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Hey guys,

to become our footage library more customer friendly, we want to know which formats do you prefer to work with? Soon you can register as a reseller and so we also need to know which raw material you want to upload. Also every annotation to make it for easier for you is very welcome!

We appreciate your feedback.

Thx alot and many greets from Frankfurt/Germany!

Happy new year!  :)

You don't have to shoot on RED to sell at our website. If you have good footage, just send us an email.

Hi Magnum,

i don't really understand your question in detail. Please drop me a few more lines.

How much is a camera like that? -> What does a RED One cost? -> About 25.000$

What computer hardware is preferred? -> For what to do exactly - using r3d files? ->
You can use a Windows PC or a Mac. We prefer Mac, because the files are easier to handle.
But i also work wirh r3d files on a PC AMD Quadcore with Windows 7 64bits, 8GB Ram. You dont need a high end machine. If you encode the 4K files into another format (e.g. FotoJPG) as proxy, you can work on a dualcore system and for the final rendering just turn proxies off.

What software is needed?
-> To work with r3d files? ->
You can download the free software REDCINE-X for Windows and Mac to convert your r3d file in every codec you have installed on your system.
To work with 10bits depth we encode it to Apple ProResHQ422. Adobe After Effects CS5 for example supports r3d natively.

If you need more informations, keep me posted.

New Sites - General / Helicopter Stunts from ILA Berlin
« on: November 26, 2010, 04:20 »
We offer you some nice helicopter stunts from ILA in Berlin:

And check our free footage of the week... :)

New Trailer - Frankfurt City:


This trailer shows a compilation of video clips we shot on the RED One in Frankfurt Germany.
Also check our almost weekly changing new freeclips!

We're always looking for new footage contributors. If you have good footage, feel free to send us a demo.


at the moment we only sell our own shot footage. We plan to license footage from other artists in a few month as well.
Commission will be 40% for each sold clip. Payment will be made each month with Paypal or bank transfer.

iSyndica is a next step maybe, but not planned atm.

Greetings from Germany!

With great interest for our customers we made our networking easier and with immediate
effect we offer a non-restrictive usage of our FOOTAGE-material for film and video!
This means: once you bought a clip you can use it in as many film and video projects
for innumerous customers as long as you want.

From now on: buy it once - unlimited use!

Hello members,

with a bit of pride we are excited to present our new footage-library to you:

(You can also use your iPad - it's coded in HTML5)

FOOTAGE ONLINE consists of experienced producers of the film and media industry. Due to their practical usability and everyday work, a pool of high-qualified digital shots with a focus on cinematic presentation, artistic impression and inspiring pictures from nearly all genres has developed.

Here you will find thousands of film sequences from various fields and subjects for industrial films, TV and cinema advertising, online media, documentations, motion picture etc. Thereby the focus concentrates upon the digital cinematography of the RED one camera. With the enormous picture resolution of this camera system, FOOTAGE ONLINE offers the customers a flexibility, which is unique in this field.

Whether for the cinema, large screen productions, TV, web or use in journals the application is determined by the production requirements. For every motif numerous impressive looks can be created, because of the enormous color depth of the RAW material, which among other things ensure an integration in any existing project.

Therefore FOOTAGE ONLINE belongs worldwide to one of the biggest providers of video material between 2k and 4k, which expands daily thanks to a professional camera team.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you're interested in selling your footage, please send us an email.

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