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Adobe Stock / Re: Vector Uploads Temporarily Disabled
« on: September 09, 2018, 06:23 »
Over 2 weeks now... I guess with the flood of new vectors it will take another 2 weeks for approval ...
We've already lost the Halloween period - soon the Christmas will be wasted too...

Does anybody know when it will be up again???


It works!!!
Thanks  ;D

I can log-in I just can't access the Contributors Dushboard

... since this morning. Is it me only???

6 / Re: Shutterstock to Bigstockphoto
« on: July 20, 2018, 14:38 »
Im on the bridge. they do it for me. BS , back in the day was a really cool Little site with Very good sales and the commission was 50 Cents a DL. then , My good friends The owners Tim and Dawn were the best of the best people out there. and the day after SS bought them Out. downhill from that day forward to nothingness. why they did that. I don't know. Tim and Dawn ran all the way to the bank,LOL. Good for them. It's a $100 a Month site Now. But since I do nothing. It's worth it.

$100 per month on BS!!! I want to be friends with Tim and Dawn too  :-\

7 / Re: Shutterstock to Bigstockphoto
« on: July 20, 2018, 13:48 »
BS is BS so don't waste your time there...

To me iStock is almost as good as SS. I'd add Vectorstock - slow but steady, Canstock - has some hefty surprises, Alamy - rarer but heftier and of course Graphic River that depending on your work can surpass everything else...

You just gotta try those that you see on the Microstock Poll tab to the right, see what works for you. Nothing is particularly different from photos.  As for "shadiness", again, there isn't a site which haven't been complained about. Trial and error is the best way to go, thanks to massive uploads that can be done easily through all sorts of 3rd party software.

I agree in the most part. Definitely upload in Top and Mid Tiers. All but Pond 5 generate stead income (it could be $5/month but it is fairly steady and potentially increasing if you upload regularly). From Low Earners choose Canstock, Vectorstock and Envato's Graphic River. You may try the rest but I consider them a waste o time...

I also suggest you support GL since they are the only fair-trade agency out there but don't expect any sales any time soon...

I have fair sales of vectors on Deposit Photos.  The problem I think with Canstock, is that, no matter how nice a jpg preview you include, they generate their own preview, and do it wrong.  So the vectors don't look good.  I only offer the jpgs on Canstock now.

This was a great problem when Vectorstock updated their previews to a higher resolution. Now I have a bunch of vectors
that look like crap...

If you want the preview to be without any surprises in sites that just take EPSs, or potentially regenerate their preview
(which could be anyone) I have 2 tips for you:

1) Work your vectors in sRGB (you wont have any hustle from any site about the color mode)
2) Always have a white filled Background layer (no outline) in your Artboard dimensions
EPS to JPEG prices on Canstock have a huge difference so I suggest you convert all your EPSs in RGB and reupload.

I had one sale recently after almost half a year...

With that said I will continue to support GL (I upload to GL equal amount and with the same frequency as to SS and other "Big" agencies) because of their philosophy and ethics.

I know many share my feelings and I wish for the new administration to take advantage of this and include in their development, tools for contributors to co-promote the site and share our portfolio there (affiliates, API, social media optimization etc.) 

They start with images (photos & vectors) at September as they e-mailed me. I applied to get in to GS but I got rejected "for the time being"... Tough Luck

It is a big - 1 to 2 weeks off - holiday in Greece also but who gives a f***... US is the thing, right?

DepositPhotos / Re: Big Day on Deposit Photos
« on: August 13, 2017, 13:08 »
I am not saying that this is the case but I would bet not trust that until you have the money in your bank.

...In your pocket, not in the bank!!! here we don't even trust the banks holding our money!!!

General Stock Discussion / Re: GraphicStock Has It Right
« on: August 02, 2017, 16:33 »
I'll try it.
This business model make sense and seems fair... I think...
But money speaks and what I think is irrelevant; we'll see

Sorry Guys, I'm not a videographer and I don't know this agency but reading through this post I keep wondering how the heck do these people make money if they give you 100% commission??? :o


18 / Re: $ 0.00077 Lowest Earning on Istock
« on: July 10, 2017, 12:33 »
are you a vector artist and thus getting 33% more return for every sale than indy photographers do?

Yes 95% of my portfolio are vectors... the rest, bitmap illustrations

19 / Re: $ 0.00077 Lowest Earning on Istock
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:56 »
We either accept it and do the best with it or leave altogether...
What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of all the nagging about iStock!
The nagging is part of the process of trying to understand what is happening (well, some of it is, anyway, another part tends to be mourning for the good times that there used to be). You either have to accept it or leave the forum altogether, I suppose.   ;D

I tend to agree with your psychological approach to the subject... I too like to nag (vent) from time to time ;D
The fact that I'm not into the "iStock nag" bunch is cause I chipped in to Microstock when the deteriorating of iStock was very well underway and I haven't experienced the "Good old Times" ;)

20 / Re: $ 0.00077 Lowest Earning on Istock
« on: July 08, 2017, 17:30 »
It's time to accept the market we are in and make the most of it, or leave altogether and make a living in a more "fair" market...
Why should we have to leave altogether? As I said, I don't consider iStock to be worth uploading to any more but I don't feel inclined to leave when I'm still getting a little bit back for effort I made in the past.

