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Author Topic: Eyeem now only 35% effective 7% commission  (Read 2272 times)

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« on: April 10, 2021, 06:23 »
Eyeem now only 35% commission when did this happen? This means that in reality it is 7% commission as by far most sales actually still come from Getty so from the 20% of Getty that they receive we only get 35% that means only 7% effective commission this sucks big time!!

« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2021, 14:41 »
I received email from EyeEm Dec 20, 2020 about the rate reductions to be effective Feb 1, 2021.

I took that as my cue to close my account there - they were very helpful about that and I received the money I was owed.

« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2021, 03:42 »
I newly changed my strategy and will now upload my images to all agencies. Not to better agencies first and after a time to the lower ones anymore.

Therefor I have to overthink my portfolio on eyeEm:
If I get sales on eyeEm market itself, I still get 7,25$ revenue. So, why not keep the images there and upload more - it is not that much work. Even I know eyeEms sales on their own market going to nearly Zero and they will not change anything to make it better.

More interesting for me now:
Partner sales:
On the one side I could say: Dont care about pennies from Getty! Maybe rarely I will get better prices. But have in mind: Even if you get a sale on Getty for the highest price: Our revenue will be nearly the same like on eyeEm market.
I could say: Dont care about it, as I changed my strategy now and just take what I get anyway.
BUT: Since 10 month now Getty did not select any of my selected for partner photos anymore!
I could also dont care about it. But as I now want to sell everywhere, including iStock, I have to decide:
Waiting, waiting waiting until my images got selected from Getty
Delete them all on eyeEm and submit to iStock instead?
I have also many images from one shoot each I could not upload to iStock because of similary. Well, in real they are not toooo similar, but we never know how picky Getty is, if they find them much cheaper on iStock.

So, what should I do?
Deleting all selected for partner photos on eyeEm - maybe which are older than 3 month, and then upload to iStock instead or keep them online on eyeEm and I will not be able to upload images from the same shot to iStock?

I am closer to delete and submit to iStock now, but still very confused.

What are your advices for me?

Btw: the only thing I keep from my old strategy: Uploading new photos to iStock will be minimum 3 month later than on other agencies.

Thanks for your opinions in advance.

Oh, yes: When was your last photo changed from selected for partner to Partner? How long they stuck as selected for partner before?

« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2021, 08:44 »
Oh, yes: When was your last photo changed from selected for partner to Partner? How long they stuck as selected for partner before?

I had an image selected for partner changed to partner a week or two ago so the process still seems to work.
But indeed, not all selected images make it to a partner collection and I guess that's what you are experiencing.
They mainly seem to focus on Getty, but I also saw a few Adobe partner sales on Eyeem. So not sure how they report partner availability.
One partner that selects your image makes the status in your dashboard change from "selected for partner" to "partner" would sound logical.

Regarding Eyeem market sales: still happening, relatively decent commissions, but yeah, very scarce for me.
Earlier this year two of my images were selected by their curator and ended up in one of their own collections, resulting in a spike of likes and comments.
Thought I would hit a small jackpot there, but in the end I didn't sell a single license for those shots.

I can't really tell you what to do, but I generally prefer submitting to agencies directly instead of using something in between.
The exception is Wirestock, where I cherry-pick submissions for some of my content. I gave up Zoonar because of no sales.

And regarding Eyeem... well, being deadly honest with you: I have images on Eyeem which were previously uploaded to iStock, yet, they still made it to the Getty collection. Never got a complaint. A lot of others did and were asked to delete those images. I decided to keep them and I'll see what happens - I couldn't care less. Eyeem accounts for only a tiny fraction of my MS income, monthly coffee money at best, so if that gets suspended I would probably not even notice it.

I understand why you want to expand your exposure, but Eyeem should be very low on your priority list if you ask me.
Submit to iStock directly instead. Way higher acceptance rate and a better monthly income.
Unless you don't want to deal with their complex keywording interface. In that case: dump it on Eyeem and don't look back.

« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2021, 11:27 »
You are totally right!
It is not worse it on eyeEm in case of getting any sales. Better directly to iStock.
AND: Worst case: Adobe choose your content, eyeEm get a sale for 0,33$ and I get only 25 % from that 0,33 $! No! And Alamy: I also upload there: For what compete with myself and getting much less via eyeEm?

One of your and my question got finally answered from eyeEm support by email to me:

# There has been an update in the type of content we deliver to Getty Images. Getty Images asked us to stop sending micro stock content completely. Therefore we will focus more on sending authentic content.

But micro stock content will still be delivered to our other partners, such as Adobe Stock. We are currently still working on reflecting these changes on our front-end. Currently only when a photo went live on Getty Images the status would change to 'Partner Collection'. We will adjust this to change also when the image reach other main Partners. #

My answer:
I will close my account, if they still want to pay me the money, which is below the usual limit.

And I feel well with it - like stripe problems away and put in to garbage ;D 8)


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