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Virtual agency with multiple contributors

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I believe a good solution for image reviews is to say: submitted images must have been accepted at one of the big four agencies. 

I'm busy just now, but will be back this afternoon with my feedback and way to treat this point !

I would like to participate, but by now I don't have a Ktools store and my portfolio is too small thus perhaps not even worth using Ktools for micro.

Nevertheless, I hope this is a fruitful experience for those joining it.

Jonathan Ross:
Hi jeancliclac,

 I am part owner in two co-op stock agencies. We have around 20 owners at each agency. When we started Getty said " good luck photographers can't run stock agencies ". Well we proved them wrong and they now carry both the collections. I will say it takes a great deal of time and commitment to run such a group and the people that you pick need to be real team players. Good luck and if I can be of any help please feel welcome to PM me.


Actually Getty made a good point.  It takes business savvy to run any business, and obviously Jonathan Ross has business savvy.  There are probably countless extremely talented photographers who struggle to sell photos because they aren't good at selling themselves, let alone selling an entire business.


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