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Microstock Services / Re: Zoonar rejecting editorial
« on: April 16, 2016, 15:04 »
Sorry, I just read this today. Im not often here...

Our default is RM. If you submit Photos with RF License we do a check for legal issues. So please choose RM for your uploads.
We also reject some kind of Logo or packaging Shoots with RM License.

Kind regards,

Here is the rude support again  ;D:

It don`t depends from your payment method. These tax is international to pay. Youll have the same at other agencies, but you can apply an application for exemption (like the W-8 BEN in the USA) from the german finance authority if there is a arrangement with your country.


There was no time for informations. We received a letter from the german tax authority and had to react very fastly

Zoonar cut about 20 percent of money as they sent money to my Skrill account with no any notice! Anybody had the same problem?

Hi Joyt,
this is the international tax they have to deduct. You can find the information at your payment pdf.

You could save the money if there is a form for your country at this link:


Microstock Services / Re: Zoonar rejecting editorial
« on: February 15, 2016, 06:08 »
Hi Alessandra,
your photos came in with RF.
Plesse check your License default setting at "my profile / edit profile".


Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 09, 2015, 11:42 »

Can we specify a default license type? By default everything seems to start as RM.

I am interested by this too.
I have tried to change the kind of licence but apparently it does not work (or I did not understood how to do it - Edit image, change RM to RF, save. But the image continues to appear as RM in the Manage pictures page).
It could be good to have the possibility to change the kind of licence in batch too.

We will discuss that. The reason for an non-automatic setting was, that RF is a legal important choice and some Photographers had choose it, but upload everything into RF. For example: People, Trading Sings, Cars...

If the contributor could have the possibility, under his profile setting, to set some general rules, as the default licence, the default releases setting, etc. it would be a plus.
Imagine a landscape photographer only interested by RF and never needing any kind of release, or, instead, imagine a portrait photographer always needing a model release, if they would have the possibility to set it as default it will considerably ease the all process.

I understand your point and will discuss that with our team.

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:48 »
:o Got 70/100 of rejections with the completely inconsistent reason:

"There are unwanted objects in your photo
There are unwanted objects such as tree branches or random people in your photo. You can try to remove these objects in software using the retouching tools."


The reason in your Mail was "QUALITY" (please take a look into it). This qoute is from a text with examples of what it COULD mean... Maybe i will write a better text for that...

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:46 »

Can we specify a default license type? By default everything seems to start as RM.

I am interested by this too.
I have tried to change the kind of licence but apparently it does not work (or I did not understood how to do it - Edit image, change RM to RF, save. But the image continues to appear as RM in the Manage pictures page).
It could be good to have the possibility to change the kind of licence in batch too.

We will discuss that. The reason for an non-automatic setting was, that RF is a legal important choice and some Photographers had choose it, but upload everything into RF. For example: People, Trading Sings, Cars...

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:36 »
I think I remember seeing that their RM is more like RF.  It's confusing and if it also confuses buyers, that might explain why they sell so little directly.

Our RM is a normal RM.

For our RF Photos we also offer a "single using buy" with RM License. This make sense because we have higher RF prices then many Microstock agencies and why you should buy all rights if you only need one single using?
This is because we offer RF/RM Online.

If we submit photos to partners we only set RF...

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 09, 2015, 06:34 »
I have 1400 images with Zoonar and barely make one payout per year.

I only keyword in English though... Roede-orm probably keywords in German, right?

@Michael: You say you translate keywords before sending the images to the partners. But you probably only add English keywords? Or do you translate from English to German as well?

Yes, we transfer your keywords into german language, if you release your photos for DDP or Fotofinder or our API. (German Channels). But these translations are automatic (like at all agencies I know) and not the best. 

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 07, 2015, 10:07 »
They pay at least 50/50 , untill now it was 60/40. But I think 50 % is pretty fair. For me Zoonar is a better earner than all the other low earners.  I check my income 12 times a year, during first days of a month, because eranings are updatet once per month. In november my earnings were about 100 (with just 900 pics) and I am satisfied!
Where do most of your sales come from?  My sales are very low with Zoonar but I might of opted out of sites they supply but I am already with.  They seem to get most of their sales through the third party sites, so we are getting quite a low commission when two sites take a cut.  Would be great if they did get more sales direct, 50% seems fair to me.

This is exactly the reason for our changes and the Relaunch. We will start more marketing action in the future. Thats why we need a 50/50 sharing. For example Google AdWords advertising is not worthwhile if we get just 25% percent of the income. I don`t believe in wonders, but I believe, that we can raise up our direct sales if we start marketing because Zoonar is currently not very known. Now we have enough photos and a competitive website so we should be able to get a piece of the cake. This will needs time, but we have a long wind and the possibility to do more new implementations with our developers.

Microstock News / Re: Zoonar with new, fresh design
« on: December 07, 2015, 09:58 »
I tried uploading to them a few years ago but found the process to be huge PITA. Have they improved it at all? Can you delete images, see what you've uploaded/ is being processed? How do they compare to the other low earners in terms of income nowadays?

