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Is there a way to troubleshoot this or should I buy a new domain name, web hosting etc. somewhere else and try that out?

I forgot to add that I don't receive any email from Symbio confirming the sale either. Maybe this gives some sort of reason as to what could be wrong?

Shall I find another web hosting company and start all over again perhaps?

Spectral: Can I reinstall it without having to upload all my photos again?

Is there ANY way of diagnosing the problem?

I am so frustrated.
I feel like it's this small thing that's wrong. Probably a stupid setting somewhere.

OK I tried with paying out to a different Paypal account, didn't work.

Folders and file permissions are fine.

It says sent.

symbiostock_ipn is simply blank

I have a web hotel, I don't have my own server. But not sure what settings to check etc.

How do I check those?


AJT - I tried doing what you proposed, this is the outcome. Does this help on the whole paypal issue?

Could it be that here http://happystockphotos.com/info.php it states that the virtual directory is disabled. Is that why it doesn't work with http://happystockphotos.com/symbiostock_ipn/ ?

HI Cathy, yup I just tried that now with no luck :(

I wonder what the issue is, it's driving me nuts

Sure :)

Site is www.happystockphotos.com

Screenshots here.

Just now I tried turning IPN messages off for the sake of it, hence the Paypal screenshot.
Just before when it was on it wasnt working either.

And yes, my Paypal is Business and not Private (I actually converted my account, because someone mentioned some features with Symbio wouldn't work with Private)

I haven't changed anything in terms of page titles, and my Paypal is set to live, not sandbox.

Hi guys. Thanks for taking the time to help me with my problem.

Off all the things you guys mentioned, the only thing I think could be the problem is on the Paypal side, in the Notification URL I've entered mysite.com/symbiostick_ipn - is this wrong? I've tried to delete it again, but Paypal doesn't let me leave it blank. Could this be the culprit?

I've checked my plugins, and can't find any of the aforementioned troublesome plugins.

 So, is it the URL entered on Paypal that's bugging me?

Hi guys. I have done all of the above mentioned things. It's still a negative from here I'm afraid. I wonder why this is?


I have a business paypal account and when I try to delete to URL I put in the box, it doesn't let me.
The URL I have entered on Paypal is the my site.com/symbiostock_ipn/ is this correct?

Kerioak~Christine: this all seems to be correctly entered, but still it doesn't work.

Cathy: I think I read all of the thread your mentioning, but it still doesn't work :-(

I too got this email

Please check your server that handles PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) messages. Messages sent to the following URL(s) are not being received:


If you do not recognize this URL, you may be using a service provider that is using IPN on your behalf. Please contact your service provider with the above information.

Could it be that I put in the wrong notification URL on Paypal? Right now it's just www.mysite.com

Hi Cathy.

I don't have any security plugins installed, and I've looked through a bunch of other posts, but have yet to find the issue.

Could it be some settings at Paypal?

Also do I have to manually create the folder symbio_ipn ?

I get the money in paypal, it's just the user (which in this case was me as well) doesn't get to download the file. What is wrong?

Also - where is the download area?

I am trying to buy a file from my symbio stock site. I've signed up as a user and use a friend's paypal so I experience the whole thing as a user. After paying on Paypal I have to click on a link that says return to site (is this correct?) and then when I arrive back on the site I receive this:

Items still in your cart, and not in your download area?
Wait a few seconds and refresh the page. Sometimes paypal takes a few minutes to notify us. If you still have problems, please contact us.

What is wrong?

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