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Author Topic: Worst month on shutterstock  (Read 48704 times)

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« Reply #175 on: April 04, 2021, 23:28 »
I do not request anything. I guess the topic is deviating from its original purpose. But I do not request anything.
You are right to request to be expelled from the forum. It is normal for you to request this. Your love for me has been for months.

« Reply #176 on: April 05, 2021, 00:42 »
Hard to believe that people from the western EU could move to the USA, sounds weird. Maybe from the new eastern countries do, because they move to Germany, UK, France and Spain too. But in a few years (15 or 20) they will not need to move anymore, that is the good thing about the EU and the reason why all these countries want to be in. With all our the countries are constantly improving.

Can't imagine why a british or a french could prefer the USA to his own country. It's not possible in my opinion.

(no offense, none of the americans would change their country for another one)

And yet, the reality is different than your beliefs.  ;)
The numbers I published above show that you may live in a bubble.

As you noticed, many Eastern Europeans prefer the US to Western Europe, despite having the that border much closer.
And if you do the math based on the above stats, you will conclude that the number of Western Europeans who moved to the US is comparable.

Btw, I work directly with 2 Spanish, 1 French and 2 from Eastern Europe.
Anyway, what matters is not our personal experience or beliefs, but the facts presented by the official statistics.  ;D

I could be wrong. I think life in all countries of Western Europe is much better than there by far (not in Poland), but as you say is just my opinion.



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