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Author Topic: New Video FTP Upload Guide  (Read 7174 times)

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« on: March 30, 2010, 14:51 »
Just got email today. It seems to be complicated if you compare to other footage sites.
1. You can now upload PAL SD, NTSC SD, and HD together through FTP. The system
will unite the files under one file ID.
2. You can upload a model release/screenshot and a thumbnail for the file.
3. You can upload the title, description and keywords.
4. Naming conventions: There is a strict naming convention that must be followed when
using FTP to upload your video files. Assuming that the original file is a 29.97 HD file
named clouds, the files should be named:
5. File folders: These files must be uploaded into a folder that you create on the FTP
server named "clouds".
6. Once finished, rename
folder. When all the files are in the folder and you are
satisfied that everything is in order, you must rename the folder to "clouds_done". You
do not need to rename the files themselves, just the folder. Our system will not attempt
to process files that are outside of a folder, or in a folder that does not contain the word
"done". In other words, you can take your time to upload all the parts to a particular
folder, and we won't touch it until you have changed the name to xxxx_done. Once you
have changed it, you won't have any time to add more files, so don't do this last step
until you are certain that all is in order.
If for some reason a file in the folder fails to process, the file folder will be renamed
"xxxx_error" and the log note will be added to the folder for your information. You can fix
the files accordingly, and once fixed, rename the folder to xxxx_done and it will try
Rules and limitations
1. You still need to edit the file metadata in a browser after the upload is complete to
add the categories and to check the radio buttons legal checklist. A file will not be
considered fully uploaded until this is complete. Although we continue to explore ways
to do this, there is no estimated date for this feature.
2. You cannot use FTP to upload the fullres
versions of files already accepted as
Proxies. If you are using the Proxy approval method, you must finish the upload through
3. If you upload several files such as NTSC and PAL together and one file is rejected for
any reason, then all the files must be reuploaded,
since they are all linked by the file ID.
Make sure you test the files before uploading them.
4. The thumbnail needs to be 380 pixels wide, and with the same aspect ratio as the
original. With this in mind, if you upload HD, then the SD versions must be anamorphic
(16:9 anamorphic pixel aspect ratio).
5. You may only upload one HD file. It should be the natural frame rate of the camera.
6. If no thumbnail is submitted, then a frame from the first second of the video will be
selected by the system.
7. If no text file is included, or if the text file is not in the following format, then you will
still have to add all the metadata through the HTTP interface.
The following template must be used or the metadata will not be passed on with the file.
The file must be .txt and must be strictly laid out according to line. Use commas to
separate the keywords. Words with commas between them will be treated as a phrase.
The file should not include the words " Line 1:" This is for clarity only.
Line 1: Title
Line 2: Description (make sure there are no line breaks).
Line 3: Keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3, keyword 4, keyword 5, keyword 6, (make
sure there are no line breaks).
Line 4: "Yes" if the NTSC or PAL files are anamorphic. This sets the anamorphic switch,
and is only effective on NTSC or PAL files. If you leave it blank or type in anything other
than the word yes, SD files will be processed in a 4:3 frame, even if the file is
anamorphic. This does not affect HD files even if HD files are included in the batch.
Fluffy Clouds
Pink fluffy clouds float by in real time.
clouds, sky, pink, fluffy, exterior, daylight, weather pattern, daydream, video
The above example would be saved as clouds_META.txt and included in the clouds
These instructions will soon be available on the website. Meanwhile, when it is
announced that the FTP service is up and running, you will have to start using this
workflow. Once you login to the server, you should begin by organizing any files that are
still sitting there into folders and begin to create the text files for the metadata.
As a future workflow, you might consider creating the folder with all the elements on
your computer, then uploading the whole thing. Just make sure you don't name the
folder "done" until it is complete.

« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2010, 16:05 »
iStock already gets a low percentage of my clips because their existing process is time consuming and it takes them so * long to review anything... With this new method, all that extra work means I'll rarely upload anything there...

« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2010, 17:11 »
Is this a joke? looks like very amateurish to me! I don't see how it could work now with Isyndica:(


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