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General - Top Sites / Re: Frustrated with Shutterstock reviewers
« on: February 15, 2020, 15:25 »
Thanks for sharing your experience. I understand you perfectly. For 20 days, revisions in illustrations went well. Over the weekend, the examiner left, or the entire team. I have had to go back to photography until this character, the current illustration examiner, leaves the agency. Illustrations, two rectangular, look similar. Strike of illustrations for 15 days.

I think I met the same reviewer!? Beginning last week, every illustration I uploaded was rejected for similar content. I don't know what the reviewer's issue was - they were all new concepts. I have over 700 illustrations at shutterstock and never ran into this problem before. For now, I have stopped uploading. I need a holiday from shutter...

2 / Re: Im sorry about Dreamstime
« on: February 14, 2020, 15:54 »
I really dont see what the problem is or why Dreamstime is supposedly doomed all of a sudden.

Yes, Dreamstime is a small and kind of low-earning agency. Yes, it can take a while until you reach payout. So? Their upload process is painless and speedy, their average RPD isnt so low that I feel ripped off (hello, 123rf!), they pay without delay or fuss when you reach the threshold.

For me, they have been a slow but steady earner and as long as the abovementioned criteria dont change, then Ill keep my portfolio there & keep uploading when I have the time. Ill worry about them going belly-up if it actually happens.

Newbie Discussion / Re: Shutter stock rejections arrgghh
« on: January 08, 2020, 16:56 »
Their "Title must be descriptive of the subject matter..." rejection reason is haunting me. It showed up a few months ago and now it seems to get applied to a random upload every few weeks. One even got rejected where I re-used the description from a previous upload that they had accepted.

It happened again to a vector I uploaded last night. I figured it must be because I repeated a keyword in the second sentence of the description. So I tried again and re-uploaded, deleting most of that second sentence.

Nope!! It got rejected within 10 minutes, same reason.

So... yeah. No idea what they want me to do, and I won't bother uploading that vector again. Adobe has already accepted it, that's much more important.  8)

123RF / Re: Decided to leave 123rf
« on: November 13, 2019, 12:35 »
A 50 dollar payout? I thought 100 was the minimum, lol, oh well, too late now

I went and double-checked when I thought I was within spitting distance of the 50. (Which was half a year and at least five more miniscule sales ago, so with my luck, they've probably changed it to $ 250 by now... :o)

123RF / Re: Decided to leave 123rf
« on: November 13, 2019, 11:42 »
My current balance at 123rf is $ 49,89. One more sale and I can finally cash out and then set fire to my portfolio.

It took so long to get there, I didn't think it would ever happen...

Adobe Stock / Re: What's wrong with adobe may sales ?
« on: June 03, 2019, 17:04 »
I actually just had my third extended license sale for a whopping 65 within three days (among some smaller ones). This never happened before - I normally see one of these every 6 months, if that.

I'm now getting paranoid that Adobe is having another glitch and they're going to deduct the money right back off again and leave me with maybe 0,66 per sale. Has anyone else sold a suspicious number of extended licenses in the past few days?

It could be, but they are essentially creating the same problem on their end. It is difficult to batch process thousands of vector files into jpegs. There is a lot that can go wrong and a lot of variables. Credit to them if they are smart enough to get it done without a million headaches. I have my doubts though.

Maybe they won't worry about it at all. Maybe if they mangle the preview, they'll just reject the file and we'll get a "your vector is crap and you suck" type of rejection reason. It honestly wouldn't surprise me.  :P

But as I said, I could be completely wrong with all of this. I just think, there has to be a solid, pressing reason for them for making this change. The whole "we want to make the upload process easier for you because we luuuurve you" ... yeah, sure SS. Sure.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Ive had a theory for some time on why theyre doing this and it has been kind of confirmed for me with their latest email. I even made an account here specifically to share my thoughts on this and see what you guys think: could I be right or should I hang up my Sherlock Holmes hat? (And sorry for the long tl:dr post...)

Here goes my wild theory: in their email from Thursday when they announced the 100 MB max file size, they wrote: You will only need to upload vectors, with no JPEG required. A JPEG will automatically be created for your vectors when you upload. This ensures there is a correct matching preview for your vectors, with consistent quality and minimum dimensions. (emphasis mine.)

And to me, that is the reason for this whole ugly change to the upload requirements, right there.

Why? If you upload 2 files, jpeg + vector, that have to look exactly the same, then SS needs to check if that is true, right? It would be embarrassing if a customer bought a vector and discovered that it doesnt match the preview. And that can happen easily, if the contributor has a bad design workflow or is a bit scatterbrained. You create the jpeg, then you make a quick last-minute change to the vector, forget to export a new preview, upload the two files damage done.

So SS presumably has some automated process that compares the vector to the preview (because I dont think some poor employees had to do that by hand up to now, that would be an awful waste of time & money, and even more reason to make their own previews if that is truly the case.)

And maybe that automated checking process is flawed and creates a lot of hassle for them and they want to abandon it. Or maybe they dont check if the preview and vector match at all and had problems with customers in the past because of that.

Or maybe Im totally wrong. But this is the only reason I could think of that makes sense to me, and also explains why they are not budging on this, despite all the hate theyre getting from the contributor community... it's just a shame that the program they use to create the preview is so crappy that now we all have to hike up the size of our vectors.

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