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whats to prevent you from getting all these footage and selling it on the black market yourself or just submitting them as your own with all different aliases...  ::)

Hello. I'm not going to sell your video on black market. I do not plan to upload your video as my personal. This is not allowed by the rules systems. I do not like dirty business.  I have other plans. Nothing criminal and bad, I did not invent. I claims team of associates with whom we will be together  to improve our online service. Registration is now closed on my system. The system used by those who had previously registered. I shoot a lot of video, but really do not like send  video to different sites for sale. Therefore, I created an online system. The system saves 99.9% of the time, which had to be used before, and all I need the system does everything itself automaticaly.

I don't trust someone who don't use comma between words.

 I am an artist, and I was never embarrassed by my ignorance in the letter. To trust or not to trust - it's your own business. I did not persuade. English language - it's not my native language.

sent a message... got no answer.
I was intereseted into the way he was actually transfering the Pond5 videos to VideoHive directly but it seems like this is crap and will never happen.
Videohive has this complex way to upload and are working on something better since a bit, but right now, I'm sill looking for a solution to send files there without wasting time.

Sorry for the raised back. If you still have the desire, then I can help you set up the system and transfer all descriptions from pond5 videohiv to all the other sites that I plugged into my system. After the publication of my proposal I have put together a team of users, and we communicate through a private chat. I very rarely go to the forum now.

Careful now


The problem I had already decided. It was a temporary shutdown of my portfolio.  All files are online now http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/1302118/

Oh, be fair.  ::)
He just said he would submit them to agencies; he didn't say he would submit them into the ports of the actual authors.

I'm not so stupid that would spoil the reputation of the sites that sell my videos. :)  All users upload videos to their own accounts. Now I create a team of cameramen and set up a business account. I am now going to pay videographers for work and they will upload videos to my corporate account. The system has private rooms for copywriters to describe my videos. Any user can also connect their copywriter in my system.

You are asking people to hand over their work to you before its even commercially available. Sorry buddy but you are not getting your hands on my work without paying for it...

Can anyone verify that this guy if for real?

The system I have done for myself and my dad. Placed server in Germany. At my server a lot of resources. I decide to share my site with everyone. All the people who use the system, trust me their videos. There were also offers copy and install it on a separate server, which would be another company could use my program.  They wanted that I would not have had access to the files. It is also possible, but not for free. Need to discuss it.

About me I do not hide information.
Here is my facebook https://www.facebook.com/shramko.andrii
Here Skype zmei116
Here's my employer's account reviews https://www.fl.ru/users/wazzabi/opinions/

http://zastavkin.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=12861  - all about my system

Sorry to hijack the thread,but just thought I'd offer you my new free debt paying service. Just send me your bank account and credit card details and a copy of your signature and I'll take care of all those annoying bills you have to waste time paying every month.


For the reward of knowing I'm saving other people time.

You are as generous as you are kind. I will promptly send you my username and password because I'm terrible at managing my own money.

But seriously, I can't believe people fell for his scam. Nothing is free...except for that burrito I got from Chipotle recently.

I was not looking for people that would give them the opportunity to use my system for free. I was looking for like-minded people who are interested to improve the functionality of the system together.
That is, any of my members can offer any functionality to the system. If functionality is interesting to us, and help us all functional sekonomit hundreds of hours of time, then we create this functionality. You convince yourself that I am a swindler? Well, I can not forbid you this.

All I answered? If you have personal questions - you can write on Skype.
Sincerely, Andrew Shramko

I have long been engaged in the creation of 3D stereo content. Manually converting 2D video to 3D stereo shooting in 3D, S3D Computer Graphics ...
Interested in this question:
1. What are stocks take 3D stereo video or photos? If so, what difficulties with acceptance of these materials?
2. Is there  experts on forum of stereo video?

