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Hi all. is there any sale potential difference between PhotoJpeg mov and H264 mov? i wish you safe days.

Hi. I had 8 photo uploaded to the FAA. There is no sale till 1-2 month. I uploaded for try. This is my experiences as a I am started new to the microstock. Someone experienced can answer better.


LG-D802 cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gnderildi

Thank you irina and tickstock for your advices.

LG-D802 cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gnderildi

Hi all. i'm started to the upload with my footages to the microstock sites. and then i will upload my photographs later. My Quesiton is to experienced users. i am uploaded, IS,SS,A.S. and P5 all my same video footages and then i wil be upload same photographs to IS,SS,A.S . am i doing wrong to upload all same stocks upload the all microstock sites? or i have to upload 1 site? or divide my footages/photographs for being exclusive? or can i be exclusive later after delete my footages/photographs from others microstock sites? what is your advice to me for starting ?

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