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Pond5 / Is it worth it to upload photographs to Pond5?
« on: February 28, 2018, 15:38 »

Alamy.com / Some questions regarding Alamy
« on: February 14, 2018, 13:35 »
Recently joined Alamy and got accepted at first try. I am a hobbyist but have been into microstock for some years now. I have checked the Forum but still have some questions:

Microstock pictures that are not editorial, do they really sell as RF on Alamy if also available at other sites? Is it worth the effort to upload?
Editorials that are not news but rather pictures from big cities etc, is it better to sell them exclusively as RM on Alamy or RF at Alamy and SS/DT etc?

Alamy is quite high in the poll. You who sell well there, is it from RM?


The old Canva thread is just sooooo long now, isnt it time that Canva gets its own section here? There are so many different topics in the old thread now, and therefore people often come up with the same questions because the similar ones often are hard to find in that long thread.

Canva isnt new anymore, and they are my best earner.

But I am still very glad for this forum! Thanks Leaf! And thanks to all contributors that answers questions and gives so much good information! I do appreciate what you do!

I am trying to get started at Zazzle, I have read their information and I have googled in search for tips, but I also want to ask some questions at this great forum:

1) Is it better to have one or a few stores or many?
2) What is the best, to have separate stores for t-shirts, mugs etc, or separate stores for flowers, pets, hearts etc? Or only one for your brand?
3) About store names, do you use your name or your brand, or descripive names?
4) If you make up a new brand name for Zazzle, what if it is used by someone else outside Zazzle, could that be some kind of infringement?
5) Any other good advice to a beginner there?
6) Which other POD sites do you recommend?

I am a hobbyist selling pictures for fun. But I have realized it is so much more fun to sell prints for several dollars than subs for almost nothing. I have got several sales on FAA and one at Crated this year. Also got one image sold at Image Brief. That is fun. Subs are not that fun, except at SS and Canva where they at least show up almost every day.

I intend to participate in the poll here next month, for the first time. But I miss Canva on the list. So far Canva is my best earner this month, better than SS, FT, DT etc

But my one sale on FAA this month beats them all. Why not add FAA and the other POD sites to the poll? There are discussions on this forum about sales dropping at FAA, so I think it would be really great if these sites were added to the poll, even if it's not microstock. Maybe a separate poll list for POD sites.

And I also wish there was a poll about which agencies people consider as the most fair-trade ones.

I just want to share some ideas I have about this forum, in order to make us, the contributors, stronger together. This forum is great, and the Fotolia D-day is a great thing, many thanks to you that are doing these things for all of us.
1.   Important news like the one about DPC, Depositphotos/Shotshop, Yay streaming etc needs to be spread fast. I suggest a newsletter that contributors might sign up to, to get big news, even if they do not want to be members of this group or if they do not check this forum often. If we all spread the word about that newsletter, we might reach a lot of contributors. The newsletter should not be sent often, only for big and important news.
2.   It would be great if we together could classify the agencies according to the extent they might be regarded as doing fair trade, and make a top list. Regarding commission rates to contributors and how they treat us in general etc. Would be a great help to new contributors. A way to compile all the experiences so often expressed in this forum, to a more concentrated form. Maybe a new kind of poll, about how fair-trade each agency is.
3.   Maybe we should have some kind of yearly award, to the agency or agencies that are the most appreciated among us contributors, which should more have to do with how fair trade they are, not how much they sell.
The suggestions above are just some ideas in order to start a discussion on how we may get stronger together. What do you think?

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