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Hello everyone. I have joined this amazing forum about a week ago ( right when I decided to start selling my photos ). it's been kinda strange decision for me since I am in a more than full time job being in cardiac surgery based in UK and a father of two young boys but I have been doing photography for a while as a hobby and I used to post my photos on social media and i love how some of my photos made good impression to some people. that said, my main reason is really to feel that someone actually liked a photo I have taken to the extent that he wants to buy/use it. I know from the very rich discussions here that stock photography may not be the right place to make good money especially for someone who is taking photos as a hobby and doing mostly travel/landscape/amateur astrophotography, but I am really interested to do this interesting experiment to see if any of my photos can be appealing to other people. my work flow included LR, stocksubmitter software and I already started uploading to some agencies including Adobe stock, 123rf, fotolia, shutterstock and bigstock. just uploaded about 150 of my library so far, planning to reach about 500 soon, started making a small studio for indoors photography ( gonna use it maybe for an hour aweek). AS for sales, got 2 sales for AS and SS since I started uploading ( 3 days ). I am not very sure where this is going but at least I got to know a nice group like this one and hopefully make some new friends who share that same love for photography even at the " doing it for fun" level. I just wanted to say hi and I wish all of you the best luck .

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