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Fee on PayPal payments from Pixmac?

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Jo Ann Snover:
If it's everyone getting stuck with the fee, then so be it, but not one of the other agencies I receive payments from makes a deduction from my balance for fees.

Not one.

It is an agency cost to process and send payments, not something the contributor should be covering - otherwise it's just one more way to try and increase their take from the gross.

Thanks for feedback, and I guess I have one more item to add to the list of things a fair trade agency should do/not do...

I just dug up the Featurepics amount I paid but it doesn't actually say what the fee is for.  (Note though that we seem to get more Paypal fees in Canada than you do in the US).

Amount received:
 $56.23 USD
Fee amount:
 -$1.93 USD
Net amount:
 $54.30 USD

I get my Pixmac payments through Moneybookers and haven't had any deductions. 

Vita has been so active here lately perhaps we could hear from him


--- Quote from: luissantos84 on March 07, 2013, 12:47 ---Vita has been so active here lately perhaps we could hear from him

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We've been discussing that shortly with Lucy a few moments ago and the fees are strange.

When I was reading the hidden pages about various PP fees within the PP universe I can remember there was some cross-border fee. Something that's applied for transfers between some territories like EU<>US or so. But honestly, I'm guessing. PayPal has several types of fees, applied in various situations.


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