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As Adobe Stock expands into new countries such as Egypt, we are building collections, starting with a selection of high quality images from our top sellers. We are adding regularly new content as we expand our efforts in developing the service offered into these countries.

Thank you for the explanation, Mat.

I still don't really understand what is happening in these "expansion" markets though. I looked at some regions and a couple of different portfolios and what I noticed still doesn't make sense to me.

1) it appears that all the "new" markets get the same content. I looked at Malaysia (my), Egypt (eg), Turkey (tr), Indonesia (id) and Saudi Arabia (sa) and all of them saw the same subset of artists work for the portfolios I checked. So it isn't about fitting content to specific needs in a given country.

2) I thought it might be bestsellers over the last year or two, so for my own portfolio I looked at top sellers over the last 13 months (I'd have done 2 years but I can't given the constraint of 13 months max), but that doesn't explain the subset I'm seeing either.

3) Given that it's more work to present a subset of the site to a market than just show them what every other country sees, and given the content isn't tailored to the country, why is the collection being reduced? Imagining myself as a prospective buyer, I think I'd be discouraged by having fewer choices, and as a contributor, I'd prefer my work be offered to customers worldwide.

4) In the "new" markets, keywords are not shown, but in US, German, French, etc. versions of the site they are. The new markets are showing English for the interface, so it's not a translation issue

5) The Free section is there in the "new" markets and is more heavily represented (in terms of proportion of the total available in established markets) - 42,814 versus 78,356. Over half. That feels to me as if the free section is being treated as more "high quality" than paid content from the rest of us. That may not have been the intention, but the end result seems very skewed.

Totally Agree

As Adobe Stock expands into new countries such as Egypt, we are building collections, starting with a selection of high quality images from our top sellers. We are adding regularly new content as we expand our efforts in developing the service offered into these countries. 

As already discussed the full contributor portfolios remain available in our established markets. Contributors can quickly verify that by switching the Region in the footer of Adobe Stock to US or UK.

thank you,

Mat Hayward

Does any one understand anything of this !!
does developing your services in new countries means to hide thousands of photos !
what you are saying is not logic , and don't have any meaning indeed

have you read what Jo Ann Snover wrote ??
"One other comment is that I decided to do a search (in English) for girl hijab on both the US site and the Egyptian site. I was very surprised to see that while the US site returned 92,862 results, the Egyptian site returned only 400! "
Do you imagine what are you doing ???
this type of photos usually purchased from these countries that you ban them from seeing these photos !

your reply was kind but it doesn't have any sense , and I wish you respect your contributors and buyers from all countries and fix this mistake ASAP

Annoying and indeed unfair, if it is like that.

But Adobe even changed the ranking of NEW images some month ago to promote the best sellers - or with other words: They dont want new images shown up first, before the best sellers. So all the advices about keywording and 30 days for the ranking is not worth anymore.
I think in this forum one or two members mentioned that their old images still sell as usual, but no sale from their new photos.
So, Adobe support some best seller images or contributor for the future and all others and their images will directly go down in ranking / even not get ANY chance to get up in ranking - no chance anymore! BTW: There is no option for a filter for NEW photos (anymore), isnt it?
I wrote about it in another thread and hoped Matt will answer to it, but that time he seemed to be disappeared for a longer time. i hope, he was not ill. Now with this new announcment he will even not have the time anymore to answer it.

Good for Adobe: No sales, giving up, not good seller contributor will go away from Adobe and Adobe does not have to handle so many photos anymore.

This is really weird policy
I wish they fix this mistake ASAP

@arapix: True, I don't understand why they are doing that either. Some adjustments what buyer can see first in search might be OK, but this doesn't make much sense. May I ask where are you from? I am trying to understand if it depends on contributors country or type of images.

Thanks Lina for your reply.
I am from Egypt , and most of my work are presented to Arabic and Muslims audience , who don't see my portfolio , and I think they are not able to buy too !
This is really weird .
If you disagree this rules, please contact them and inform then too

I saw that problem somewhere already. Try to change country or maybe log out from Adobe when you are looking from buyers side.

They replied for me and exactly as you said
Adobe is regularly evaluating what content is offered in each market based on customer demand. 

I replied to them that my portfolio is invisible in some countries (Egypt , Saudi Arabic , Turkey , Malysia ) !
I told them that this is racism , and not accepted

This is really very silly from them

Maybe to many contributor deleting their accounts now and your name might be similar to someone, so that they deleted your images instead?

my portfolio looks normal at contributor dashboard (1113 assets)
but when I preview my porfolio as normal visitor , I don't see any photos !
only 1 photo displayed in my portfolio !

No, everything seems to be fine.

Sorry to tell you the obvious, but contact their support.
They should be able to tell you what went wrong with your portfolio.

Thanks for your reply , I will contact them

I just checked, to give you feedback.

There's nothing wrong with my portfolio. Everything's still there.

You need to contact customer support.

