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Per the suggestions put forth by Elena and Lisa to form an alliance of independent microstock sellers, touched on in this thread:

I propose that we form this alliance immediately.  What I have in mind is a webpage (which I can host) which includes a list of independent sites, and a brief description of what the site has to offer.  For instance:

DJPadavona's Image Emporium - specializing in images of warm weather scenics, American sports, isolated apples, and the female walrus in its natural habitat.

What I think we could use -

1)  A Designer.  If someone wants to jazz up the page and make it look snazzy, I'm sure they can do better than me.  Also interesting would be a way of randomizing the order of the list, so the same people aren't always first or last.

2)  A few "Street Team" members.  These people would be in charge of getting the word out.  Maybe target Twitter, and every time someone complains about an agency, be ready to show them "other options."

I really don't think anything else is needed to get this started.  I'd love to hear any other ideas which incorporate our existing websites.  Maybe Leaf can set up something through MSG to promote the indies?

Good for you, Dan, for taking the initiative.  If this can get off the ground, count me in :)

Oh, FWIW, whoever would be taking the lead on the social networking should probably not use their screen name from the micro sites. 

We will have to tread a thin line in not getting booted for "competing" with them. 

Count me in!

What I have to offer:
- Some experience with Website and Server management (DNS Registration - private and anonymous - this can be important here), basic Website Design, installation of PHP scripts...I can`t programm scripts myself and customization is limited but I`m used to install, manage and keep sites up.
- Money. I would be willing to donate.
- My advice and experience.
- Coffee

Who else is in? :-)

I would be very interested in hearing more about this! Great idea.

Forget Twitter.  All it would take would be one really great 30-second spot on the Superbowl.


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