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Macrografiks / Re: Developer Partner Wanted for Macrografiks
« on: September 02, 2014, 14:12 »
Thanks a lot Mark, pity you don't do programming  ;)

Macrografiks / Developer Partner Wanted for Macrografiks
« on: August 31, 2014, 11:07 »
Hi All,

I am not sure this is the right place to publish such post but I believe it is the best place to contact people involved in the stock image business.

We are looking for a Developer(partnership basis) to join Macrografiks and get in charge of the technical side of the platform. We want to restructure the business model and make some important changes in the way we sell licenses.

I know some people here have founded stock image sites in the past so maybe there is someone with good programming knowledge and passionate about photography that could be interested in taking our platform further and be part of it.

There are plenty of details to discuss and we are open to new ideas. For more information please email me at: design(at)


Francisco Aveledo
CEO & Founder of Macrografiks

Macrografiks / Re: More than closeups!
« on: March 24, 2014, 16:55 »
can you show us a link of what type of images your seeking?

Stockbo is also gearing up on a similar approach as well.

A good place to see the type of images that we like is this Pinterest board:

That's the ideal of course, we'll be more flexible when it comes to approve content.

Macrografiks / Re: More than closeups!
« on: March 24, 2014, 16:30 »
I have mixed feelings on this move- If you accept what all the other companies accept especially the big companies (Top Tier) how can you compete with them? You will most likely come and go by the way side. On the other hand if you have a niche (ie Macro) buyers will go directly to your site if they are looking for that niche.

Just my thoughts...

Hi G.

We thought the same when we created Macrografiks, and the main idea for keeping the gallery mostly about closeups was to specify our content. However, after talking to many people(customer point of view) we realized this specification didn't have any real value for them, for different reasons:

- The 'closeup' thing is just a technical characteristic, there is no real target-audience there.
- Most customers don't even know what a macro/closeup photo is.
- Customers want to find other type of images, so they can use the same gallery for many projects.
- Other agencies offer a good deal of macros too. We weren't offering something different really.

So we have decided to be specific about the style of the images, which is not a technical characteristic but a quality value.

Also we found out that the macro specialty was very much appreciated among photographers only, not customers.

We will keep macros as a strong part of our gallery, but offering other categories too.

Macrografiks / More than closeups!
« on: March 24, 2014, 12:48 »
Hi All,

Macrografiks is now accepting other type of images apart from closeups/macros. After many interviews and surveys done to different stock image customers we realised this is the best way to take, that is what most customers prefer and what they recommend to us.

It is important to note that we will keep a high-quality standard and a strong focus on artistic images, avoiding the typical and traditional photos widely offered on many popular agencies.

We are still in the process of implementing the model release option in the platform, so at this time we are not taking images of people that can be identified. This should be ready soon though.

Find more information at:


*See attachment for a reference of the type of images we aim for.

Macrografiks / Re: Sales on Macrografiks
« on: January 08, 2014, 19:27 »
Wow! much speculation here!  ;D

Remember that if any of you(our photographers) have a question, doubt or is curious about something, you just have to email us and we will be happy to give you any information.

Soon we will post a report about the last months of Macrografiks in our photographers' blog. There you will know more about the type of images that have been sold, how many photographers have had any sales, what are we focused on now, next steps, etc. We'll try to make it simpler this time.

To give you a hint, sales are mainly within Abstracts, Nature and few Animals. Still low figures but some sales have been for XL sizes which is good.

We still need plenty of content for some categories, we will advice about this in our report.

Ah! and Happy New Year to all the Microstockgroup bunch. I hope 2014 brings loads of joy!


Macrografiks / No more categorising
« on: August 30, 2013, 10:53 »
From now on our contributors don't have to set the category for their content, making the whole upload process faster and easier. Once you upload your content via FTP or Browser you just need to click on "Publish ready photos" in your Upload Manager and that's all.

This is specially useful for photographers who want to upload many files at once, although we always recommend uploading files regularly to get more exposure in our site.

Join us:

I don't remember on which days I kept getting errors uploading. When I finally got them up there, I chose categories. Then I did a select all and publish selected. Window flashes please wait. 3 hours later, it still asked me to please wait. Tried that 3 times. Finally tried to publish individually and get The pending upload id is invalid.

If this is normal, I'm not interested.

Certainly not normal. Could you please send a ticket from the website(contact page or a 'ticket' widget at the top of the page) so we know which user you are. It will be easier for us to spot the problem and give you direct support.


The number of times that pages are either extremely slow to load, fail completely, or error out is just about to become a deal breaker.

