomb. Good to know.

Yaymicro / YAY Micro and YAY Images
« on: May 19, 2015, 06:47 » and

Are they the same company? Just received an invitation to join the later...
Anyone knows them?


22 / Re: Do you believe that DT is dying?
« on: December 11, 2014, 12:41 »
I do not believe DT is dying. What I believe is that MS business these days is harder for each individual artist due to hundreds of new artists signing in to the agencies and thousands of new images added to the collections each month. Good for the agencies, bad for each one of us that is always receiving a thinner slice of the pie.
I liked DT a lot. Once, it was my 2nd best after SS. Now, it's sad to see the charts...

Huge drop of sales this year, as can be seen in the quarterly graph. If this trend continues, next year there will be no sales at all.

Compared to December of 2013, this month will end about half way. RPD is dropping a lot as well...

My uploading pace has been steady all the time but review times are so long now that entire batches of themed images miss the season and a chance to be seen and sold.

Overall, I can notice this trend across all sites, being DepositPhotos the only exception, with very shy monthly improvements.

23 / Re: Password reset "due to system changes"
« on: September 30, 2014, 16:40 »
I strongly doubt it was a phishig situation, I use to be careful about that and always check URLs on the links, besides, I didn't ever write the password anywhere as it was recorded/remembered by istock from previous login and it would only show if the URL is the real one. What is strange is no one else having received this e-mail?!

@ShadySue, can't go to forums because I can't login now...

24 / Password reset "due to system changes"
« on: September 30, 2014, 13:04 »
Just sent this through iStock contact form. Anyone having the same problem?!

I was promped to change my password due to system changes. I clicked the "lost my password" link, received the email and clicked the "Reset your password now" button.
Problem is that my previous 6 character password that I have been using forever and that is recorded in my browser so that I don't have to type it everytime, is not being recognized by the site as my old password. It says:

"Errors were encountered:
The old password you entered does not match your account information.
Please fix all errors to continue."

Needless to say that I find it a little odd the system asking me for my old password, having I pressed the "lost my password" link in the first place...

Please tell me what to do.


edit: edited to attach print screen

Veer / Re: review time
« on: March 25, 2014, 08:21 »
With luck, my Easter images will be reviewed by Fall. Very effective.  :-\

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