Like you I am curious to know.
I was with them some years ago but I was so desperate that I have deleted all my portfolio two years ago.
I am thinking to upload again if they have changed their behavior

Hi Chichikov,

of course you can delete Photos, but we have an six months deletion time. This is quite normal, many agencies have the same rules. For example: If a publishing house loads a photo, they will hav a pre-production time of 3-6 months until the magazin is printed. We get the fee after the magazin is printed. Without the deletion time we could not pay your fee, because the photo would be already deleted. Another reason is the deletion time at our partners. We sent deletion lists every quarter to all distributors and the partners needs time to do the deletions. That`s why we could not offer or guarantee a faster image deletion. The third reason is, that we have high costs at our distrubution system. We do translations of keywords and titles. We choose categories and we check the photos for the requirements of our partners. This is expensive. Normally six months are enough to earn this costs.

So I think the six months deletion period is quit fair. If you want to delete a single photo faster (maybe for a buyout) we would help you.

Kind regards,

Right, we have many photographers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland they have no time for new agencies. They are not typical microstockers, many of them are hobby photographers with very good photos and they started with midstock agencies some years before. Now they want to submit their photos from Zoonar to some other photo agencies to earn more money. And they want us to do the work. We offer 8 distribution ways now, but we hope to offer much more in some months. The photographers just have to do ONE work process for all these agencies. More than 100.000 photos are now waiting for the transfer and quality check at Shutterstock. That shows us, that this kind of offer could work.

One example why it makes sense to use an image distributor like Zoonar: All photos for Alamy gets essential keywords and a keyword translation from our team. Zoonar is a good solution for all photographers which have not the time to submit to 10-20 agencies. 

Sorry for my bad english ;-)

Here`s the original text from Zoonar partner management. These are your terms of trade for every submission via Zoonar...

"Getty Images is probably the best known global picture agency. You can submit RF photos of all price ranges to Getty Images. Your photos will be distributed via the Getty platforms Jupiterimages, Thinkstock and Photolibrary, perhaps via Photos.com too. Photolibrary was acquired by Getty Images in 2011, but still sells photos in the Asian market.

Getty Images generates very high sales numbers. Therefore, we strongly recommend you accept this partner. Some photos on Photolibrary and Jupiterimages are sold at very high prices. However, the majority of photos are sold via subscription at low prices and in large numbers. WE CAN ONLY CREDIT THESE SALES AS AN AGGREGATE SUM. By accepting these terms and conditions you also agree that Zoonar will credit all sales through Getty as an aggregate sum to your account."

New Sites - General / Re: Zoonar Partners acceptance?
« on: October 22, 2012, 16:54 »
Hi, herere some news:

Photolibrary doesn`t longer exists. The Agency was buyed and closed by Getty Images. CORRECT

Picture Alliance only takes animal photos AND Creative, but no Microstock

Fotofinder doesn`t takes Microstock photos. CORRECT

Alamy need VERY long because we only can submit 10.000 photos per months, but we still have 200.000 photos waiting. NOW WE ARE MUCH FASTER. WE HAVE A NEW EDITOR FOR THE ALAMY PROCESS (essential keywords, photo selection). But there are now 300.000 Photos left. Last Month we submit 40.000 Photos to Alamy.

Age Fotosock : Normally it would need 3-4 months now.

Mauritius: No longer exists

Picturemaxx : Only the best photos will submitted

Shutterstock (NEW): Only Photos, which are not at Shutterstock, especially local content from german, austria and switzerland (middle europe), Creative and Illustration. Makes only sense for Photographers which are not at Shutterstock or doesn`t have the time to submit there.

Getty Images: We need to add completely new keywords (delete the old ones) to fit Getty Keywords Guidelines. A first batch of 5.000 photos are now edited and will sent to Getty in the next 2-4 weeks. If that process is sucessfully, we will start with much more photos every month. At least 20.000 every month.

Hope this helps.  Zoonar will also implement a new API until the end of 2012. This alows us to provide much more partners very fastly.


General Macrostock / Re: Zoonar?
« on: August 20, 2012, 10:16 »
We are a distributing agency for microstock. But we also have own sales. Most sales are from partners...

Mobile usings are for mobile phones, IPhone and IPads, mostly for one single view. Some agencies have new types of licenses for that short time usings. At DDP these sales are in combination with a subscription model.
If you don`t agree to these prices, you can reject the submittet photos from partner DDP. Zoonar himsef dom`t offer this prices. But you should know that DDP often has high prices sales as well

DDP has much sales for mobile usings. But they also have many good high price sales...

General Midstock / Re: Zoonar now distributing through Getty
« on: March 30, 2012, 03:50 »
here is a misunderstanding. The rule with Veer/Corbis is only FOR NEW PHOTOS that you are submitting NOW at Zoonar. Not for the ones, that are already submitted.