Usually the site performs very well and fast. However we did have an issue with our host provider last week and the site was very slow during few days. Apparently it was a problem with a hard disc that had to be replaced and all the information had to be synchronized again.

It's back to normal.

Signed up for an account and supplied a link to my port. How long does it normally take to process? thanks


Usually the process take few days but depending on the number of applications it could take a couple of weeks or even more. We should be able to respond to all present applications during the next 3 days.


Macrografiks / Social media
« on: May 24, 2013, 12:38 »
A good way to keep in touch with news and updates about Macrografiks is by following us on the most popular social media:




Google Plus:

Also, you can subscribe to our monthly newsletter directly on Facebook(link below) or in the footer of our website(

I got an intro/invitation mail from MG. I will try to join this week as soon as I get my system back. I am currently suffering with turn of bad luck, all my systems are down.

Excellent! We will be waiting for your application. Best!

Macrografiks / Re: Macrografiks - Guidelines
« on: May 02, 2013, 16:42 »
These are great guidelines! Really show what you want. Congratulations.

Thanks a lot ShadySue!. We may need to add an extra page here or there, to explain things that appear after looking at so many images. But so far doing great.

Until now just selected contributors had access to it but we thought it was much practical to put it online for any potential candidate.

Macrografiks / Macrografiks - Guidelines
« on: May 02, 2013, 16:19 »

For photographers interested in selling their work on Macrografiks, you can download our guidelines here:

Feel free to ask any question.


You're welcome!


Hi Francisco,

What is the tech spec for submission of images? Any "want" list at the moment? Can you give us some more info regarding current number of images, where you are advertising other than social network sites, etc?

Hi Veneratio, we deliver a Guideline(PDF) to selected contributors with all that information. We are going to make this guidelines public soon, after we make sure images there can not be copied, they are at a high quality inside the PDF.

We are looking for all subjects and styles within macro and still-life photography. The categories we need to cover the most at this time are:
- Body parts.
- Medicine and science.
- Conceptual
- Technology

However any category is welcome. A good collection of desirable content can be found on our 'Inspiration' Pinterest board below:

We are still in the process of building our gallery and as most people know this takes time. Right now our gallery is small, around 10.000 images but there are many new contributors coming, specially experienced profiles with a good amount of content.

At this stage our main advertising methods are:
- Social Media
- Banner ads on design trend blogs and websites
- Designers networks

Once we reach a more complete gallery we are planning to:
- Produce print material for direct mail and P2P marketing.
- Project presentation in a Design conference(Barcelona, Spain)
- Cold calls to many advertising agencies and design studios around the world
- More banner ads
- Print ads on magazines and more...

Additionally, we are planning to implement a new section on our website that will serve as a platform between our content and designers, bringing ideas, suggestions and inspiration. Probably this will be our most important added value that no other agencies have. We don't want to offer just good content, we want to help designers on how to use that content. At this time I can't disclose more information about this part for obvious reason, that's why we suggest people to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook, Google +, etc, on the footer of our website.

Later on, we are planning to introduce an On Demand service to our customers. So people can hire Macrografiks for exclusive and specific work, we will pass the projects to the right contributors and they will earn as any professional doing photography work, not just stock. But this is a more complex part for the future, we still have to consider many variables on this. So in a sense we want to become more of a creative agency rather than just a resource store.

Of course plans can change at any time, as a startup we are constantly changing our strategies and adapting to new requests and markets. We may end up doing other things in the near future, but so far this is our route.

I hope this helps!


It reminds me of a site a long time ago called Unfortunately it did not last very long.

That was me.   ;)
I didn't want to say anything, but since you brought it up...

Things went well with that site, but I wasn't prepared for the hosting/bandwidth costs, so I shut it down.

Hi elvinstar, pity you had to shut it down for that reason, I guess it was time ago when hosting and bandwidth were an issue. Any remains from that project?

So you target market is the same as all the big agencies and you are not bringing any spectacular new approach or strategy into the stock industry which will separate you from the rest.

I wish you well.

I have not said we do not have a new approach or strategy, you are assuming that on your own.

I am afraid that at this stage your post is ignored to a large extent. Not due to the members not being friendly to new entrants, but due to the history of people starting up new stock sites in a time where most are struggling to survive and even the real big players are in a price war to keep market share.

If you want ANY reaction here, you will have to come up with much more than the intro you gave here. You will have to convince us why your site is going to survive and make money, while at least 10 of your predecessors did not and wasted a lot of the contributor's valuable time.

