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« Reply #25 on: September 10, 2012, 13:18 »
D7000 cable release just arrived.  That's another thing that isn't interchangeable with the D80.  May help with the vibration/focus issues.

And, the backup battery is on back order.   ::)

« Reply #26 on: September 23, 2012, 14:37 »
Congrats on your new D7000, it is a great camera.  I just got the D800E and will pair it with my D7000 on outings, since the D7000 is a DX camera, and the D800E is a full frame camera.

I would highly recommend 1) buy Darrell Young's 'Mastering the Nikon D7000', which is less than $10 as a Kindle download from Amazon.  Amazon has free Kindle apps for iPhone, Mac, Windows (not sure what you have), so for one $10, I have easy access to a great manual on my laptop AND iPhone (handy for trips or out in the field.

2) If you haven't already, join Nikonians.org (free) and you can ask questions on their D7000 forum. I have > 5 Nikon bodies (including the D3x), and often got answers the same day when I was on a trip, for example.  But Darrell's book is well organized and in Kindle, you can do a word search for specific issues.  WELL Worth the money.

Use the Fine-Tune autofocus.... I did, and it actually made me realize that my beloved 70-200mm VR1 was the problem (she has since been repaired/restored).

Also, you should be able to set the second card slot for either copy (backup), or overflow, or 1st slot Raw and 2nd slot jpeg... its in the Menu  if u have problems, I'll try and check back later... gotta run.

I pretty much stick to Nikon stuff only, I once bought a 'knock off' battery for my D3, and it wouldn't hold a charge after a year...you get what you pay for.... I would always try to bite the bullet and pay for Nikon quality.

I looked for you on Adobe.com, and I don't see how you can get an updated version of ACR for Photoshop 8 (CS1?).  It looks like they stopped updating for CS1 after 2005, well before the D7000 came out.  I have recently bit the bullet for Lightroom4 (I use Photoshop CS5 extended) because I am getting serious about DAM (Digital Asset Management) and also Time-lapse photography, so the LR4 had some great capabilities for both, but the ACR in Lightroom 4 is pretty much the same engine as in the latest CS6.  It's a learning curve, yeah, but worth it in the near and long run.

So ways to possibly consider not having to use NX2 (I also hate going between 2 programs, although  LR-Photoshop makes more sense than NX2-Photoshop imo, to get an ACR version that recognizes the D7000 and for less money than upgrading to CS6 is to buy LR4, or maybe even Photoshop Elements 10.  I wonder if Elements 10 has more to offer than CS1, PS 8.

Another way I save money is for ~$99 I joined NAPP, then go through their discount page.  They offer discounts on Adobe products, have a great link for BH photo, for example... If you will be buying any equipment at all in the next year, you can likely save on free shipping alone, and they have 'NAPP' member only specials that came in handy for gift giving times last year.  Just something to consider...

I found working with NX2 too cumbersome.

Sometimes getting a great camera means upgrading software.
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« Reply #27 on: September 24, 2012, 09:34 »
@CarolinaSmith ... thanks a ton for the detailed response.  It is full of useful information; especially the part about "fine-tuning."  I wasn't aware of that capability.  I need to dig a little deeper into the manual.  I'm having a similar problem (focus) with my older, non-VR, 80-200 f2.8.  It lacks just a wee bit being sharp.  It is enough that I can see it -- thanks to a batch of OOF rejections.

Disaster struck last week.  I knocked over the tripod and broke the LCD on the upper control panel (right behind the shutter button).  I'm shipping the camera tomorrow for repairs.  Really bad timing.   I bought it for an upcoming extended trip.  We leave Thursday.   :'( :'( :'(

I have the old D80 for backup.  The 80-200 seems to focus just fine on it.  And, my 300mm f4 is TACK sharp.   We'll be fine until the D7000 returns.  And, I'll have more time to study the manual.  ;D

Again, thank you very much for taking the time for such a detailed response.


« Reply #28 on: September 24, 2012, 12:02 »
deleted... never mind.  I found it.  :-[
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« Reply #29 on: September 25, 2012, 12:01 »
Warren, ouch... sorry to hear about your D7000.  The good part of sending it back, though (to Nikon in El Segundo?) is that the focus will be rechecked too.  At least with knowing your D80, you won't miss any shots from not knowing how to work it fast enough!

Happy shooting on your travels.


« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2012, 14:21 »
I'm taking the D7000 with me, Carolina.  Everything seems to work; I just can't see the settings in the upper control panel.  Being able to press "Info" button and get the information in the larger rear LCD is a great feature.
I'll send the camera to El Segundo when we return.

Along with that 80-200 lens that WILL NOT FOCUS.  I tried using the AF fine tune capability.  Works great with all lenses except the 80-200.  Checked it on the D80 and learned it is the same there.  No wonder I get OOF rejections.   :P

« Reply #31 on: September 26, 2012, 16:28 »
I just bought a new D7000 at a local shop, taking advantage of the $200 discount.  When I got it home I found some other guy's name already keyed in under the "Copyright" info.  I find his Facebook page, he lives right in the area and recently posted a few nice photos.   I checked the shutter count with a couple of EXIF programs - it's 2804.   

Sweet, isn't it? It goes back tomorrow. 

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