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Shutterstock.com / Re: Anyone get paid from Shutterstock yet?
« on: December 13, 2021, 13:23 »
What if Shutterstock management decided to hold on to a majority of the Contributor payments so that they could have a very large balance of "Cash-at-Hand" for their End-Of-Year Report? :o :o

With these losers it wouldn't surprised me at all. Maybe our $$$ will pay for their Christmas bonuses!

It wouldn't work because the money would still be owed to contributors and that would have to be shown in the accounts.

Yes we've been going over this for years, every time someone says the same things about some dark plan from some agency.

No they can't invest owed commissions. The money is not an asset on the balance sheet it's a liability. No they can't use the money to make the books look more profitable or pay bonuses. I know that sales commissions owed me in the past, were pretty much protected and not allowed for other uses, because they belong to the person that earned them, not the company.

But the Grinch is real, there's a book that was written about the truth.

Lol... Touche
But point well taken. ;D
i also just got my Payment

Shutterstock.com / Re: Anyone get paid from Shutterstock yet?
« on: December 13, 2021, 09:00 »
What if Shutterstock management decided to hold on to a majority of the Contributor payments so that they could have a very large balance of "Cash-at-Hand" for their End-Of-Year Report? :o :o

Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
Didnt know about that
Thanks again

I also see pictures and videos.
What I mean is that the portfolio has over 20+ items in the contributor dashboard but only shows 14 on the site even though they were part of the same submission and accepted

So I recently helped a colleague get started with stock photography. (Adobe Stock naturally).
Several off her videos/pictures have been accepted but don't show up in search or (more important), even when we look at her entire Portfolio from a buyer's viewpoint.

It's been over a week since the content was approved so I assumed any indexing issues should have been resolved already.
I'll appreciate any thoughts.

Her Portfolio

This is utterly messed up.
All the talk of large customers is rhetoric ...
They are on the path to dropping prices...
I got that email and immediately got a $5 sale , almost like the bulk buyers were just sitting and waiting for it to go live.
Shutterstock should provide an opt-out feature

My sales on VB are normal.  $0
lol... arent you almost at your next "3-month-10-clip-sale-rush"   :D :D

For me, it FEELS like SS, Fotolia and VB have picked up a little bit and P5 declined. I only have a small/medium port (5-600) so can't tell for sure.
With small ports, you really can't tell anything. SS & VB have been "normal" for me, but Fotolia is entirely gone. I had sales in each of the first 3 months of this year there, but haven't had a single sale since March. My FT port is still quite small, though (< 400 files). I fear I haven't been growing it enough to keep up with the flood of new submissions.

Great to hear that everyone's experience has differed a bit.
I was getting rather discouraged and hadn't been uploading as much as I should...
Now I have to re-motivate myself  :D :D


As the title says, how were your sales last month and so far this month? as compared to the preceeding month's
Mine seemed to have tanked... absolute zero for two months, thought it's a small port. I want to know if it's an isolated thing (maybe my footage isnt exactly "sellable") or more general

General - Stock Video / Re: Videoblocks slowdown
« on: April 14, 2016, 09:10 »
Weird for me too

Started Stock in January... Had only 70 files on VB... Made 3 sales in February , (one was cancelled after sale for supposed fraudulent card activities).. so 2 sales...
Excited about it, I kept uploading, already doing some optimistic math.. Refreshing my page...
Yet,Crickets in March.. NOT a single download
April is half gone yet nothing still.
Reviews are also now much slower.. i now have 130 clips and 44 awaiting review
I thought i was alone  :D :D

Last 3 months (number of sales): 3, 12, 5. This months: 4
It's somehow random
Can you share your portfolio size?
1200 clips

That's a fairly reasonable portfolio size. I would think you would have more sales

Last 3 months (number of sales): 3, 12, 5. This months: 4
It's somehow random
Can you share your portfolio size?