Thanks a lot , I will contact them

Adobe Stock / is there a problem with adobe stock website ?
« on: April 17, 2021, 08:05 »
I have noticed very low income from stock.adobe lately
I have made some searches for my photos , but I didn't find any of my photos onlline !
I have checked my portfolio directly and I found it displaying only 1 photo
Where is my whole portfolio ???
I have 1113 assets in my portfolio
is there a problem with adobestock system ?
please advise

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock just became iStock 2.0
« on: May 26, 2020, 16:53 »
There are many many ideas to improve SS to be better.

And for sure this earning schedule is not one of them

I thought they will send us good news about fighting images spam or making better algorithm for displaying contents .

I am sure SS is smart enough to listen to their contributors and consider them partners of the success of SS otherwise they will lose a lot indeed.

Shutterstock.com / Editorial Section at SS
« on: June 13, 2019, 18:49 »
Hello Friends,
I already have good porfolio with SS which has a lot of commercial photos and some editorial ones
and for sure as a buyer I can search for photos , and I can easily find my photos in the search marked with Editorial Use Only .
But I am wondering about the Editorial Page at SS website
Could anyone explain what is this , and what is the difference between images under this section and editorial images under the photos page ?
Sure I can't find my editorial photos under this section !

Shutterstock.com / SS Referral Program question
« on: November 03, 2018, 06:03 »
Hello friends,

I am trying to invite a friend to become a contributor at SS.

I found the referral link is like this :

but when I copy and paste this to the browser (after log out of my account), the "ref" part disappear , and just this URL is there :

please advise

Which I'm not sure why anyone pays for ... because they're free (fontawesome makes them embeddable into your html). Most companies offer their branding materials to help spread brand awareness and recognition. One of the better ones about it is probably twitter:
I am using mix of social logos to represent a new shape . So it's not just simple logo.
I have made logos collection to be an artistic work.

Thanks All for your useful replies.

I am wondering why you would submit a second vector that is very close to the first. You have one popular one, maybe you think you can multiply your earnings by sending in near duplicates?

It's very close yes , but sure it's different image but using the same social icons , this is what I meant !

Thanks niktol for your reply
well my understanding of this is that editorial is used to illustrate news, not as a way to bypass copyright laws.
As I know Editorial Use is a limit for the buyer usage , if the buyer used the image correctly there were be no problem , but how to define if this image can be used in news or not !


I have submitted an Editorial Vector that contains some social logos (facebook , twitter , etc. )

Last year I have submitted very close vector and it is accepted as : Editorial , and it's Popular now !

Now very close image with the same content is rejected !

Rejection reasons (2)
Non-Licensable Content: Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection.
Title / Keyword Trademark: Title and/or keywords contain trademark issues (e.g., brand name, company name, etc).

Why is that however I submitted it as Editorial ?????
Please advise

Shutterstock.com / Re: Video sale for $1.50?
« on: June 11, 2018, 13:19 »
I was shocked today with clip sale for 1.5$ !!!
Should I send complain to SS  or what?
Also there is no footage with this low price at SS website!

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock payout levels
« on: August 02, 2017, 04:45 »
it started to calculated right today

Thanks :)
and wish good luck for all of you

Shutterstock.com / Re: Shutterstock payout levels
« on: August 01, 2017, 12:59 »
Thanks for your reply.
I received notification from Shutttersock.
however earning summary still not updates.
I wish it will updated soon
Thanks a lot

Shutterstock.com / Shutterstock payout levels
« on: August 01, 2017, 10:53 »
I finally have reached Level 3 at Shutterstock :)
I passed 3k$ , I was expecting commission to upgrade automatically .
for example : subscription image to be $0.36 instead of $0.33
but they are still the old amount ?
my question , is it time matter , and this will be fixed ?

Also I don't know does the next level calculated by total lifetime earnings (including videos) ??
or only photos & illustrations ??

in this case , I didn't reach 3k$ yet !
please advice

Shutterstock.com / error when uploading vectors to SS
« on: March 28, 2017, 06:03 »
Hello All,
Is there a problem with uploading vectors to SS ?
I have uploaded eps file with corresponding jpg file many times and everytime get the message error :
All vector images must be accompanied by JPG images with the same name.
Does anyone got this , or it's working normal ?

so , this is normal not to see our balance !
is it mistake or this is the new system ??
this is very weird

I found out something may be I did wrong .

As mentioned in Shutterstock Editorial Guide
Finally, illustrative editorial images should include the keyword illustrative editorial. This will help customers locate these types of images.

I submitted illustrative editorial as one keyword.

I think it was wrong , and they are 2 keywords.

I tried submitting again after fixing this , and lets see :)

They will unlikely accept this kind of content.
It's funny that Shutterstock is accepting editorial videos of some brand logos like sign boards and rejecting photos of them. Try uploading them to Dreamstime, Depositphotos and 123rf instead.

Yes , Dreamstime accepted it.

but in fact SS is my best selling agency

But why you say that SS rejecting this kind of photos ?
I see thousands of social icons logos on SS !

there are a million of these photos and vectors on ss why should they reject this one?

This is what I wish to  know.
I am new with Editorial . I wish to know what is the wrong I did

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