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General Stock Discussion / Re: where do it will sell or not?
« on: April 23, 2009, 08:59 »
I don't submit any vector, neither any person's shoots (I don't know where can I or my child be presented), and not videos. Just photos.
The best selling image that I have is (a surprise for me) a wooden boards background. I must understand better this business if I really wanna make some money.
In Shutterstock I have 98 images and more than 1000 downloads, but in Istock they only approved 11 images and there I have only 1  :o download. That's because I'm asking this, it's strange for me.

thank you for answering!

General Stock Discussion / where do it will sell or not?
« on: April 23, 2009, 05:33 »
Hi everyone!

a little question about site's preferences:
have you see that some kind of images sell better in some sites than in others?


Interesting to speculate on where this leads.  At the rate images are being accepted by these sites, how long will it be until every distinguishable object on the face of the earth has been shot? At that point there will be nothing left to photograph but newly created things.  Stock photographers will be standing in line outside stores where new products are about to be put on the shelves.  We'll elbow past each other to buy them, race home to photograph and submit.

Somewhat more seriously it is clear to me that the micros are trying to be more selective - rather suddenty, and in a big way.  They've taken in way,way too much junk and buyers are no longer impressed by 8 million vs. 5 million images.  If they want to compete on quality, that's fine but what should their strategy be to achieve that? Just dropping photos that haven't sold in 2 years while dialing up the standards for new photos  is too simple.  If you're rejecting new photos that are actually better than what you already have - and not deleting old photos that wouldn't meet the new criteria  - how fast are things really improving?  

that's very interesting, stockastic.
I think they would do it. And I really don't care if they delete all my photos that have not been sold in 2 years.
great idea!

4 / what about that refused files reason????!!
« on: April 03, 2009, 07:18 »
Hi everybody

I've sent a lot of different images (persons, backgrounds, textures, signals, buildings, animals, nature...) and all of them were refused with ther same problem:

"This is a very well covered subject in our data base"

what about it?
they have enough images of everything?
I'm not original I guess...

Oh, I forgot to tell that my second best seller image (9% of total revenues) is...
another wooden boards floor!!
 ;D :o ;D :o

thanks grp!!

thanks again!!
yes, I can do a search in all the microstock webs (there are now a lot), that's the best idea to see the best sellers... and that was my question.

But, if I try to sell the same kind of bestsellers, maybe I'll be in competition with too many people doing the same.

So, the best idea will be again the same kind of images?
Maybe the same theme but with a different point of view?

For me it's always a surprise to see what will sells OK and what not.
Now I have a wooden board floor image that is almost the third part of my earnings! I have a 250 images portfolio in 9 micro webs. That's the 0,4% of the portfolio doing the 33% of the revenues!!

And I think... and don't find an explanation to this, I don't see nothing special in that image, I think it's not the best in my portfolio.

Sure I will get it when I understand better this world of microstock, I'm still young in it.. 2 months.

General Stock Discussion / Re: July 2008 earnings breakdown
« on: August 01, 2008, 02:19 »
My second month in microstock world.
increasing about 100% over the first month.
Mostly SS... I'm not in IS yet  >:(

SS   80,5%
StockXpert 13,3%
DT   4,7%
123 1,5%
FT    0%
FP    0%
YAY  0%
BS    0%

I don't understand the fame of FT... only 2 sales in 2 months.
And I'm waiting the day I will upload the last image to enter IS!!!!
I'll be there with my best seller in SS!!  :o

thank you both!!

OK, I see nature, isolated whatever, and those blue lines and backgrounds everywhere. That's in Istock with "nobody".

Lets see if I find some new idea about the same matters.  ::)

Pues eso, quisiera saber si tengo algun chance de poder vender a las agencias trabajando con esta ya veterana camara que, por el momento, seguira siendo mi unica.

p.d. en cuanto a lentes no creo estar mal, uds. diran: 50mm 1.4, 100mm 2.8 macro, 24-70 2.8L, 70-200 2.8L IS. Sigma 12/24 4.5-5.6

Madre ma, vaya objetivos!!
Con esa cmara puedes hacer mucho, pero si adems le enchufas esos objetivos  :o, puedes hacer demasiado!! El microstock world es tuyo!! 
buena suerte!

I have had some discussions about selling for .25$ a photo of a person, so I've not submitted yet a photo with a face in it.
So, searching for the best sellers without persons in the shot...

what can I found?  ???



and thanks!!

Discusin en Espaol / FT el desastre
« on: July 29, 2008, 04:52 »
Buenas a todos!

No s si le ha pasado a alguien lo mismo, pero llevo unos meses en este asuntejo del microstock y todo va bastante mejor de lo que pensaba (pensaba en 10$ al mes como mucho!).

Pero en cambio, en FT todo ha sido un desastre, y sobre todo el trato que dan en las respuestas a tus preguntas (tiquets de soporte).
Para empezar me han validado la cuenta 5 veces!!
Claro, uno no sabe si es que antes no estaba validada... y si tuve ventas y anulan la cuenta y la vuelven a validar? Slo he vendido una foto en FT (en SS he vendido ya 500 en dos meses).. pero con tanto error quin sabe.

Es el peor desastre y lo ms desagradable que me he encontrado por internet, y se supone que es una web seria!. Aqu van algunos ejemplos de respuestas:

1.- culparme de sus propios errores. por ejemplo:
"Su cuenta est ya validada, es un error en SU email."
 Cmo puede ser un error en mi email cuando recibo ese mensaje en el buzon de la web de FT, y no en mi email??

2.- pasar de responder, ponen esto:
"Por favor espere, contestaremos su consulta pronto... "
y nunca recibo la respuesta, esto me ha pasado como 5 veces.

3.- dejar en blanco la respuesta y cerrar la peticion

4.- y ya podemos llegar ahora a la mejor respuesta de todas:  "deje de preguntar lo mismo"
si no me responden, cmo no voy a preguntar lo mismo??!!!!

Yo no entiendo quin es el "responsable" de cerrar los tiquets de soporte en FT, pero la verdad es que me imagino cualquier cosa. Es pattico. Me gustara retirar todas mis fotos, pero hasta me da pereza entrar en ese sitio a borrarlas una a una.

saludos a todos, y nimos (con otras webs, claro!!)

Adobe Stock / Re: FT rank
« on: July 02, 2008, 06:48 »
Rozmaryna, sorry, but I can beat your numbers!!

Overall rank   35098
7 days rank   6637

I've entered in YAYMicro's world, it's really easy, clean, and they work with Kiva!!
tomorrow I will upload some editorial images.

thanks for the link!

Oh, not FT, I meant DT!

and MP, from Micro or Most?

thank you!

I want to sell some editorial images and I only see a microstock site to do it: FT.
can you tell me some others?


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