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Off Topic / Re: Coup
« on: January 15, 2021, 14:27 »
having said this it makes me want to spew up watching horrible Pelosi gloating like an old crow and the geriatric Biden is really the most piss poor choice I have ever seen the Democrats come up with!

Wow. Just wow.

Hate much, pal?

I watched "geriatric" Biden's speech tonight.  After Trump it was really hard to listen to a speech with a coherent train of thought, proposing real solutions to pressing problems, showing authentic empathy, understanding and caring for the difficulties being faced by many, and that tried to unite rather than attack and divide.  How will we ever get through the next four years with someone who actually wants to make things better?

The whining sore loser will be very much geriatric and with heavy developed dementia in four years, lets see what his unconditional followers will post by then

2 / Re: We are having some impact
« on: August 23, 2020, 08:55 »
Some SS contributors are better paid than others

3 / Re: Why not accepting the 10 cent sales?
« on: July 04, 2020, 16:12 »
Just for curiosity, how many people here have or had a 50k plus portfolio in SS?

It will be a time when agencies will keep 95% and still people will be uploading millions of files every year. It is sad but it is true.

For years SS has been subsidizing Istock, most of the contributors I know used to upload their same portfolio to SS and IS, they used to get the big$$$ from SS and residual earnings from IS. IS pays a 15% flat rate to  their independent contributors. SS could not compete with a company who paid a fraction to the contributors that SS used to pay,
What happened today is the fault of the contributors who uploaded their work to every possible image bank regardless of how much they pay.
For SS to remain competitive they must lowered their commissions to Istock standards.
This is the raw reality.

What SS has done has logic. For years, SS has been subsidizing IS. The Independent contributors have been producing and uploading to all portals, especially SS, IS, and Adobe. The money to stay in business came from SS sales, the misery IS paid them was the gravy and what they got from Adobe was marginal.
Now that SS has reduced its commissions, there is no point in producing since what is obtained from IS and Adobe is not enough to pay for the very smallest production.
Until June 1, IS could lower its prices in non exclusive materials to levels that SS could not compete, since IS pays 15% to independents, much less of what SS used to pay.
Therefore, in order to stay in the market, SS has had to match its commissions to what IS pays. I am sure that SS will be making some exceptions among its contributors or other ways will soon run out of quality material to sell.
The basic problem of SS is still there because IS can easily lower the commissions of independent materials to 10% to which SS will have to respond by doing the same. Eventually both portals will run out of quality assets from independents. But IS has exclusive portfolios that will contain quality and SS don't. Check mate.
Oringer was wrong about exclusivity in microstock, having a base of exclusive contributors is essential today to continue obtaining quality material for customers.
With this recent move of lowering SS commissions it is clear that SS has lost the war against IS and that it is a matter of time before SS is out of the game.

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