Thank you in advance for your response.
I would be pleased to meet you :)

Sincerely, Andrew Shramko

VideoHive / Re: Faster VideoHive Upload Workflow?
« on: October 12, 2015, 08:13 »
1.JPEG Thumbnail
2.Another JPEG Inline Preview Image
3.FLV Video Preview
4.Zipped video file
5 Put watermark in video file

6 Upload all

I can do it all for free. I sent more than 6,000 videos on VIDEOHIVE :)

1.JPEG Thumbnail
2.Another JPEG Inline Preview Image
3.FLV Video Preview, but not just this, I have to put watermark...
4.Zipped video file
5 Put watermark in FLV file

I can do it all for free. I sent more than 6,000 videos on VIDEOHIVE :)

Hello Fotorob!
I have created an online service. This site would quickly send the video for sale to video stocks. Now my website multiplayer.  This site is not for >1,000 users. It's only for a narrow circle of friends and acquaintances. I help everyone who asks for it.

I recently created a possibility to import of all descriptions from POND5. Now you can import all from POND5 and export all to VIDEOHIVE, your YouTube channel and all other stocks.

I'm not trying to persuade you to trust me your data. This person is your decision. I can send private messages with the addresses of sites with my reputation and reviews.

If you have a desire to try, then I will give you access to my site. I would be happy if we were able to discuss this online service in more detail  with you personally. :)

Меня зовут Андрей.
Многие из вас грузили свои видео на Pond5 но не грузили их на видеохив, ютуб,  депозитфото, видеоблогс, дисов, пиксу.

Я могу ваши описанные видео с понд5 отправить на хив и другие стоки.
Кроме этого сделаю видео превьюшки с копирайтом, загружу их на ваш ютуб канал и перенесу все описания к этим видео. То есть теперь вы дополнительно сможете получать новых покупателей с поиска ютуб, гугл... так как в описаниях будет ссылка на стоки где можно купить ваше видео.

Сколько это стоит?
- Это бесплатно

Почему бесплатно?
- Потому что ищу единомышленником для создания чего то нового, большого и интересного. А если вы продаете свои видео на стоках, то буду рад знакомству.

Могу ли я вам доверять?
- Это решать только вам. Я не настраиваю.  В личку могу скинуть ряд сайтов с моей репутацией и отзывами.

Есть вопросы?
- пишите, обсудим.

С уважением, Андрей Шрамко

Microstock Services / Re: Which third party tools do you use?
« on: August 11, 2015, 02:51 »
I use my own site for submitt video to videohive shutterstock pond5 and depositphotos  It automatically creates video previews, photos previews and fill in all required fields on videohive creates a ZIP archive of the main video and sends to videohive :) Now I send videos to videohive as simple as sending videos on shutterstock

Я видео дизайнер. Создаю видео и продаю их на shutter videohive pound5 Deposit . 
У вас очень много видео, которое нужно отправить на videohive (shutter pound5 Deposit) ?

Если да, то я могу сделать бесплатно:
1. Создать видео превью с логотипом videohive
2. Создать две фото превью для videohive
3. Заполнить все поля на videohive (кроме заголовка, описания и ключевых слов)
4. Удалить звук из видео
5. Архивировать в ЗИП архив главный видео файл

За 3 дня я могу отправить на сабмитт 300 видео.

Что я бы хотел получить в замен?
Почему я делаю это бесплатно?

1. Для интересного знакомства
2. За развернутый отзыв о своей работе.

Есть вопросы? Напишите мне :)

I am video designer. I create videos and sell them on the shutter videohive pound5 Deposit.
Do You have a lot of video that you want to send to videohive (shutter pound5 Deposit)?

If so, can I do for free to you:
1. Create a video preview of the logo videohive
2. Create two photo preview to videohive
3. Fill in all fields on videohive (except for the title, description and keywords)
4. Remove audio from video
5. Archive in ZIP archive of the main video file

For 3 days I can send to sabmitt 300-500  videos to shutter videohive pound5 Deposit . :)

What I would like to get in return?
Why am I doing this for free?

Interesting introduction
Extended review of their work.

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