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Does anybody know when it will be up again???


... since this morning. Is it me only???

Hi to all!

Recently I'm interested on selling print-on art on t-shirt and other products. I've looked around and found 4 sites that seems serious and made an account there. Those sites are: DESIGN By HUMAN, Society 6, TeePublic and Threadless.

I believe that, contrary to Microstock, Print-on product deem self-marketing and advertising (facebook, google etc.) but to be efficient I think I'll need to promote only one of 4 sites...

My questions are:
1. Does anyone have any experience with this way of selling their work? Is it worth my time?
2. Which of these sites/agencies have more traffic, better and more reliable services?
3. Do you have any other site to suggest?

Thank you!!!

General Stock Discussion / Where are my Stats?
« on: May 15, 2017, 23:17 »
Since yesterday I can't seem to find the Stats page on iStock.
What little daily feedback I had from this agency is gone...
ESP updates our stats monthly and for some time now I
have no clue which files are selling and how successful or not
are my latest files.

My income from iStock/Getty has gone up lately but I have lost
my connection with them... (I see no need to have their site pinned
in my browser as I have for every other major earner to check out daily)

Did you also loose access to your IS stats page? and more importantly:
Do you know what are they planing to do about daily stats and image sales info?



It is 06-Feb and I haven't got any mail from iStock/Getty. Have you..?


General Stock Discussion / ESP: February payment (?)
« on: January 19, 2017, 07:08 »

I guess everybody got the latest e-mail from IStock concerning ESP.
For now it has settled many peripheral concerns except one:

Will we get payed in ~25 February?

How much??

If we haven't passed the $100 threshold with IS sales alone,
how will we know if we got there with partner and subs???

If anyone is in the know I would appreciate their input...


Selling Stock Direct / Shutterstock Followers
« on: November 13, 2016, 17:16 »

I wander what is the deal with SS Followers, the number you see under "Earnings". Does it work and How?

I used to have this number climbing as time went by but for some time now it's stack at 44...
Have SS frozen this feature?

Also I was wandering if anyone knows what does "followers" mean in SS and how important are for sales?


General Stock Discussion / Does IS still have PP???
« on: December 16, 2015, 03:36 »
November's Partner Program and Subscription commissions on IS started as usual in the beginning of this month. Subscriptions are still counting toward the end of November but PP stopped at the 10th of the month. I checked to see if I accidentally opt out of PP (very unlikely) but I can't find the link.

Does anyone knows if IS still have PP, does it count your commissions past November 10???

Thank you

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