What are you offering which is different, which market are you targeting which is new, how are you going to target this market without just "having a stock site" and waiting for business to come in, or will you wait that the contributors bring them with their portfolios?

Let us hear it all please, else you will probably have to suffice with beginner contributors who are still prepared to throw their images at anything which remotely might bring in a Dollar or two..

Fair enough CD123! I understand your position but we all have to start from somewhere and the first step to take is to give a short introduction about the site, so those who could be interested will visit the web page and find out more about our offer. Probably a next step could be to show our project presentation where there is more information about the idea and the business in general, however we need to update this document with a less private information.

Our main target are designers and people working on creative areas, like design studios and ad agencies. We come from the design industry, we have been stock-image consumers so we understand how designers work and what they need when they look for resources. One of our main plans is to establish a direct connection between our content and our audience, by bringing ideas on how to use macros and still-life photography. We are still working on a new section in our website that will cover this part but as soon as we implement it I can post about it. However, the best way to be informed about news and updates is to subscribe to our newsletter on the footer of our website. Also you can follow us on different social media.

Thank you for your comment and your suggestion.


I'm the founder of Macrografiks, a new agency focused on macros and still-life photography. We've been online for few months as a beta version, still building our gallery so we are looking for creative photographers to join our site:

We offer a Non-exclusive agreement for all contributors, so you are free to sell your work on other places. Our fixed royalties are:

60% for Standard Licenses
80% for Extended Licenses

For more information and how to apply visit our Join page:

Attached you will find a small selection of the type of content that we are looking for. We aim for quality and our selection process is strict but we dont look just for professionals. What we like the most are creative people who want to get involved on a regular basis, so they become an important part of our platform.

Feel free to ask questions in this topic, Ill try to answer them soon. Also, you can contact us at:

All the best,
Francisco Aveledo

These are some examples of the type of images we are looking for Macrografiks

site focused on macros and still life photography

Nice designed site. Have you got a clearer description of what sort of images you are looking for. I notice that some of the images of coins, for example, don't fit a traditional definition of macro (although I guess they are still life!)

Do you make any sales at present or is this just getting under way.

Finally, I notice the 50 image a week limit. For any contributor with an existing portfolio, it would be much better to allow a one-off FTP upload. I don't mind if you then look at 50 a week, but forcing the contributor to keep track of which image has been uploaded, and remember to go back next week with more is a bit of an annoyance!


Thanks Steve. That's why we included the still-life range, because we wanted to add images that are not considered macros, technically speaking, like food, dishes, products, etc. We have a Guidelines(PDF) document that we will place in our Join page, so anyone can see it. In there you can find information about the type of images we are looking for, what to avoid, etc. Like most stock sites guidelines.

About the 50 image limit, we are planning to lift that. In fact, we say -maybe this is not clear- that you can upload as many images as you want when you start with us, but after you have uploaded most of your 'ready' content you should upload no more than 50 a week, but you are right! it's not practical. We did it like that to avoid moderation delays if many people upload at the same time.

About the sales, so far there are few sales only, we still have to implement some extra services and polish our UX interface, there are some flaws around. We haven't started a complete promotion phase to customers because we are still building the gallery, there is no point to invest on promoting a site with few thousand images. Also, we offer 15 free credits to new customers, many images have been downloaded but there are still many users with their free credits.

If you guys want to be informed about news on Macrografiks, feel free to subscribe to our Newsletter in the footer of our site or follow us in Facebook:


I like the idea of any new agency that isn't trying to sell all the same stuff, to all the same people.   And I like the idea of specializing in something like macro, and leaving the endless model shots to others.  Admittedly I'm biased because I do macros, and not people.  :-)

At first glance the site looks good, and some good photos are shown on it.

Anyone tested the waters here yet?

On one hand we chose macros because we are passionate about it, we have worked on graphic design for years and macros are a great source for using on design projects, they are good for inspiration and for producing visuals without a specific subject(like a city image, a person, etc). On the other hand we wanted to avoid the hassle of model/property releases and of course we wanted to be specific. In my opinion trying to compete with all mayor sites selling any kind of photos is mad.

We have many contributors already. I wrote to the admin of this site to see if they can add our Stock site to the New Sites list, so I can invite contributors to post there and give feedback about it.

I agree with you Chromaco, that's why we launched, a site focused on macros and still life photography.

We are still in the process of building the gallery which takes time, but things are moving and we are getting great quality content. Our main purpose is to offer high royalties to a small group of committed photographers so all of them can have good visibility and sales.

Of course sales are not flooding at the moment because we are just starting, but if things go in the right direction those who started with us will play an important roll in the future.


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