Same here
Started stock in January..
Got excited with first two sales in early Feb...
Since then nothing... Absolutely nothing this month


3 sales at Videoblocks is around $150, which is 10% of total earnings, so that means $1500 in 1 year. Assuming HD sales.
True,..nice breakdown but it could very well be that two of those sales were 4k or something... making a total of $450 from Video Blocks which will throw the total all the way up to $4500  ;D

Hi Irina,

Regarding Nimia, I also started to use it as backup platform and even a showcase platform to share clips with clients. Regarding sales, I don't expect too much. I don't use their content request system.
For backup and archive purposes, Nimia has a great file system, but I avoid to specify many of the fields like the temperature of the color or the type of lens, I don't need them. Maybe could be nice for some productions to have this kind of detail for organization purposes.

Thanks for sharing
That's a wealth of info there, great for those of us just starting out, I hope to also post my 1 year report in Jan 2017.
Would you be able to share  actual income figures? ;D if not,  no problem

Don't count on VB sales and a sale until they clear.
Seems like a great assessment 
Will do


Sorry to here that!
I just don't understand the fraudulent credit card refunds.
Who in there right mind would steal a credit card to then buy stock footage of all things???
Am I missing something? Or is it just an excuse from the stock agencies?
My initial thoughts exactly especially since basically the exact same clip sold in HD the day before, I suspected it was the same person who bought a 4k version, downloaded and then claimed a missing credit card to get a refund.
Why indeed steal a credit card and buy stock footage? Seems like a really weird choice

But VideoBlocks insists otherwise, so we grudgingly accept  :) :)

They are in control, for all you know, you could be selling a lot more clips and only a few get reported back to you  ;D
The issue of refunds for intangible products is a very dicey one

So fingers crossed... I hope it's the exception and keep moving on.

CRAP! :'( :'(

Just got this...


We're reaching out concerning your content which was purchased on February 17th, 2016.

These purchases were due to fraudulent activity on the website. We will be issuing refunds for the fraudulent purchases to return the funds to the card holder and these clips will be removed from your sales history. This account and associated information has been blocked permanently.

Our team has made cutting out refunds a top priority, and well continue to work to reduce any confusion about purchases or fraud on our site. Customer and contributor satisfaction is at the core of what we stand for at VideoBlocks and we will continue reduce any instances of refunds in the future. Thanks for your understanding.

If you have further questions or would like to talk more about this instance, please feel free to respond to this email or give us a call at +1-888-802-7316.

- The VideoBlocks Team

New Milestone ....First 4k Clip sold... It's an animated clip though since I don't have a 4k camera.
It sold on Videoblocks, and i get taxed 30% but that's still $134 for me.
Takes me up $200 from 80 clips so far this month.
(2 HD at $33 each and one 4k at $134)
Even if it"s just beginner's luck, it's encouraged me to keep at it.
My target is 500 quality clips by June with an average for $500 monthly...

Just sharing this to encourage others same way i was encouraged when I decided to start this in December.


That is just common sense. Unfortunately most people do not quite understand this.

well said

1800+ clips. About $6000/month.

Wow.. that's Awesome!
Beginner here, would love to see a link to your portfolio if you are willing to share...
I'll love to learn what sells and why,  :D
Improve myself gradually...
I know it will take a while to see any level of success but i'm willing to work at this and get better with each shoot and each upload.


Yes you are correct, I only earn 7.5 cents per clip per month. Got my maths wrong. Three agencies, $300 from all agencies. People think footage is going to dig them out of their photography hole but they are going to be disappointed.

Different strokes indeed...
My first month of sales on 2 sites so far, about 70 clips averagely and made $55

4000+ clips for average $300 per month from three agencies. Average per clip 13.3 cents per month.
seems like very low numbers for the amount of portfolio
what type of footage do you specialize in?

SS, food and cooking only: $314 total in 6 months, 525 clips, number has increased greatly 2-3 months ago. 12 different clips were sold, some twice.
Here is the gallery: http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/3329813/

Any particular reason why you are SS only? rather than expanding to VB and Pond5 as well?

hi and welcome
each site has it's own template for talent releases, so you'll need to fill them ;D ;D

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