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Some more "cool" portfolios for you to enjoy  ;D

General Stock Discussion / Re: EyeEm - More than a warning!
« on: April 04, 2023, 10:03 »
I disagree, eyeem is the first case where I am losing money and I have been doing this since 18 years.

PhotoSpin stole about 1.5 years of my income when it suddenly closed, glad i did not registered on EyeEm last year.

I always thought that company must "explore all the possibilities" of such a complex product before development even starts, especially considering that contributor images are the key core asset of this product creation.

And the only reason not to give an opt-out (i'm not even talking about "opt-in" lol), is because, you know... because... mmm... But what do i know, right?  ;D

4 is a good option for low commission conversions between major currencies, check it out

True, have low commission, but no option do withdraw from Adobe to Wise  ;D

@MatHayward, please let us have an option do withdraw USD to a bank account directly!
If it's too much hustle for small amounts, limit bank withdrawal to 2-5-10k$ or whatever amount you find reasonable.

PayPal is taking too much of a fee for conversion USD to my local currency (and no option to withdraw USD).
I'm losing minimum 60$ to PayPal each month, which is 720$ a year only for currency conversion!

Meta and Shutterstock will expand their business partnership, allowing the social media company to train its artificial intelligence and machine learning systems on Shutterstocks collection of millions of images.

The two companies have announced what they categorize as a significant partnership, with the goal of bringing Metas artificial intelligence (AI) innovation to the forefront using the power of Shutterstocks massive content library.

123RF / Re: If you have work on 123RF PLEASE READ
« on: November 29, 2022, 04:59 »
Is something broken at 123rf again?
I haven't had a single sale since 11 November. I assume that the statistics are not working again.
Is anyone else affected besides me?

I have sales, but sales count and earnings 3 times lower then usual

8 / Re: SS continues to deteriorate
« on: November 02, 2022, 15:20 »
I strongly agree with stoker2014 about Shutterstock decline. I sell only photos, for 12 years now, my portfolio constantly growing. But everything changed in Jan 2021 - since then my income on SS was cut 2-3 times, and continues to sharply decline every month. Not only majority of subscriptions are now 0.10, but enhanced licenses became very-very rare, and also i have 4x less on-demand downloads compared to 2020.

9 / Re: SS continues to deteriorate
« on: September 16, 2022, 03:53 »
Everything you need to know about Shutterstock today

Times have changed.
Before 2020 i would say "So cool, go for it!" and help.
But now in 2022 i would say "Avoid like a plaque, it will destroy your desire to shoot, kill creativity, and will not reimburse your time and equipment"

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock release UI improvement
« on: July 26, 2020, 11:43 »
I hear you.

Please, hear also voices about choosing top 10 keywords! Adobe still uses old Fotolia system for that, and that system is horrible!
How hard can it be to show all keywords at once and let us choose "the important ten" by just clicking on them?

Adobe Stock / Re: Adobe Stock release UI improvement
« on: June 26, 2020, 06:52 »
I always appreciate the feedback and suggestions.

MatHayward, please-please-please, remake current system of choosing 5 most important keywords!
Scrolling through the list to find keyword, then jump to top, then scroll again, jump, scroll - it's is absolute nightmare for user. At least make so whole keyword list don't jump to top, when sending one keyword to top!
BTW Alamy have great system where you see all keywords at once and just click on word and it's highlighted and added to important keyword. Please save contributors from infinite scrolling!
Here i made a video some time ago describing the issue:
I've wrote an email to support but they don't care, or i can't reach people who really understand and care about Adobe Stock UI.
People who upload loads of images to Adobe can understand my frustration, please show some support.

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