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--- Quote from: Fredrick Lee on July 24, 2015, 04:24 ---Hi, everyone. I'm writing this because we just launched a new offer to the contributor who have big portfolio, you may be interested in it.
Every contributor can get $1,000 USD as advance payment after he/she have more than 10,000 images on-line.  Once your account will have 1,000 USD in commissions on SuperImageMarket, we will deduct this money from your balance account.

You can find more information from this page:

If you have any question, you can send email to [email protected]

Thank you!

--- End quote ---

Upload your money? Something doesn't seem right, but if it's legit SIM isn't getting enough content to compete. Then, when you do this (I haven't looked at the terms) you are likely locked in forever because it will take forever to make $1,000. 

No gracias.

Fredrick Lee:

--- Quote from: Sebalos on July 24, 2015, 05:41 ---The money will be in user account or user paypal ?

--- End quote ---

The money will be in your account. And you can withdraw the money to your paypal.

Fredrick Lee:

--- Quote from: douglas on July 24, 2015, 07:00 ---1 The link from the OP does not work (404 error)

2 Quite hard to find contributor information on the site but states you pay them a storage fee for having images on their site. Images I looked at were selling for $1

3 This is supposed to be a contract but is written in pidgin English would be interesting arguing the finer legal points of that

--- End quote ---

I have clicked the link and it works.

We are a new-launch marketplace.   And you can get free-forever account if you register before Jan 1, 2016.

Yes, some images are sold for $1. But the price is set by the contributor.  If you want, You can sold your image for FREE or $999, it is up to you.

So everyone withdraws the money.....and bankrupts the company 8)

Fredrick Lee:

--- Quote from: Pauws99 on July 24, 2015, 09:48 ---So everyone withdraws the money.....and bankrupts the company 8)

--- End quote ---

I think that will not happen.


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