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Fredrick Lee:
Hi, everyone. I'm writing this because we just launched a new offer to the contributor who have big portfolio, you may be interested in it.
Every contributor can get $1,000 USD as advance payment after he/she have more than 10,000 images on-line.  Once your account will have 1,000 USD in commissions on SuperImageMarket, we will deduct this money from your balance account.

You can find more information from this page:

If you have any question, you can send email to           [email protected]

Thank you!

What happen if SIM never reach 1.000$ royalties in sales?

Sebastian Radu:
The money will be in user account or user paypal ?

I donít buy it!

1 The link from the OP does not work (404 error)

2 Quite hard to find contributor information on the site but states you pay them a storage fee for having images on their site. Images I looked at were selling for $1

3 This is supposed to be a contract but is written in pidgin English Ė would be interesting arguing the finer legal points of that 


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