I was referring to Microstock altogether and iStock is the pinnacle of the negative side of the conversation - somehow they represent everything wrong in the industry... Weather we like it or not they are one of the major players and also are part of the overall policy making. Having, even a few, commissions of 0.0something is sad and makes me furious but the overall picture is that their model works for both them and us.

I think worth uploading to iStock cause my spread sheet says so and so does for all their contributors. They are not going to change their approach unless the marketplace punish them for being out of balance. As long as they have happy customers, price/quality-wise and happy contributors return-wise they are going to keep on doing what they do, being major players & policy makers.

We either accept it and do the best with it or leave altogether...
What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of all the nagging about iStock!

21 / Re: $ 0.00077 Lowest Earning on Istock
« on: July 08, 2017, 13:27 »
All n' all iStock still is 20% of my income right after SS 33%...

Somehow they manage to do that while agencies with acceptable commission rate like Adobe/Fotolia comes after them and agencies with a fixed 50% commissions like GL do not even appear in my Excell graph... 

It's time to accept the market we are in and make the most of it, or leave altogether and make a living in a more "fair" market... Good Lack!

I understand, but why anyone would pay money for a recipe for inaction? I don't have to pay to learn to do nothing. I can do nothing all by myself, without a guru's advice. If I make an effort it is because I want something good out of it.

If you did not succeed in this particular venue, that's fine, it's life, but do you think trying to sell a book on "how to fail to be an actor, scientist, plumber, international spy etc" will work? Do you see many of those around? Perhaps people would like to read about a unique expertise rather than trying to start something they cannot finish because they only learn that they will fail?

You make some valid points. I've certainly approached drafting this guide in a rather unconventional way, but in a thought-provoking and accurate manner, nevertheless. So much so that we're having an interesting discussion on what it means to "fail" or "succeed". 

If the aim is to be "brutally honest", I cannot sugarcoat, how easy it would be to make money from Microstock to try to get more book-sales, because everybody here knows how tough this industry is - it would be a "brutally dishonest guide" and i'm sure there's many of those out there.

I don't know whether i'm "failing" or "succeeding" at this game but all I know is that I quite enjoy it and would like to pass on my knowledge to others. I'm by no means a guru, just a travel photojournalist. In any case, I don't believe in "failure", as in life we must learn from our mistakes and try to improve with every minute. It's more like feedback than anything. To receive these feedback to improve, we must try try try try and try - the opposite of inaction. Oh and try some more. 
I don't want to give too much away as I'm hoping enough people will want to read it but here's the opening paragraph from Chapter 12 "Getting . Out of Microstock":

It may seem strange in a comprehensive guide to how to be successful at Microstock to end with a chapter on how to get . out of it, but please hear me out! This chapter is aimed at both those more experienced contributors and those just starting out, since both will face similar dilemmas, as I will outline in this chapter.I started in Microstock because my perception at the time was that it was the most practical and low-cost way to monetise my images. During the past four years, I have painstakingly put in the time and effort to keep learning how to make my images stand out from the herd. My experience of submitting to various Agencies has given me an education in the technical and commercial/editorial aspects of photography simply by participating in those markets....

Hope, fresh ideas and success stories is what sells. I have everyday life for "Brutally Honest Grounding"! Maybe have a chapter like "pitfalls and precautions" but overall keep it upbeat. Also something else to reconsider, I've read somewhere that 90% of internet book sales come from the tittle - intriguing and exciting is the key...

One more very important thing: Illustrations, vectors, video & audio is also considered Microstock, no Guide is complete without them (not to mention graphic and video templates, PSD actions and staff that you find in Envato that could be also considered Microstock). All those are far less expensive to produce (except video) and have, in average, far higher RPI & RPD from photos. I'd gladly give you my two bits about vectors but if you want to cover the whole subject you need to interview many more people...

I hope this was helpful
Wish you all the best!

General Stock Discussion / Re: Is $1000/months a big amount?
« on: July 01, 2017, 14:38 »

I'm more into vectors specially calligraphy. I know Arabic calligraphy and I'm trying to attract mid eastern customers. Don't know what to expect in the future with this niche.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Not being a mid eastern customer, it's hard for me to relate or predict.  How much are you making now if you don't mind me asking?

I have 300
Vectors on Shutterstock. I'm making like $15\months.

What about you and with how many files ?

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15$/m is way too low for 300 vectors... Find an additional niche

24 / Re: This is an robbery
« on: June 30, 2017, 13:09 »
I would like to close the subject here. My purpose is just to announce that I live. I closed my account in the following sites and they all paid the remaining money.

The only site that does not pay the remaining money dreamstime. I think dreamstime is the robber
 It's absurd to me that some of them still dreamstime right.

Well, I think you should start contributing to Shutterstock before deciding to get exclusive with iStock/Getty....

What about vectors?

Obviously the 15MB restriction still applies.

Is this true??? I haven't uploaded any files larger than 15Mb lately to test it yet

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