Time also matters. If you need 30 hours to made 1700 $ you`ll have a perfekt hourly wage.  if you need 5000 hours to made 5000 $ ...

New Sites - General / Re: Zoonar - EPS Files?
« on: February 27, 2012, 09:56 »
We would like to give you additional information on uploading vector graphics at Zoonar. We hope the process will be easier to understand then.

* You upload vector graphics just as you would upload normal image files. At the moment you can only upload vector graphics via ftp, the Zoonar Media Manager will not process vector graphics and filters them out. So please, always use ftp for vector graphics uploads.

* We can't process AI (Adobe Illustrator) files - please upload EPS files.

* When you upload EPS files all intermediate formats and thumbnails are rendered automatically. These files don't have any keywords, because you can't add keywords to vector graphics.

* You can however, upload matching JPEG files including metadata and with the same file names as your vector graphics. It is important that the JPEG files and vector graphics are uploaded at the same time. If you upload the JPEGs at a later time the system will treat these files as normal photos and they will either be automatically rejected because of the resolution or they will be added as new photos to the database.

* When EPS files are converted to JPEG files there often are color discrepancies between the two. Vector graphics are often rendered somewhat differently, depending on the software you use. The colors you see on your system are not necessarily the colors you will see once your vector graphics have been converted to JEPGs on Zoonar's servers. Zoonar is aware of the problem but can't do anything about it at the moment. Be advised that slight color discrepancies might sometimes occur.

* Because of the color issues regarding vector graphics, some agencies offer the designer the upload of JPEG thumbnails with the desired colors. Zoonar will not offer this service in the foreseeable future because our focus is still on selling JPEG photos.

* Occasionally there are problems with transparency. Contrary to vector graphics, JPEG files don't have any transparency information. Therefore, any transparency in the vector graphic is usually rendered as white. This can lead to unwanted white color patches in a vector graphic. This is a technical limitation and can't be changed. If you want to have your vector graphics converted as desired, please avoid using transparency.

New Sites - General / Re: Anthing Happening at Zoonar?
« on: February 26, 2012, 15:46 »
Zoonar is an political project, founded by some journalists, photographers and developers from Hamburg in the End of 2006. Our plan is to seek an agency with more then 50 percent revenue at the market. Today photographers can earn up to 80 percent revenue from direct sales and 60 percent from partner sales. We have a good growing rate but we are stil a newcomer at this market. These are some other facts about Zoonar.

Many photpgraphers wants to have an long time opportunity against decreasing fees: If we get more good content, we will have more sales in the future. Turnovers at photo agencies depends al lot from the quality und quantity of content. To submit photos to Zoonar is a political statement. And we are very happy, that some very good microstock photographers join us in the last months. if we are growing more, other agencies needs to follow our revenues to keep pace (especially middle and low earners).

Two more facts about Zoonar: We are no microstock agency. We are a photo distributor. Our plan is to release photos to good partner with good revenues for photograpers. That`s why many photographers (not even from microstock) join Zoonar if they don`t want to distrubute and translate photos to this partners directly. But we don`t have subscription offers or a credit system. Maybe we will buold this in the future. As long we don`t offer this, we cannot have same sales rates like the other microstocks. But if you have a sale, mostly you will get more money...

Sorry for my bad english.

Photo Critique / Re: Four months zero sales in Zoonar
« on: November 01, 2011, 12:02 »
Photolibrary had a lot of subscription sales.  We wrote this in the terms of trade you agreed before you release your photos to this partner. At Getty Images (photos.com, Jupiterimages, Thinkstock) it will be the same, but with more sales. We cannot book the subscription sales to single photos. So you`ll get a summary payout.

Photo Critique / Re: Four months zero sales in Zoonar
« on: October 31, 2011, 12:39 »
No, we put the editors choice in front of the search. But we could make a more frequently update of the "top photos". That`s true. We have a good growing rate, so maby we will spend some more time for that in the near future.

But there is some important thing you all should know:

As an agency who paid up to 80 percent from gross revenue Zoonar don`t can to do all that "time-consuming photo editor things" like other agencies. Our concept is to be a image distributor not an image seller. We paid more percentages but we have to do (and paid) less work for that.
Our own direct sales are not the most important thing for us. Zoonar is a very different concept. We are no microstock agency and we are even no normal photo agency at all.

You`ll need a lot of time to make money with Zoonar. First sales normally comes 6-9 months after uplaoding photos, because your photos must be translated, released to partners and so far before you can earn money...

Photo Critique / Re: Four months zero sales in Zoonar
« on: October 30, 2011, 11:10 »
I sell a few there and individual sales are often for much higher prices than the average micros.  It can go a few months without sales but then I get a few and it makes up for it.
never found their reviews honest, how are they these days?
They have some of the zaniest reviews...perhaps something lost in translation??? Last year I was averaging about 2 sales per month but since their split w/Pixmac, only one sale. I cancelled my account last week and they appear to be kind enuff to pay out your balance but the photos must remain for 6 months.

We`ve never worked with pixmac !

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