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Adobe Stock / Request for Clarification: Account Termination
« on: February 24, 2024, 06:59 »
Dear Forum Members,

I am compelled to share a troubling experience I recently had with Adobe Stock. After requesting payment for my extensive and diversified portfolio of vector arts tailored for the MENA region, I received an email notification (screenshot below) indicating  account termination. Despite reaching out twice thereafter, I received no response for 3 weeks.

I wish to highlight five key points:

1. Lack of Control Over Content Distribution: As a content creator, I have no control over who downloads my content or how it is acquired.
2. Concerns Over Misuse Through Free Trials: I am unaware of any method to disable downloads through free trials. This raises concerns about potential misuse of my content by unauthorized users
3. Calls for Enhanced Security Measures: Instead of resorting to account termination, Adobe could implement more robust security measures. For example, they could investigate IP addresses associated with free trial downloads and cross-reference them with account activity. Additionally, they could track contributor activities to ascertain if they are also downloading content for free.
4. Need for Evidence-Based Action: It is essential to emphasize that accusations of irregular sales activity should be substantiated with evidence. Without concrete proof, such accusations are legally dubious and unjust.
5. Comparable Success on Other Platforms: It is worth noting that I maintain portfolios on other platforms, where I have achieved comparable levels of success without encountering similar issues.

I urge Adobe representatives to provide clarity on these matters and address concerns regarding account termination and lack of response to inquiries.

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