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Thank you Jean, that is great information  :)

I have model releases and property releases but I guess I am looking for a contract template. I am from Canada.

Hi there,
I've started to work with an other photographer who  shoots details and portraits when I have more that 3 models on a photoshoot.
I was wondering if anyone has information on how to submit those files to agencies... Is there a standard contract that can be signed for that? do I need to upload a form when I submit their images in my account? I tried to look in the IS forum but didn't find anything.


I was wondering if it would be possible to let us keyword tiffs files? If I could export all the TIFF files from a shoot from Capture one and then keyword the and add description as a batch, it would be great because I could retouch them later on bit by bit but they would still have the metadata attached. Even if TIFFs don't keep the info for MRs, it would save me a lot of time

I know it would really improve my workflow and probably the one of others as well so let me know if it could be done!


Thanks for the link but it doesn't seem to load... any other source?

Hi everyone,
I am looking to hire a 2nd photographer for some of my shoots. Is there anyone using a reliable form so that the 2nd shooter can transfer the copyright of their images?
Also, I think I might have found someone good but she is  17 years old; is it a problem to have a minor sign such documents?
If there is existing threads or ressources on the subject, please share the link.

Thank you!


MicrostockSubmitter / Re: StockSubmitter for Mac
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:27 »
I agree with franky242; scheduled upload would be the most amazing feature!
Looking forward trying it on my mac  :)

I use StockSubmitter and it's a lifesaver; you can keyword, add model releases, upload AND submit your images. the whole thing works perfectly! I typically will kw and add releases to a full shoot (45-100 images), save the changes and submit in batches of 10-15 images; I just press go and my images are submitted and pending for approval in a few minutes to 10 agencies.
Definitely give it a try, especially since your first 33 images are free every month.

Hi everyone,
I am sure that I remember a stock agency that came up with a dollar club or a mobile photography site where they offered filter to add to the images. I've been looking for that but I am not finding it. I am sure it came out in the last 6 months so does anyone remember that and remind me their name? or have I just gone crazy?


Thanks guys,
That's what I figured!

have a great day and thanks for your answers  :)


thanks for your quick answer Me,
is 50% a typical commission for contributing agencies to Getty? it would be great if I could get 65$ per xxxl image sold but if the get 20%, that's a different story.
I'm just surprised that an agency that is selling their reputation and high position at Getty would be so vague about commissions... it gives me a weird scam impression.

I was wondering if anyone knows of Room the agency ( ? they contacted me through Flickr to distribute my images on Getty and istock at higher price. In return, they are offering 35-40% of THEIR earnings on Getty and iS. their images are on sale on Getty for 15-379$
I asked them what their commission is and the answer I got was that the terms of their contract with Getty are confidential and they can't answer that... not very easy to do the math!
any one has any answers to the following questions?
    -Has anyone worked with this agency?
    -What is the typical commission that an contribution agency would get at Getty?
    -Does it sound like a fair offer or a different version of the Getty-Flickr deal to anyone?


Photo Critique / Re: Stocksy portfolio
« on: April 08, 2014, 09:03 »
I think your style would really work at Stocksy  :)

best of luck!


Symbiostock - General / Re: Symbiostock Co-op Launched
« on: April 01, 2014, 11:19 »
Is it just me or has Symbiostock gotten more expensive in the last month?
I tried a Photoshelter site and they are only 10$ a month for the basic site that has a store and you keep 90% of the profit.
I'm not trying to be critical here and maybe I'm not seeing the full picture but what is the benefit of Symbiostock ove Photoshelter at that price point?

If anyone want to check out Photoshelter, here's a referal link that gives you a free trial and a dicount:

Photo Critique / Re: Please review my stocksy submission.
« on: March 18, 2014, 10:36 »
Thanks Hoi Ha, I do have a lot of baby picture so I removed a few. I'm just finding it hard to reorder my portfolio on Flickr.

I'd love to get people's opinion on the post process they use on Stocksy. I am trying not to saturate too much (although some of my images could be more muted) And I also noticed a lot of images with vignettes. Any other suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

Photo Critique / Re: Please review my stocksy submission.
« on: March 17, 2014, 21:45 »
thanks Sean,
will do! any suggestions on the post processing?

Photo Critique / Please review my stocksy submission.
« on: March 17, 2014, 17:32 »
Hi everyone,
I'm pretty much ready to submit my portfolio for review for a second time and I'd love to get some feedback. I have 62 images so I could filter a bit and I'd love to get everyone's feedback on what images to keep, remove or tweak before sending them my application.[email protected]/

Thanks and wish me luck :)

43 / Re: resubmitting on shutterstock, any tips?
« on: February 22, 2014, 07:54 »
Thanks luissantos,
I was surprised that the images were rejected as well especially since a previous batch of the same shoot had been accepted at 100% so I send a request for a reevaluation of my batch (like the SS person had suggested to do on this forum for random rejections) and I got the same answer.
I guess I'll try again but the world of stock works in mysterious ways  ;)

suggestions from anyone else on how to improve the images?


44 / Re: resubmitting on shutterstock, any tips?
« on: February 20, 2014, 21:27 »
I will reapply soon, thanks for the advice!
I guess I don't really understand why they rejected my images, so it would be great to get someone's opinion on some of my rejected images. The reason I got was "poor lighting" on all of them. If anyone can give me more detail on what they mean, please let me know how you would fix the issue to get them approved:

thanks  :)

45 / resubmitting on shutterstock, any tips?
« on: February 19, 2014, 13:36 »
Hi, I am looking to resubmit a batch of rejected files after having fixed the issues they found. Do I have to leave a batch to the reviewer? anyone finding a better succes rate leaving a note or not?


46 / Re: White balance for submissions
« on: January 19, 2014, 15:50 »
I always look at my images at some point on a white background because it makes it a lot easier to see color casts. When on dark grey, everything looks normal, but that's not always reliable.

Sorry guys! I made a typo, I used my name, initial and postal code for my username, so no worries about safety.

Thanks Shady Sue and Monty M gue, I'll look into it

Hi guys,
I am quite new to stock and when I signed up, I just used my first name, initial and postal code as my password. I am now looking to make a web site and potentially set up a symbiostock site but if I use the same neme, it looks pretty Blah. I would like to change my user name on all the agencies I have set up with, do you know if it's possible? (thought I'd ask before starting and getting stuck half way  ;)

here are the agencies I signed up with:

Thanks for your imput!


General Stock Discussion / Videos of the MicrostockExpo 2013?
« on: January 16, 2014, 13:56 »
Hi everyone, is it me or did I understand that there was some videos of   some microstock expo conferences that were to be accessible? I think I remember seeing this on the posts during the expo but I haven't seen any post regarding where to find them. Are they not ready yet?

I'm looking foward to seeing them  :)


I'm happy to hear that you are looking to build up on Symbiostock. To be honest, I'd be willing to pay a one time fee to get a professional, responsive, searchable site.

Maybe do a poll to see if other people share this opinion and what would be a reasonable price point. With that info, you might be able to hire someone and improve functionality for you.

The symbio sites would also look more trust worthy and I am sure that sals would improve dramatically with a more polished look.

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