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As I ask in the title: having a complete profile does make any difference?

A lot of websites give you a customizable profile page with header image, profile image, bio, and lots of custom fields.

Does it matter at all to have a complete profile? Or create public "collections" or other similar things?

I'm using Stocksubmitter, but I'm switching to Linux based machines.

Is there any software comparable to Stocksubmitter that does all the upload and cumplete submissions of files in Linux?
Or what's the best workflow to use?

Any Linux user here?

Thanks! ;)

Edit: I see they now have option of opening your own shop. Well, that might be worth looking into.

Yes, but they don't do any promotion for your shop or the products in your shop, it's like just having a personal website separated from their main store.

I sell prints and other gadgets on Zazzle, Society6, Redbubble, FAA and Inprnt.
I have a small portfolio, about 50 images for now, and so far (in 3 months) I've earned $6 on Zazzle and $40 on Society6.

I definitely don't do any promotion to get sales.

Most of the biggest websites out there do that.
Well, probably even the small one if they have a decent hosting (but they don't get to decide who to "block")... :P

Just got accepted in their "preferred tier of contributors", whatever it means.
Let's see how it goes. It definitely looks interesting.

General - Stock Video / Re: ROI on video
« on: May 05, 2017, 17:44 »
You are better off making them offer you a price first! Ask them what their budget is for this clip in their project. I always try to make the other party
quote first as it is usually higher then I will quote.

you live in a perfect alternate world! ;)

Nope, but I just started uploading to those websites and my portfolio is small (mostly because of the tedious upload and submit process)

So far I've sold on Society6 and on Zazzle.

Can you consider adding POD websites for upload and submission in future releases?

I'd love to be able to submit to:
zazzle (maybe this one will be very difficult with their complicated product creation tool)

Thanks, I'll check them out ;)

I'm trying to submit to all the agencies with automatic submission through Stock Submitter. Since there isn't any extra effort in doing so, why not.

Is there any other agency where Stock Submitter can upload without submit content, but with a smooth, fast and easy manual submission process? (something like just a few clicks to submit an entire batch of images)

Thanks for the tip.
I see you have lots of editorials on SS. Do they sell well?
I usually upload editorials to Alamy and put them on sale as RM.

Thanks a lot! This is a very useful list ;)

I tend to shot mostly travel, as I am a digital nomad (with a different main source of income than microstock ;) ) and I'm traveling most of the time.

when I submit to 123RF I have a problem with the selected country.

The problem happens only when in stocksubmitter I select PERU. After the submission in 123RF the selected country is Paraguay.
No problem with any other country so far (I used spain, argentina, chile, bolivia, colombia, ecuador, italy, gibraltar).

The error is still there but the details changed slightly.
Now it's: Unknown Nightmare authentication error #-4

(it was #-2 before)

But how can the exported file be "better" than the original which is already compressed?
Where all this new information is coming from to justify the file size?

I already set the Photo JPEG quality to 90, I'll try with 85

Quick question:
what if I'm from a country A and get all the permits I need to fly a drone commercially, if I travel to country B will I need to get different permits?

I'm shooting some videos with an Olympus OM-d E-M5 Mk II, with the best possible quality.

For each video I cut the parts I don't need and I encode it with Photo JPEG, but the result is a lot bigger than the original file...

For example:
Original file: 21 seconds - 191 MB
Exported file: 21 seconds - 464 MB

Am I doing something wrong?
Is there a lossless way to decrease the exported file size?

I changed it 3 times... the problem is still there.

I tried to change the password, but the popup and the error are still there

Nope. As I said user and password are working. I can do the login on the website with the same one.

Any other idea?

After opening the software a popup always opens with Pond5 login screen.
User and password are filled automatically and I only have to solve the captcha.
Unfortunately after resolving the captcha I receive this error message (see screenshot attached).

This happens every time I open stocksubmitter, and keeps happening afterwards (probably when the software tries to check the balance on Pond5).

On the website the login works without problems.


What are the agencies similar to Alamy where I can sell RM images without exclusivity?

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