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So I recently helped a colleague get started with stock photography. (Adobe Stock naturally).
Several off her videos/pictures have been accepted but don't show up in search or (more important), even when we look at her entire Portfolio from a buyer's viewpoint.

It's been over a week since the content was approved so I assumed any indexing issues should have been resolved already.
I'll appreciate any thoughts.

Her Portfolio


As the title says, how were your sales last month and so far this month? as compared to the preceeding month's
Mine seemed to have tanked... absolute zero for two months, thought it's a small port. I want to know if it's an isolated thing (maybe my footage isnt exactly "sellable") or more general

Hi Everyone
I am pretty new to stock footage. Just started yesterday.
I do have some old footage that I am cutting up though
Looking to create a side income besides regular the camera work and editing which I freelance on.
I have looked through the forum and I  see right now most people are on SS,P5 and then VideoBlocks.
I have decided to go with those 3 for now.
I know this varies based on subject matter and the sheer quality of the clip but....
What I would like to know are your average clip numbers for each site and your equivalent monthly income? , if you feel ok sharing.  ;D  ;D
I am hoping i can get any average from different people and estimate how many quality clips (and how much time) I would need to put in to achieve my income goals.

I'll like to estimate for example, how many clips might I need to achieve a 500 dollar income monthly?

I have currently submitted about 30 clips. Awaiting approval on all 3 sites mentioned.I am based on Africa so they are mostly African themed.. (I don't know if that's a disadvantage or otherwise).
I hope to continue sharing my experience as the weeks and months pass.


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