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General Stock Discussion / SSTK starts trading
« on: October 11, 2012, 12:44 »
SSTK trading at 21.55 after opening at $17 per share.

"Some IPOs were faring well in their first day of trading. Shutterstock (SSTK), an online marketplace of stock photos and video, surged 29%."
IBD 10-11-12

Shutterstock Prices Initial Public Offering

Interesting blog by a professional writer who got caught using a copyrighted photo, and what happened to her.

"Like most of you, Im a casual blogger and learned my way into blogging by watching others. And one of the things I learned early on was that a post with a photo always looked nicer than one with just text. So I looked at what other people were doing for pictures. And mostly it seemed that everyone was grabbing pics from Google Images and pasting them on their sites. Sometimes with attribution, most of the time without.
   . . . .
"And I'm thinking--well, that must mean it's okay because if that weren't true, sites like Tumblr and Pinterest couldn't even exist because reposting pics is the whole POINT of those sites. So off I went doing what everyone else does--using pics from Google Images, putting a disclaimer on my site...
    . . . .
"Well on one random post, I grabbed one random picture off of google and then a few weeks later I got contacted by the photographer who owned that photo. He sent me a takedown notice, which I responded to immediately because I felt awful that I had unknowingly used a copyrighted pic. The pic was down within minutes. But that wasnt going to cut it. He wanted compensation for the pic. A significant chunk of money that I couldnt afford. Im not going to go into the details but know that it was a lot of stress, lawyers had to get involved, and I had to pay money that I didnt have for a use of a photo I didnt need."



For microstockers who have their own sites. Or maybe we should encourage Dreamstime and other microstock sites to replace their Pinterest buttons with this?

General Stock Discussion / A new kind of attack on Pirates
« on: March 17, 2012, 19:37 »

Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon are among the ISPs preparing to implement a graduated response to piracy by July
"...this could become the most effective antipiracy program ever. Since ISPs are the Internet's gatekeepers, the theory is that network providers are in the best position to fight illegal file sharing...ISPs send out one or two educational notices to those customers who are accused of downloading copyrighted content illegally. If the customer doesn't stop, the ISP is then asked to send out "confirmation notices" asking that they confirm they have received notice.

"At that time, the accused customers will also be informed of the risks they incur if they don't stop pirating material. If the customer is flagged for pirating again, the ISP can then ratchet up the pressure. Participating ISPs can choose from a list of penalties, or what the RIAA calls "mitigation measures," which include throttling down the customer's connection speed and suspending Web access until the subscriber agrees to stop pirating."

So looks like maybe some of the people in the US who are 'sharing' copyrighted stuff could lose their broradband someday.

"Brett Ratner has established himself as one of Hollywoods most successful directors and producers whose films include the 'Rush Hour' series, 'X-Men: The Last Stand', 'Red Dragon', along with music videos for Madonna, P. Diddy and Mariah Carey... Brett is currently directing the Imagine/Universal film 'Tower Heist' starring Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, Ta Leoni and Casey Affleck..."
He is crowdsourcing submissions for the logo for his production company and for photogs to participate in a shoot for a fashion mag he is associated with. 

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