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--- Quote from: zymmetricaldotcom on March 13, 2008, 07:36 ---We recently added the Editors names with the button to PM them directly with any concerns or inquiries about rejections/approvals, this would be the best method to ask about specific submissions. 
--- End quote ---

I did that and the inspector replied me saying she has fowarded my inquiry to the admin...  what is ok to me.  Of course in some cases the inspector can decide (technical aspects, mainly), but when it comes to site policies (like the vertical vs horizontal, number of similar images and acceptable variations, subject), I do believe that the site admin should give the orientation.  It can not be a decision solely left to the inspector's opinion.


Dear madelaide,

thank you for your inquiry. As you well know, editing is not a science and we appreciate any feedback you might have. As Chief Editor of Zymmetrical, I have instructed editors to be vigilant for too many repetitive images in order to avoid  image buyers having to go thought too numerous similar images. We offer them a service, which is to display the best images, not all of them.We value quality over quantity.
There is no policy regarding verticals or horizontals. Actually, verticals are most welcome as it is the most used orientation on the web but also on print. So, if we had to choose between two images, the vertical would have the priority.
Editing members submission is a fine balance between quality, composition, subject and other technical parameters. However, we have to be respectful of buyers time by not flooding them with too much choice. It doesn't help anyone.
Finally, as a midstock agency where our prices a higher than microstock, we need to stay aware that we are being highly judge on quality and relevancy of content. For that we use our past experience in image sales ( I have personally have done it for more than 17 years) but also more technological information from our site and its traffic.
I would hate to instruct our editors to follow very tight standards as I do not believe that I have the perfect eye. No one does. It is always open to controversy, it will always be since you are dealing with taste and opinions and one could go on and on how this image is better than the other one.
We have to agree to disagree. Hopefully not too often.


Paul M

171 approved, 11 rejected but I think some of those were when I had problems with the FTP and the files didn't upload properly.  That seems fine to me.

My only problem with them so far is my earnings stuck on $0.00.  I hope that changes soon :)


--- Quote from: ZymmMan on March 13, 2008, 13:39 ---(...) As Chief Editor of Zymmetrical, I have instructed editors to be vigilant for too many repetitive images in order to avoid  image buyers having to go thought too numerous similar images. (...) There is no policy regarding verticals or horizontals. (...)
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I am ok with the similar images rejection when they are indeed similar (some of mine were, same setup shot from different angles), I only did not understand why a horizontal was accepted and a vertical wasn't (or vice-versa) for similarity.  If the rejected one has a technical issue, it's another thing and not "too many similars".

The situation I have contacted the inspector however (my only contact so far) was indeed another issue: three vertical images, similar in composition, but showing different currencies (USD, EUR and BR).  Therefore I did not understand (and in this case indeed I disagree) with the "too many similars", because someone who is looking for a financial images with euros will not (generally) want one with dollars instead.  Apparently the inspector was not sure she should revert the rejection, therefore she sent my msg to the admins (you or someone else, I don't know).

Thanks for your reply.


Well, I guess, Zymmetrical inspectors decided just reject images without any explanations. It may be fine to thin out a pending queue, but it's completely disrespectful to contributors  >:(


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